Sneaky Hidden Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

published Jan 3, 2017
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(Image credit: The Selby)

There’s a lot of wisdom out there for fitting extra storage into small apartments, but a lot of it ignores a particular reality of small space living, which is that in many small spaces, you can see pretty much your entire living area at one time. And while there are some things you may want to proudly display on the wall, there are others you would probably prefer not to look at all the damn time. Plus, having a little hidden storage just makes a space look less cluttered. Here are seven of the best spots.

(Image credit: Wohnidee)

Under the bed.

Kind of obvious, but still one of the best spots. Those underbed boxes (the one seen above is actually a hack from Wohnidee!) may be only eight inches tall, but you’d be surprised at how much stuff you can fit in them.

(Image credit: Pablo Enriquez)

In a basket under a table.

You can fit a fairly sizable basket under even a pretty small table. This is great as a catch-all—an easy (and hopefully temporary) landing spot for anything that doesn’t currently have a home.

(Image credit: The Selby)

Under the sofa.

Similar to under the bed, but often underused because it’s more visible. The solution? Use pretty boxes (bonus points if they’re all cohesive like The Selby’s take above). You’ll still see the boxes, but at least you won’t have to look at all that stuff.

(Image credit: Maria EMB)

Behind your closet door.

Now you’re thinking. Hanging things on the back of the closet door makes them easily accessible, and completely hidden when the door is closed.

(Image credit: reader Sandra)

Above the kitchen cabinets.

The key to keeping above-the-cabinet storage from creating visual clutter is, as seen here, selecting storage boxes that are the same color as your cabinets.

(Image credit: Community Import)

Above an armoire or wardrobe.

If you have a taller piece like an armoire or wardrobe, definitely take advantage of the space on top for storage (again, baskets and/or boxes keep everything tidy).

(Image credit: Homes to Love)

In an armoire or wardrobe.

A great solution for apartments with no closets is to add simple freestanding wardrobes. When they’re the same color as the wall (like Homes to Love, above) they almost disappear. IKEA has lots of these, which you can see used to advantage in this small New York apartment—although you might have a hard time spotting them, because, as I mentioned, they really blend in.