Christine’s Festive DC Table
Name: Christine Mitchell Location: Petworth; Washington, DC Size: 1,600 square feet Years lived in: 2 years; Rented On a silvery (and very cold) November afternoon, Christine Mitchell invited me over for what was not an official “Friendsgiving,” but by the time I left, it felt like it had been. She’d gathered a group of DC creatives to be there for the shoot, and to talk a bit about their work that furnishes her house.
Dec 4, 2013
30 Last-Minute DIY Craft Projects for Thanksgiving Dinner
The title pretty much says it all folks— here are 30 of the best DIY craft projects that you still have lots of time to do. These little things will elevate your Thanksgiving dinner table, so your family and guests will say “Bravo!
Nov 27, 2013
Quick History: Adirondack Chairs
Now that we’ve reached asphalt-melting temperatures in New York, it’s time to start thinking about breezes skimming across lakes, icy tumblers full of Pimm’s Cup, and the rustic luxury of a quiet hour spent in an Adirondack chair. Which for me, design history nerd, means that it’s also time to start thinking, what ARE Adirondack chairs anyway, and where did they come from?The first Adirondack chair was created by Thomas Lee around 1903.
Sep 10, 2012
8 Ways to Turn Your Tablet Into a Bedside Clock
When we travel we use our iPad as the bedside clock. It’s large, and thanks to the Internet it always has the correct time. Of course there are an astounding array of apps out there to transform your tablet into a bedside clock, so we’ve curated the best of them in this week’s handy dandy tablet app feature.
Apr 27, 2012
Repair Cracked China with Milk!
Unless you drop your china and it shatters into a million pieces (which is usually my luck), it probably only suffered a small crack from a fall or mishap. Instead of just waiting for the day it inevitably breaks for good, try giving it a milk bath. Yup, your china is getting a day at the spa!Curious about how it works? The idea is simple. You place your cracked piece in a pot and cover it with two cups of milk (or more if needed). Next, heat over low for an hour.
Jan 10, 2011
Measuring Up: Tablet Size Comparisons
If you were following tech news yesterday, you likely noticed a few notable announcements on the tablet front, with announcements of the Samsung Galaxy Tab and Toshiba Folio 100 widening the available options in the growing handheld computing category. But with all these models available and without the opportunity to hold them in your hand, how do you know which size is best for you?
Sep 3, 2010
DIY Industrial Bed: Made from Pipes
After seeing Jeanine’s post on Desks and Furniture Designed From Plumbing Pipes, we thought we’d share a DIY we did a few years ago. For some reason, we decided to build our own bed. Out of pipes. We’ve used it every night for four years, and it still looks pretty good. Detailed plan follows.We found the project in Country Home magazine and since it’s not online, we scanned in our tattered page from the magazine.
Nov 24, 2008
Roundup: Paintable Wood IKEA Furniture
If you need a shot of color in your home, painted furniture is always an option. We rounded up a selection of solid wood furniture from IKEA that could be dressed up with a coat or two. Some of these are unfinished, and some have a clear lacquer coat that just needs some light sanding before you prime it…Top Photo: Left to Right, Top to Bottom:• Rast 3 Drawer Chest, $39.99• Mackis Magazine File, $7.99• Stranda 4 Drawer Chest, $149• Fira Mini Chest with Drawers, $12.
Apr 15, 2008