How To Prepare for Monthly & Quarterly Reports
Accurate and timely reporting is the lifeblood of any growing, successful organization, and the larger it gets the more and more important reporting becomes. Imagine steering a nuclear submarine without knowing the depth of the sea you’re in or buying stock for a large department store without knowing what’s selling on the showroom floor? Reporting is also a necessity in any Build-Measure-Learn feedback loop.
Jan 23, 2017
It’s Time to (Fill in the Blank): Make Some Progress on Your Project
Last week, I asked everyone to choose a project from their to-do list to work on this month. Well, today is a day set aside for you to spend some time on your own personal Cure project – it’s the official “fill in the blank” day and, of course, it’s going to be different for everyone.
Jan 18, 2017
Before & After: Dining Room Mural Makeover for “Elegance on a Budget”
We’ve seen Natalie’s 19th century home before and this time she’s tackling her dining room. Not happy to just strip the floors and replace the chandelier, she put her artistic talents to good use and painted something gorgeous on the walls. From Natalie: My husband and I bought a circa 1870s house in Pittsburgh nearly three years ago. The house has a wonderful lived-in feeling and great bones, but it needed an infusion of style.
Dec 16, 2016
This Designer Trick Will Make Any Small Space Look Larger
Try this over the weekend.
Nov 28, 2016
Before & After: Chalk This Pretty Chair Up to Chalk Paint
Krys has a totally understandable addiction to thrifted chairs. This lovely lady got a stunning makeover with the help of some chalk paint and a very glamorous upholstery. From Krys: Confession: I’m a little bit of a chair hoarder. If I see a vintage chair at a flea market and it’s under $20 I usually end up coming home with it.
Nov 2, 2016
How To Achieve Perfect Selfie Lighting at Home
Say what you will about selfies—some people love them, some hate them, and some think they’re an important part of self-care. People have been taking pictures of themselves long before the word “selfie” was added to the dictionary in 2013, and I’m not just talking about the dark days of grainy, over-contrasted, poorly angled Myspace selfies.
Sep 30, 2016
Before & After: A Painted Leather Sofa Surprise
I’ve been on the hunt for an affordable brown leather sofa for a while now, and had just about given up when this one turned up on Craigslist. It wasn’t the color I wanted. I was hoping for something a little less Manhattan and a little more Marfa, but for 50 bucks, I figured I could experiment with changing the color. Can you paint a leather sofa? I did! And I’m in love with the results. Let’s take a closer look… And another close up.
Aug 3, 2016
How To Rent an Office or Workspace for the Month, Day (or even by the Hour!)
Whether you’re a freelancer itching for a place to work other than your sofa or local Starbucks, a startup company looking for a quiet and professional place to hold meetings, or a group looking for a space to hold a reading, a rehearsal, a book club, a photoshoot, there are some brilliantly convenient and affordable options for us! Check out seven fast and easy places to book a space of one’s own.
Jun 13, 2016
How I Moved & Refinished This Clawfoot Tub (And Lived To Tell The Tale)
There are two groups of people when it comes to cast iron tubs: those who believe in their preservation, and those who believe in the almighty sledgehammer. If you’re the latter, this post is not for you. For those of you who believe in preservation and love a good soak in a nice, deep tub, we think that tub should look its best. Here’s how we took ours from an eyesore to eye candy.
May 25, 2016
7 Beautiful Ways to Boost a Big Bad Blank Backyard Wall
Curb appeal is a magic phrase in the spring, as is thinking up ways to make your home exterior look better to visitors and passersby. But what about the backyard — the place where you spend your time? First off, yay you. You have actual outdoor space. Now go make it pretty to enjoy all summer long, and start with any blank wall. If you have an unsightly wall, cover it up with some horizontal boards, then paint everything a deep bold color.
May 20, 2016
7 Ways to Upgrade IKEA Picture Frames
Want to give those plain old IKEA frames a little extra bit of pizazz? Of course you do! Here are seven creative (and very inexpensive!) ways to dress them up using paint, tape, and a variety of creative techniques. Above: All it takes is a little spray paint to add gold corners, and a little touch of glam, to a RIBBA frame. DIY from Repolished.
Apr 13, 2016
Before & After: From Drab Desk to Painted Vanity
I was “gifted” this really simple, but classic desk from my boyfriend to use as a makeup table/vanity. While I loved the character, the desk was pretty beat up. There were imprints and scratches on the top and the knobs mismatched. I decided to take on my first larger project in my new apartment and paint the desk an awesome shade of teal gray.
Nov 3, 2015
Do It Now! Safety Check: Fire Dangers Hiding in Your Home
The chances of your home catching on fire are low. But even though fire safety has come a long way through the decades, it’s still something you should think of from time to time to make sure your home — and all your stuff in it — is as safe as can be. The National Fire Prevention Association has deemed October 4th – 10th “National Fire Prevention Week.” The NFPA encourages everyone to make sure they have enough smoke alarms (in working order) in their home.
Oct 9, 2015
Before & After: Finding the Brick Again in a Converted Firehouse Bedroom
Aaron and Heather are no strangers to Apartment Therapy, they’ve shared their converted St. Louis firehouse home with us before. Their latest project? Making over a guest bedroom they affectionately call the Captain’s Suite. It was painted this bright orange shade with accents of royal blue, probably inspired by a sports’ team as Heather suspects this was the previous owner’s “man cave.
Sep 29, 2015
6 Ways To Unclog A Toilet Without A Plunger
Don't let a bathroom flood happen on your watch.
Sep 12, 2015
Keep Your Spouse, Partner or Roommate Happy: Discover Their Love Language
Have you heard of The Five Love Languages? It’s a best-selling book by author Gary Chapman and it basically boils down to this: People like to be appreciated in one of five different ways. It’s a great concept for relationships, but might also help strengthen your bond with non-romantic roommates.
Sep 2, 2015
No Doorman? No Problem: 5 Ways to Get Your Packages on Your Own Schedule
Some fortunate folks out there have the luxury of a doorman at their apartment building; someone to accept packages on their behalf while they’re away at work or on vacation. The rest of us just come home to “missed package” slips stuck to our doors. Until now. Here are 5 services popping up in some big cities that let you get home deliveries on your time.
Aug 27, 2015
How to Hang Things on “Popcorn” Walls?
Q: Hey peeps! So, I have very old, textured walls, as if sand was mixed in the wall paint… like a “popcorn” ceiling-like texture. I had put up a large (expensive) mural with double-sided tape, THEN velco-tabs, and even screws and they all failed to keep it up there! I imagine those Command wall strips would react the same way… I am considering using black electrical tape, hanging posters with that tape to resemble a black frame.
Aug 22, 2015
The “Just Moved In’ Checklist of New Neighborhood Places to Find Fast
After the moving trucks have left and you’ve located the closet grocery store, pharmacy and other essential locations, the reality of a new neighborhood can sink in. It’s exciting to have a new place to explore, sure, but it can also be a little confusing and disorienting. After you settle in a little at home, consider a trip around your new ‘hood to locate these places that will make your transition into a new area a lot more enjoyable.
Jul 22, 2015
6 Arguments You’ll Definitely Have When You Live Together (and How To Get Past Them)
Live with a mate? Thinking about moving in with your better half? Know that in life and in love, arguments are inevitable. In fact we’d bet that these six types of arguments will almost certainly take place with just about any couple sharing a space together.
Jul 17, 2015
How to Squeeze More Joy Out of Your Home Every Day
Charm dissolves into routine faster than we realize. What once was a new home filled with excitement and promise can become just another place you see every day. Nothing special. Nothing to mention. But while turning on autopilot while at home is allowed, why would you? If you want to squeeze a little more joy out of whatever place you call home, try these four things. There are plenty of times and places in life where playing it cool is an acceptable way to move through the world. But home?
Jul 15, 2015
How To Break Out of a Couch-Potato Rut
Has your couch been seeing a little too much of you lately? There’s nothing wrong with spending quality time in your home relaxing from a hard day’s work. But if you’re feeling like you want to get out more but keep getting snapped back into the same butt-shaped spot on your sofa’s cushions, you might need a little self-pushing to get out the door. That sounds simple enough, and yet many of us come home too pooped to think all the time.
Jul 1, 2015
Before & After: Historic Rowhouse Ditches Sad Siding
Abigail’s fixer-upper stood out—and not in a good way. Sometime during its 100-year history, someone had slapped putty-hued vinyl siding on the front, which would be less jarring if it wasn’t one of many attached brick rowhouses! See how she and her husband restored the curb appeal: From Abigail: When we bought our hundred-year-old fixer-upper in downtown Frederick, Maryland, the first thing we planned to revitalize was its exterior.
May 13, 2015
Before & After: Bland Bi-Fold Shutters to Chic Closet Doors
These blah shutter bi-fold doors appear in many a rental, and Jessica’s was no exception. While she decorating her daughter’s room, she had an idea to transform them into something a little more glam: What a difference! From Jessica: While redecorating my girl’s room, I had a big Ah-ha moment.
May 11, 2015
Before & After: Dresser Gets Some Perked-Up Pattern
Reeves wanted to add a touch of visual interest to this vintage dresser that needed a little love. She’s also got a great tip for painting on wood that will prevent color bleeding: From Reeves: I picked up this Dixie dresser from a local furniture sale. While I loved the mid century look and style of the piece, the finish needed some work and I felt that the piece needed a bit of color and a geometric design to add some visual interest.
Apr 3, 2015
How To Find Lost Stuff: Our Best Step-by-Step Sanity Saving Tips
You can be someone who is constantly saying “Where are my keys” or you can be the kind of person who only loses something every now and then (but loses it really, really well) — the result is always the same. Time lost, frustration and, if you’re me, a slight panic that slowly grips you as you wonder, “where the heck is my _______?!” You might be compelled to search for something in the last place you remember leaving it.
Mar 12, 2015
Before & After: Blank Entryway Gets a Bright, Easy Makeover
My apartment’s entryway is an angled, narrow pseudo-hall that opens to my main living space. After searching for a way to create some definition, I decided to do a little painting project, inspired by my coworking space. Here’s the inspiration: I love that I work from a place that makes bold design decisions, so when my WeWork location recently opened up this new common area, I filed away this simple geometric painting technique for future use.
Mar 5, 2015
Before & After: The Early Bird Gets The Hairpin Desk
I found myself in the vicinity of my favorite thrift store just before the doors opened recently, and while I wasn’t hardcore enough to stand in the sub-zero cold with the other bargain hunters, I made it in early enough to find this lovely hairpin Frankenstein-ish desk. I saw it in the back of the store and immediately scooped it up! I didn’t really have a need for (or a place to put) it, but I’ve never had the strength to pass up hairpin legs.
Mar 4, 2015
Are You a Highly Sensitive Person? How to Set Up Your Home & Routines to Best Fit Your Life
I’ve been reading about the designation of Highly Sensitive People (and greatly identifying with it). Highly Sensitive People are particularly aware of and affected by stimuli in their environment— things ranging from physical objects, light, and sound, to unseen things like others’ moods. The designation was first put forth by San Francisco clinical psychologist Elaine Aron, PhD, and there’s a self-test here.
Feb 23, 2015
Before & After: Caution, Wire Chair Ahead
Lindsay scored this cool vintage wire chair with the help of her mom. It was destined to be a fluorescent accent in her home office, and it sure pops: From Lindsay: When designing my new home office, I had a very specific thing in mind. Unfortunately, I also had a very small budget for my chair. I scoured thrift stores searching for just the right thing. Ideally, I wanted metal, wire if possible and vintage was a plus.
Feb 12, 2015
Before & After: Bamboo Dresser Now Proud as a Peacock
When Cate spotted this bamboo dresser, it was in bad shape, sporting a dual-finish black paint job and lots of wear and tear. But with elbow grease and a bold new hue, this piece sports a proud new look: From Cate: I found this bamboo dresser hiding behind a clothing rack at Goodwill on a furniture sale day. My first reaction was YIKES.
Feb 5, 2015
How to Hang a Large, Heavy Rug on The Wall
Malcolm and his parents have been all over the world, collecting souvenirs like this Brazilian rug. When he moved away from home, Malcolm took it with him and initially hung it behind his bed as a pseudo headboard, then decided to find a more permanent home on the wall as art. The rug is pretty big, and somewhat heavy. Which raises the question: how does one hang it?
Jan 31, 2015
Before & After: Unbecoming Cabinet Becomes New Credenza
Lucia found this old wooden cabinet with sliding glass doors, and immediately saw an alternate use for it. Instead of a wall-mounted unit, she transformed it into freestanding furniture that better suits her needs, all for a minimal cost… The transformation wasn’t technically difficult, just time consuming. After sanding off all the varnish, Lucia spray painted the inside white. The exterior got several coats of water-based wood stain.
Jan 10, 2015
Plan Your Cure: Make a List of Projects
It’s tempting, during this particular Cure exercise, to charge ahead and do too much, too soon, but try and trust the process and just take it one step at a time. You don’t want to burn out – this is a month-long journey. Today is about observation, contemplation and vision, the action will come later. Ready to make a plan? Let’s go!
Jan 5, 2015
Before & After: A Two Day Transition from Old to “Old World”
Nicolette found this old wood chest in a random shop, and viewed it as the perfect opportunity to test some new stencils she recently designed. Which means that wood lovers and purists, you might want to go and rearrange your sock drawer for a few minutes. I can tell you without hesitation that there is hyperventilation in your near future if you click through. You have been duly warned… Nicolette took a couple of days to paint and stencil the trunk.
Dec 5, 2014
Quick Fix: A Cheap & Easy Solution for Slamming Doors
I’ll admit to it. Every now and then in the heat of the moment, I’ve been know to slam the occasional door. So perhaps when this tip showed up in my inbox from my S.O., it wasn’t so much as a tip, but a hint. In an effort to keep the peace, literally, I’m going to give this quick tip a whirl.
Nov 10, 2014
The “Faux Wood Paneling Nightmare Ends” Makeover
Makeover by: Stella Location: New York After months of looking for a new place, I came across this semi-attic space covered in wood paneling. I knew I couldn’t sign a lease without thinking first of what my makeover would consist of. After all the makeovers I’ve done in the past, I had to came to terms with the fact that this one would be a whole new deal. It was going to take more than just hanging art or getting new bed linens.
Nov 3, 2014
Before & After: A Dining Room Goes From Crimson to Gargoyle Shadow
We recently moved into our new (very old) home and the dining room was the only room in the house that was not covered in wallpaper from the 1980s. I couldn’t seem to work up the motivation to start the long and arduous process of ripping everything off the walls in the rest of the house, so I decided to tackle a room that would be easy, quick, and instantly gratifying to help me get going. While the Crimson was nice, it wasn’t “us.
Oct 21, 2014
Before & After: A “Business on the Outside, Party on the Inside” Roll-Top Desk Makeover
You might remember Lauren’s style from her bedroom before and after; she turned a kind of boring bedroom into an exciting nautical and rustic-themed retreat. Well she’s back on a smaller scale, infusing some serious fun into an inherited desk from the in-laws. From Lauren: This past summer, I made over a roll-top desk we inherited from my in-laws…and it’s my new favorite project!
Oct 19, 2014
How To Take Pictures of the Kids at the Pumpkin Patch Without Pulling Your Hair Out
I don’t know when it became a thing. Did parents always take annual pictures of their children at the pumpkin patch or did the practice spread like wildfire since the advent of social media? Whatever the case, I’ve succumbed; I have to commemorate the October Pumpkin Patch Trip and I have since my oldest daughter was a baby. Which is to say that I’m very familiar with this fall torture ritual. Here’s how I’ve learned to survive.
Oct 9, 2014
Before & After: A Dated Fireplace Gets a Chic Stenciled Scandinavian-Inspired Makeover
June’s fireplace had some dated features like fake wood and weird Victorian-esque floral tiles. She would have loved to replace the whole thing with her dream of a wood burning fireplace, but she didn’t have the budget for it right now. So she got creative and made the fireplace over with some paint, stencils and style! From June: I was fed up with my dated fireplace…the fake wood surround and the horrid quasi-Victorian tiles from the 80s made me cringe!
Oct 4, 2014
Before & After: From Crumbling to Crisp Curb Appeal, All For $125
The paint on Jen’s house was peeling in patches, and even non-existent in certain spots. Jen definitely felt her house looked dilapidated and unloved, and wanted to increase its curb appeal. Although she was daunted by the prospect, she and her parents stepped up one weekend, and used a little elbow grease. See what they were able to do for only $125…. In addition to the new paint job, Jen swapped out the door handle, and changed the mailbox.
Sep 11, 2014
The 5 Home Lists You Should Make (And Keep)
Are you a list maker? Then you’ll love this list of lists. And if you’re not a list-maker by nature, you might enjoy this list of lists to make (and keep) because they’re designed to make your life and home run smoother. This weekend, consider employing the use of one (or all) of these lists to really up your organization!
Sep 6, 2014
Before & After: The Hallway Needed a Little Help (and has a Stealthy Secret)
Renovation by: Mike (you may remember his bathroom renovation) Location: Chicago We live in a typical Chicago apartment with a really long skinny layout. When you enter our apartment the foyer and hallway are the first things you see so they really needed some TLC. When we first moved in to the apartment the foyer and hallway were painted in a yellow glaze and the only light fixtures were flush mounted glass domes from the 80’s.
Sep 5, 2014
4 Things I Learned About Homebuilding from Naked and Afraid
It’s the ultimate DIY, survival-style. The wildly popular reality show Naked and Afraid throws two strangers (without clothes) into the wilderness for three weeks to see if they can come up with their own food, water and shelter. Being somewhat interested in shelter ’round here, we thought that their hard-learned lessons were pretty applicable to your home (although hopefully with fewer snakes). 1. Location, location, location — Yep, this law even applies to the jungle.
Aug 21, 2014
Steal this Designer Secret: How to Surprise (& Delight) With a Statement Piece
Want to know a secret that designers use to really make a room shine? They incorporate a stand-out statement piece to surprise, delight and make a big impact on an entire room. Want to know how to steal this secret for your own space? Here are four ways you can add a statement piece in your home. A statement piece can be added for a lot of reasons. In a very minimal room, it keeps a space from being boring.
Aug 16, 2014
Change Your Space, Change Your Outlook: 10 Ways to Be Happier at Home
You could change your home or you could simply change how you feel about your home. Why not try a little of both? Here are five ideas to help you tweak your space so it’s more comfy, inviting and happy, plus five ways help you have a more positive outlook so you’ll enjoy spending time in your space no matter what. Change the lighting. We say it all the time: if you want your home to have a golden glow, good lighting is the easiest and fastest way to get there.
Jul 22, 2014
How To Set The Table Properly
I often get my left and right confused, so it’s not surprising that setting a table properly was a complete mystery to me before my years in food service. Working in restaurants drilled into my head how to set a table, and – whether you agree or not – I find it totally useful to this day when I’m quickly wanting to set up a table for a dinner party and have it all look good and organized.
Jul 21, 2014
5 Problems You Only Face While Living Alone (and How to Deal with Them)
Remember that roommate you had that walked around naked? Or the one who clipped his toenails in the living room while watching TV? There’s a reason you now live alone and love it. At some point you decided it was time, could afford it, and today you certainly don’t look back. But, while great in some respects, there are parts of living on your own that are, at the very least, different, and at the most, a pain in the ass. Here are five major ones, and strategies for dealing.
Jul 15, 2014
Renters Solutions: 4 Ways to Manage Home Deliveries
I live in one of those big corporate apartment communities with a resort-style pool and a leasing office that keeps abbreviated hours. Delivered packages — like the online impulse buy I can’t wait to get my hands on — are always dropped in that leasing office, which keeps roughly the same schedule I do at my office across town. Without rearranging my work schedule, I can never get back home in time to grab my eagerly anticipated parcel.
Jun 12, 2014
IKEA Hacks: DIY Ways to Make Cheap Wardrobes Look More Expensive
We often turn to IKEA for cheap storage options, which makes their basic wardrobes a popular item in a lot of homes. Clever DIY projects and hacks pop up as people discover ways to upgrade the units to look more expensive and custom-built in their spaces. Here are 8 great projects to think about yourself: Designer Tommy Smythe updated his PAX doors with molding and vintage knobs. Combined with the sleek black paint, this new storage looks high-end and beautiful.
Apr 16, 2014
Before & After: Bari’s Bathroom Gets a Bold Makeover
Bari has been working with a local design firm to decorate her home in Philadelphia, and the most recent space to be completed was her guest bathroom. She loved the original clawfoot tub, but she wanted to make the walls more fun since it’s the bathroom everyone uses when they come over. From Bari: The wallpaper is dark and bold, but the hot pink ceiling really is a great contrast, and plays well off of the black/white striped floor.
Mar 6, 2014
DIY Project Idea: How to Sew a Cross Stitch Pillow
Rae of Rae’s Days loves incorporating handmade items into her home, and especially playing with proportions or putting an unexpected twist on something traditional. So with that in mind, she created this pillow using some chunky yarn and classic cross stitch.
Jan 16, 2014
Before and After: Rita and Cane’s Flower Powder Room
With a guest bathroom outfitted in seashell wallpaper, brass fixtures, laminate countertops, vinyl flooring, and “swine beige” finishes, Rita and Cane of This Sorta Old Life could have treated this bathroom as a gut job. But having gutted their master bath not too long ago, they knew what a formidable undertaking that would be, and instead, they figured out a way to make the current space work.
Jan 9, 2014
Before & After: The Year’s Most Colorful Transformations
Sometimes a little color can make a big difference. Read on to see some of our favorite colorful makeovers from 2013. To see the ‘afters’, click on the links for each project. (Hint: clicking each link with the scroll wheel of your mouse will open it in a new window.) Enjoy! TOP ROW: 1. Before & After: Plain Jane Entryway Now Pops with Pattern & Color 2. Before & After: A Dressed-Up Dresser 3. Before & After: An Old Chest Gets a Big Change 4.
Dec 26, 2013
Before & After: A Stylish Bathroom Transformation
This is Mattie’s old bathroom, pre Style Cure. Even though she was a little off of the usual Cure schedule, due to some conflicts with work and potty training, it doesn’t make her results any less impressive. The best part? The budget for her entire bathroom redo was a low low $49. After: what a difference a little paint makes! The blue walls, with a pattern of little birds and clouds, lend just the right amount of color and whimsy to this previously drab bathroom.
Nov 22, 2013
Before & After: Plain Jane Entryway Now Pops with Pattern & Color
Katja’s entryway was pretty, but plain, and needed a good dose of something. Turns out that something was turquoise paint and a lot of graphic pattern. To create the accent wall, Katja first painted it a light turquoise. Then, strips of painter’s tape were placed vertically every 14 inches. Smaller bits were taped at an angle off those stripes, to create the arrow effect. She then painted over the whole thing with a darker turquoise and removed the tape.
Nov 12, 2013
Before & After: DIY Makeover with Small, Chic Changes
Sometimes “before” pictures aren’t disgusting nightmares that leave you horrified. Sometimes they are perfectly nice, but the owner was just sick and tired of looking at the same layout or piece of furniture. We’ve all been there and so was Bethany, who’d grown weary of seeing this dark brown trellis pattern first thing after walking in the door. She made a few crucial tweaks without spending a dime — including a mini IKEA hack — and wound up refreshed.
Oct 14, 2013
Before & After: Boring Dresser Gets Extra-Special Facelift
Chrissann recently re-did a dresser for her daughter’s room. In its original state, the dresser wasn’t anything special — certainly not an antique — and she wanted something more fun, and brighter than the original boring brown. If you are sick of seeing chalkboard paint everywhere, or hate the dusty mess of the chalk itself, here’s an alternative: try dry erase paint instead.
Sep 13, 2013
Before & After: A Tame IKEA Tarva Gets a Chic Upgrade
We love a good, simple IKEA hack. In the hands of Sarah of Smitten Studio, this plain pine Tarva got a coat of paint and a little bling. Check out the results:Fresh white, gold legs, and brass knobs add much needed storage and a dash of style in the bedroom of Sarah’s cabin, after the removal of a bunk bed/closet system. Sarah also sawed a couple inches off of the dresser’s legs for a more contemporary proportion. Check out more photos over at Smitten Studio.
Aug 21, 2013
Before & After: Amy’s Stairway to Heaven
To appease her surfer husband Andrew after they moved to land-locked Colorado Springs, Amy had a creative paint idea and turned the staircase in their live/work loft into an homage to the sea. She painted the risers a cool, ocean-inpired blue and topped off the staircase with an old surfboard. No word on whether their adorable dog is much of a swimmer, but it seems like they’re all enjoying the new look. It came out great! Thank you Amy!
Aug 14, 2013
Before & After: Vintage Table Turned Pretty and Patterned
One of the regular readers of Meg’s blog, Radical Possibility, found this little Lane end table at a flea market, and needed her help to transform it. About $30 and three hours of TLC later, this little table had a totally new look. The pattern on top is based on the Forest Flowers iPhone cover by Rifle Paper Company.
Jul 16, 2013
Before & After: Ursula’s Guest Corner
If you’re a serial host (or even a regular guest!), you’ll appreciate Ursula’s “guest corner”— a bookshelf in her hallway that houses all the necessities for her visitors. Though it was always practical, she gave it a pretty update to really welcome those out of town-ers. Spa day at Ursula’s, anyone? Color us impressed by those DIY wire baskets! From Ursula: It is amazing what a little paint and a bit of organization can do!
Jul 5, 2013
Before & After: Plain Bedroom Wall Gets Glam Stencil Treatment
The whole project, including the paint, cost $27. If this sounds good to you too, head on over to Chrissann’s blog, Ducklings in a Row Thanks, Chrissann!
Jun 25, 2013
Before & After: Lindsay’s Filthy to Fabulous Record Cabinet
Lindsay fell in love with the shape of this vintage record player console from Craigslist, but when she picked it up, it was beyond dirty. A lot of elbow grease and a little paint later, check out the results:From Lindsay: I have a thing for vintage record player cabinets. I found this Mid-Century style record console that had been gutted on Craigslist, and picked it up immediately. It is solid wood, and was in fairly good condition. Except it was FILTHY.
Jun 18, 2013
Before & After: Josh’s Thrift to Mid-Century Style Dresser
Josh found this dresser, solid and in good condition, but not quite his style, at a Dallas thrift shop. With a few basic updates, he turned lots of laminate into a mid-century style showpiece:From Josh: I found this dresser for $60 at a local thrift shop here in Dallas, Texas. It’s made entirely of laminate particle board, barely used, and very solid. I knew it had great lines and good bones, but lacked any personality.
Jun 17, 2013
The Do’s and Dont’s of Resting Audio Speakers on the Floor
Maybe you hate the way audio speaker stands look. Maybe you’re scared your pets/child will knock them down and damage your precious speakers. Or maybe you’re going for a college-chic aesthetic with everything from your mattress to your TV on the floor. Whatever the reason, plenty of people place their audio speakers on the floor. Here’s why you might want to reconsider… DO recognize audio speakers are most effective at ear-level.
May 29, 2013
Before & After: An Art Deco Makeover
When I first looked at this piece I thought, “Oh, just a little polishing and it’ll be good as new.” To my surprise, that is not what the after was about to reveal at all. This piece of furniture got a full on Art Deco Makeover. The original style of this piece didn’t fit into the rest of the home’s decor, so it got sanded, painted and pounded. It took 1300 upholstery nails to get it to its final state. That is some serious dedication.
May 15, 2013
Before & After: A Sad Dresser Gets a Second Chance
Sarah took her chances on a very typical dresser at Goodwill — you know, the ones that are a dime a dozen and often get passed up by everyone. Follow me after the jump to see the incredible transformation that turned this sad little piece into a unique gem… She first sanded down all the old paint (always test for lead first) and then stained it with a lovely Mahogany Gloss Stain.
May 3, 2013
Use This Cheat Sheet to Identify Almost Any Nut, Screw, Bolt, or Washer
It might have been wrong to refer to a cheat sheet in high school calculus class, but nobody is going to blame you for not being able to identify all of the various types of fasteners, screw heads, drive types, nut and washer styles available today.I ran into this Fastener Type Chart created by Bolt Depot while trying to identify a mystery drive shape used to fasten a part I wanted to remove from a home office task chair (the extraneous piece kept hitting the wall in a narrow space).
Apr 11, 2013
Before & After: A Fresh Look for a $5 Thrift Store Dresser
To my mind there are two basic types of ‘Before and Afters’: the jaw droppers that leave you amazed at the utter transformation of a thing or place and the less dramatic, but no less inspiring ones that show a vast improvement to something with minimal expense of time and money. The latter is the case with this dated dresser repainted in springy colors as an appealing addition to Lynne and Darren’s guest bedroom where they host their 2-year-old grandson, Nicholas.
Apr 3, 2013
Before & After: Jae’s Brightened Basement Stairs
Though this staircase to the basement got daily use, it wasn’t until the basement turned into a workout room that the stairs got a freshening up. See what just a little bit of paint did for Jae’s steps:From Jae: Even though I used the stairwell from the main living space to the basement and garage every day to get to my car, it was more utilitarian than decorative for the entire time we’ve lived here (8 years!).
Mar 20, 2013