Wayfair Is Offering Up to 70% Off Space-Saving Furniture and Decor — Shop Our Top Picks

published Oct 3, 2023
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Gray studio apartment  sleeping area.

Speaking from experience, when you’re picking out pieces for a home that’s lacking in the space department, your options feel pretty limited at first. To paint you a picture, my first apartment was a studio so small that a couch was out of the question, and my fridge sat about five feet from my bed. Before I moved in, I was unsure if all of my things would even fit, so I started planning well in advance, researching furniture that would make it functional at the very least.

If you’re in the same boat, you made the right choice heading to AT for ideas. We’re always on the lookout for furniture and decor that are meant to make tiny rooms or apartments more operable — whether it’s a bed with storage built into it or a stylish yet compact dining set. Wayfair is one of your bets for finding a range of space-saving and double-duty pieces, and fortunately, tons of them are on sale right now. Here are 10 clearance picks that’ll help you make the most of limited space.

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Loveseats are an excellent seating option if a sofa is way too large for the area you’re working with. Wayfair has a number of stylish offerings, like this sleek Etta Avenue one that’s a little under four feet. Though small, the velvet material will have a huge impact on your living room, upping the glam factor tremendously.

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was $147.50

This nightstand has a width of about 10 inches, so it’s perfect to squeeze into a tiny gap by your bed. Though extremely affordable at only $50, the modern, geometric silhouette looks way more expensive than it is. You can stack books and decor on the lower shelf and place a slim lamp on the top.

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Odds are, if you have a small living room and bedroom, the bathroom is proportionally sized with a lack of cabinets for all of your toiletries. That means you’ll have to go vertical with over-the-toilet shelving. This sleek 17 Stories option has four shelves, including a basket level for towels, as well as three hooks.

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Finding furniture that does two jobs at once is key to small-space living. This Art Deco-inspired piece not only looks great, but it also has ample room on the inside for storage, and the top lifts up to turn into a raised platform for your laptop or for dining. (This is a lifesaver if you work from home!)

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Storage ottomans were a lifesaver in my small space — I use them to house my socks, but you can just as easily put blankets, books, or anything else that doesn’t quite have a place to go in there. And, if you don’t have a couch that you can stretch out on, an ottoman should definitely be paired with your loveseat or armchair so you have a footrest. Plus, this is one of the more stylish and modern ones I’ve come across!

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If you’re like me and had to opt for a small chair rather than a sofa, you should take this trendy Etta Avenue offering into consideration. The bouclé fabric adds a pop of texture to your living area, and even though it’s compact and lightweight, it’s substantial enough to be comfortable.

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As anyone with a small space can tell you, you can’t let any area go to waste — including under the bed. Why bother with plastic storage bins, though, when storage can already be built into your bed frame? This simple platform bed has one front and two side drawers to keep your seasonal clothes and extra bedding tucked away and easy to access.

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Rather than a shoe rack that keeps all of your shoes out in the open — and, if it’s not in the closet, makes your space look more cluttered — I recommend going for a shoe storage cabinet. Doubling as a stylish entryway table for your keys or decor, a whopping 15 pairs of shoes can be hidden inside this narrow piece.

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At just a little over two feet wide, this coffee table can keep your extra blankets and pillows stowed away without taking up too much floor space. It also comes in grey and navy, but the textured, boho vibe of the Natural colorway is especially eye-catching.

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was $158.99

The Kilwin set may be small, but it packs a large punch when it comes to style. The marble and gold will add a chic, modern touch to your dining area, and despite its budget-friendly price, a number of reviewers confirm that it’s extremely sturdy.