The Sleek, Portable Under-Sink Organizer That Will Instantly Control Your Cabinet Chaos

published Apr 10, 2023
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Credit: Tamara Gavin

There are certain upsides to residing in a small apartment. When I lived in a two-story house, for example, cleaning was a much bigger chore. This is not only because there were simply more rooms and surfaces to get through, but also because all of the cleaning supplies were located under the sink in the downstairs bathroom. As a result, I’d have to carefully lug armfuls of spray bottles, scrub brushes, paper towel rolls, and messy containers of bleach up a seemingly endless set of steps. And it goes without saying that organizing them after each use was just as big of a hassle. You’re likely familiar with the issue of reaching for one specific item, only to knock over every other bottle in the cabinet during the process. Well, this no longer has to be your reality. The YouCopia SinkSuite under-sink cleaning caddy from Amazon is the only tool you need for seamless storage and portability.

We’re no strangers to YouCopia around here. In fact, it’s one of our favorite brands when it comes to cutting down on clutter in the kitchen, bathroom, and basically every other part of the home. The great thing about this caddy is that you can keep it wherever is most convenient, concealed behind cabinet doors. It’s comprised of a 15″ by 7.5″ plastic basket, which has two adjustable dividers that allow you to create separated compartments of your desired size. These will help keep bottles and containers upright regardless of whether the caddy stays stationary or moves from room to room.

At the top of the SinkSuite, you get two hanging loops, off of which you can hang things, such as cloths and spray containers. The loops are connected by a handle that lets you effortlessly bring the basket along as you clean different areas of the home, which Amazon customers appreciate. “It’s easy to move around, products are secure, and the handle is in a logical spot,” one reviewer wrote. “No more reaching between bottles to grab and go!”

Although this organizer is durable, its plastic form is lightweight, so it won’t add to the strain your cleaning supplies might create. Of course, you can also use the caddy to store gardening tools, items for your pets, or really anything you want. Amazon customers also love the two rolling versions that the caddy comes in. No matter which model you opt for, you can rest assured your cabinet will remain neat and manageable day in and day out.