These Are Our Editors’ MVPs (Most Valuable Products) of the Year — So Far

updated May 31, 2023
We independently select these products—if you buy from one of our links, we may earn a commission. All prices were accurate at the time of publishing.
Living room photo with MVP seal
Credit: Jessica Isaac

We might not even be halfway through the year yet, but if you think our editors haven’t already racked up a bunch of favorite home finds, you’d be sorely mistaken. We basically get paid to shop here at AT, so you can always expect an expert recommendation on anything from the comfiest sleeper sofa to the best-smelling laundry detergent. Given the positive reader feedback on our first AT MVPs post, we take it that you, our readers, enjoy being able to see all of our recs in one spot. As a result, we’ve continued the franchise with a dedicated 2023 edition, which you can bookmark and come back to for the latest on our top performers. Need some new decor for the living room? Looking for your next favorite surface cleaner? Scroll down, and we’ve got you covered. There’s no doubt that as the year goes on, the list will get longer and longer, providing you with our most recent tried-and-trues.

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So what makes an item a Most Valuable Product? Basically, it’s something our editors have personally owned, tested, or bought and — most importantly — loved. These products are durable, practical, and stylish where needed, and they fall into a variety of categories. We’ve already recommended them to friends and family, and now it’s your turn to get in on the fun. Each one of our picks is nothing short of game-changing, and we’re confident that if you give them a try, you’ll think the same!

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Year & Day

You can always place your favorite dips, sauces, and condiments directly onto your dinner plate, but these adorable little dip dishes are a much nicer alternative. They come in a set of four and are available in eight trendy colors, and they're such a simple way to elevate at-home meals. Managing commerce editor Tamara says her dip dishes are the most versatile serveware in her kitchen, writing, "These do-it-all kitchen essentials are also a beautiful way to present salt and pepper at a dinner party or as a vessel for olive oil or balsamic for dipping bread. Use them for nuts, dried fruits, olives — you name it!" In other words, they're a must for all of your upcoming get-togethers.

2 / 25
was $15.99

Finding a good travel adapter is tricky because there are so many shoddy products out there — and you won't know until they make smoke come out of your hair dryer. This is the one I trust for all of my international trips. Not only does it work without issue, but the budget-friendly adapter also features two USB ports in addition to the main outlet plug-in spot. It's available in 10 different styles, so you can pick the one you need based on where you're going. I've taken mine on multiple trips to Europe, and it has never failed me!

3 / 25
was $89.99

When it comes to different vacuum styles, we don't discriminate between stick, upright, or robot models. Really, it's about finding the perfect machine for your space. No matter your needs, though, we think everyone could benefit from a good handheld vacuum. Senior commerce editor Alicia swears by this BLACK+DECKER pick, which gets into all of her apartment's hard-to-reach corners. She also loves its impressive pick-up ability. "Despite cleaning every surface in my apartment with the handheld vacuum, it still didn’t run out of battery," she wrote. "Because of its powerful suction, you don’t really need to have a 30-minute cleaning session. I can’t see anyone needing to use it for more than 15 minutes at a time."

4 / 25
was $229.00

If you're into a super tidy, put-together bedspread look, Brooklinen's organic core sheet set might not be for you. Personally, though, I prefer a more lived-in, effortless appearance, so these are perfect. The sheets' 100 percent organic cotton percale material is super breathable and lightweight, making the set ideal for warmer months and climates. Plus, they're available in five soothing colors that'll further add a relaxed, boho aesthetic to your bed. If you like staying covered without feeling stifled, grab your own set now!

5 / 25

It's no secret that we're huge fans of pretty much every home product Drew Barrymore releases, including this electric kettle from her aptly named Beautiful line. In fact, Best List editor Britt loves it so much that we had to include it in our Best List roundup as the best budget-friendly option. "For such an affordable and stylish kettle, I was blown away by how quickly it boils water," Britt wrote in her own review. "I’d start it, begin grabbing items for my breakfast, and the kettle would chime to let me know the water was ready before I’d have a chance to leave the kitchen!" This piece also features a digital touch display that's easy to read and lets you customize the kettle's settings with the push of a few buttons.

6 / 25

Utilizing underbed storage space is the ultimate organization hack for tiny apartments, but finding the right bins for your out-of-season linens can prove difficult. Not to worry, though — we found a set that's just as pretty as it is functional. These StorageWorks boxes have been lifesavers for Alicia, who praised their capacity and durability. "I tend to overpack every organizer I come in contact with, just based on the fact that I live in an apartment with not a lot of storage space, and these bins held up despite me overfilling them," she wrote. Really, there's nothing to contemplate. Snag a set now, and neatly stow away winter coats, blankets, boots, and more.

7 / 25
was $149.00

After trying out a variety of cotton and silk bed coverings, commerce SEO writer Nic gave this TENCEL lyocell duvet a go and hasn't looked back since. "The material has all of the smoothness and some of the sheen of silk, mixed with the breathability and anti-wrinkleness of cotton," he wrote. "That makes it feel luxurious and look chic, which is a combination I didn’t know was possible in bedding." As a cat owner, Nic also found that the duvet hasn't sustained any snags or rips to date, plus, it's ultra-cooling.

8 / 25

So many office chairs, especially the more luxurious models, tend to sport oversized silhouettes that don't lend themselves to small spaces. But our director of commerce, Mark, found this X-Stack chair that's simultaneously high-quality, reasonably priced, and compact. "Compared to my big folding chair, it seemed almost tiny," he wrote of its collapsible design. "But at the same time, it had everything that the folding chair didn’t. Wheels! Armrests! A pivoting backrest! I couldn’t wait to take it for a spin!" For those who work from home, this ergonomic model is an absolute must-have.

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Bear Mattress
was $150.00

The wrong pillow not only has the power to disrupt your sleep, but it can also negatively affect the rest of your day by way of neck cramps and shoulder pain. Ian, Kitchn's senior commerce editor, recommends the brand Bear Mattress to anyone looking for the perfect 8-hour-sleep pillow. A longtime fan of their mattresses, he also tried the Bear pillow and credits it with keeping him ventilated and comfortable for hours. "It stays cool all night long and walks the perfect tightrope of soft and firm — comfy enough to lull you to sleep; supportive enough to properly cradle your noggin," he wrote.

10 / 25

Steam mops and spin mops are excellent grime-busters to have on hand, but when you need something that's ready to use in seconds, you can't do better than Staff's stick mop. Britt loves hers for quick clean-ups, noting how easy it is to change out the wet mopping cloths between uses. "I actually stopped using these types of mops a while ago because I wasn’t a fan of how the cloths had to be loaded into them," she wrote. "Pressing the cloth by hand down into the rubber holes on the base was kind of pain; however, The Mop has flap tabs that take care of the job for you, and you don’t even need to bend down to secure them." From there, you're ready to make your floors sparkle!

11 / 25

Whether you're bad at keeping real plants alive or simply want a new decor piece for your bookshelf, this Best List-winning artificial plant is sure to brighten up your space in no time — just ask Alicia. "The thing I love most about this fake pothos is that the cascade of leaves looks so realistic," she wrote. "The stems feel rubbery, so you can adjust them to fall in the way that you wish. The leaves are made of plastic, but they feel thin and artfully crafted and don’t give off that plasticky sheen that some leaves of fake plants do." Really, anyone who visits will just think you're a good plant parent and admire your very authentic-looking greenery.

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Lo & Sons

Every traveler needs this versatile, hold-it-all tote bag, according to our commerce SEO editor, Sarah. It doesn't matter if you're using it as a carry-on for an international trip or as a weekender bag; you'll get tons of use out of it regardless. "It features everything from deep side pockets and multiple interior pockets (including a bottom compartment to keep shoes or dirty clothes separate from the rest of your belongings) to a key leash and a luggage sleeve that easily slips over most suitcase handles," Sarah wrote. And it goes without saying that this travel must-have is beyond stylish.

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Instant Home
was $99.99

It used to be that if you wanted to enjoy icy cold brew coffee in the morning, you had to make it the evening before and leave your carafe in the fridge overnight — but not anymore. At least, not when you own Instant Home's editor-favorite cold brew maker, which is so simple to use. "Just add water and your favorite ground coffee (you can customize the brew strength to taste), turn on the machine, and in the time it takes to take a shower and brush your teeth, you’ll have a pitcher of cold brew that’s ready to drink," Ian wrote. You'll also find that the brewer is relatively quiet.

14 / 25

There are tons of tabletop organizers to consider, from tiered Lazy Susans to travel cases complete with wheels. But at the end of the day, everyone needs a classic, catch-all drawer set for all those stray items that your home accumulates. Britt highly recommends this little three-drawer number from mDesign, one of our favorite organization brands here at AT. "I have other acrylic organizers that have cracked at the slightest use, but these drawers... haven’t given me any trouble in the weeks I’ve had them," she wrote. She went on to add that you can buy multiple and stack them on top of one another, plus there's no limit to the kinds of things you can store inside.

15 / 25
was $7.49

To find the most effective cleaning products, you sometimes have to look outside the household cleaning aisles. This glass treatment spray is designed for use on cars — to stop raindrops from clouding the windshield — but as Sarah discovered, it does an amazing job of preventing streaks and unsightly water drop marks from dirtying up her glass shower doors. She was floored from her first time using it: "I stood there, mouth agape as I tested its power and watched the water bead right off the door. 'Where have you been all my life?' I exclaimed to the bottle." Sarah can now go up to five weeks between reapplying Rain X to keep her shower doors sparkly clean.

16 / 25
was $16.99

This clip-on ring light may be a favorite of TikTok creators and YouTubers, but Nic thinks it shines brightest as a home office or bedside light. Clip it to your desk or bedframe and position the gooseneck head to point exactly where you want it. You can adjust the light color and brightness whether you're reading before bed or lighting up your beautiful face for a Zoom call, and because it's powered via USB you can plug it into your computer if you don't have an outlet nearby. "My wife and I use these lights every night," Nic wrote, "and I’ll be holding on to mine for a long time."

17 / 25
Cozy Earth
was $389.00

Trying a new kind of bedding fabric is a big decision — I know firsthand, I was a satin sheet devotee for years. But after trying this linen sheet set from one of Oprah's favorite bedding brands, I'm happy to say that linen makes for a wonderful material (and this particular brand is an excellent choice). The fitted sheet fits my mattress much better than others I've tried, and I like that the linen is breathable so you won't sweat at night. Upgrade your bedding to this dreamy linen set to create a more relaxed and cozy sleep sanctuary.

18 / 25

Multifunctional home goods are always a great value, and this combination ottoman laptop desk is the perfect example. Use it as a footrest or extra seat when you're entertaining friends, or undo the velcro strap and set the cushion across your lap to use as a desk when you're working (or watching YouTube videos) on the couch. "I'm obsessed with this ottoman," Alicia wrote. Alicia appreciates that the cushion's removable cover is easy to wash and likes how it makes smart use of her small living space. "I’m so confident in this lap desk that I gave my old lap desk away," she wrote.

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Cold Picnic

A major life hack is making your bath mat double as decor. You need one anyway, so why not opt for a mat as cute as this one from Cold Picnic? Inspired by '80s and '90s design, this floor covering sports a fun abstract pattern that'll catch every visitor's eye. Sarah loves hers for its cozy, plush pile and non-slip backing. "When I gave it a step test, I instantly loved that 1.) It stayed put and 2.) It felt luxuriously soft under my feet without enveloping them in the fabric," she wrote. "But the thing that sold it for me? How well it washed. When I pulled this mat out of the dryer, it was perfectly intact and somehow softer." In other words, it's perfect.

20 / 25

As far as table lamps go, it doesn't get much swankier than this vintage-style dome find. Alicia came across hers on Amazon and was taken by how affordable the lamp was despite its expensive, gold-toned design. "I also like that it had space for two lightbulbs (not included), so you can adjust the brightness by pulling down on one or both of the chains," she wrote. "Plus, the chains are way more fun and easy to use than a traditional lamp switch." It's the ideal budget-friendly and practical decor piece for any reading corner.

21 / 25

Even if you live in a tiny studio, you'll have no problem using and storing this downright beautiful cordless vacuum. Tamara quickly came to love its compact design and barely-there charging station, not to mention the Shark WANDVAC's functionality. "When you’re cleaning your place from top to bottom, the one-touch quick transition will make vacuuming a total breeze," she wrote. "Easily switch from full vacuum to handheld with the press of a button. And yep, it can handle both carpets and hardwood floors." The vacuum also comes with two attachments, including a pet multi-tool that rids your space of all dog and cat hair.

22 / 25
Bear Mattress
was $2111.00

After a history of back problems, Senior Commerce Editor Ian decided to give this Bear Elite Hybrid mattress a try. With its hand-quilted cushion cover, three layers of supportive foam, and two layers of coils, this cooling mattress had him sleeping like a baby. "Besides the unparalleled cooling power, my favorite aspect of the Elite Hybrid is that it’s the perfect compromise for my girlfriend and I — but it doesn’t feel like a compromise," he wrote. "I feel like I got the better end of the deal with a firm mattress, while my girlfriend thinks she got the better end of the deal with a soft mattress." In the end, it's sweet dreams all around.

23 / 25
Tuft & Paw

Cats are cute, not to mention a never-ending source of entertainment, so it's easy to see why their owners put up with certain unpleasantries, like litter tracking. For Tamara, what helped with this issue was investing in Tuft & Paw's Really Great Cat Litter. The name definitely fits the product because Tamara wrote, "If you’re beyond tired of the endless litter dust around your home and you’re willing to pay a little for some peace of mind, you’ll have no regrets swapping your old-school litter to this upgraded, modern version." The litter is also made from soybean product, which is better both for the environment and for your cats compared to traditional litters.

24 / 25
was $95.99

Just because something goes viral on TikTok doesn't mean it's worth purchasing... but this candle warmer lamp totally is, according to commerce SEO editor Sarah. "With its gold neck, neutral oak-colored base, and a glass shade that glimmered even before turning it on, I couldn’t help but let out an Owen Wilson-esque 'Wow' as I unpacked it," she wrote. "I cleared off the perfect spot for it, plugged it in, and marveled both at how stunning it looked lit up and how quickly it began melting my candle; The scent was immediately dispersed throughout my apartment and I, well, was in love." In essence, this lamp the perfect marriage of style and function.

25 / 25
was $95.99

Every small-space dweller knows what a pain storage space (or a lack thereof) can be. That's why it feels like you've hit the jackpot when you find a fixture, like this floor lamp, that doubles as shelving. Nic says his was worth every last penny, so it's no wonder he bought two of them! "In my living room, the lamp has become my secondary entertainment center: it’s filled with board games, playing cards, and all my word games," he wrote. "In the bedroom, the shelves hold books and a small pile of folded clothes; it’s not perfect, but it’s definitely better than draping them on my desk chair." The lamp also adds a soft warm glow to any space, which feels much better than harsh overhead lighting.