These $10 Aldi Peacock Plants Won’t Stay in Stock for Long

published Nov 25, 2023
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Aldi storefront
Credit: Carina Romano

Listen up, green thumbs: peacock plants (a.k.a. calatheas) have landed at Aldi, and they’re available for just $10 apiece.

The Instagram account Aldi Plant Lady (@aldiplantlady), which highlights the beloved grocery store chain’s botanical offerings, recently shared the news in a November 19 post.

“Holy moly, these pictures don’t do justice to this beauty,” Aldi Plant Lady wrote. “I haven’t seen calathea plants at Aldi before, and this one stole my heart. Each leaf has so many shade[s] of green, and is translucent in spots so light shines through. The underside of the leaf is purple, and you can see that at night when the leaves point up.”

“I have never wanted a plant more than this one!” one commenter wrote. “I’m horrible with plants 🪴but this one, yes this is the one I’m going to be successful with. Fingers crossed 🤞 it is available!!! 💚💚💚”

According to Aldi Plant Lady, peacock plants do best in low to medium light, “ideally near a north or east window.” Because they’re tropical plants, she also recommended using a humidifier or misting your plants’ leaves with a spray bottle. Finally, Aldi Plant Lady pointed out that peacock plants tend to be sensitive to tap water, so if you purchase one, do your best to water it using distilled, filtered, or rainwater.  

“If you use tap water, let it set out for at least a day to let chemicals evaporate,” she wrote. “[…] Use room temp water, not cold. Water every 7 days or so.”

With their stunning multi-colored foliage, peacock plants are great for adding a pop of tropical color to your home. Although the plants aren’t currently available on Aldi’s new online shopping website, you can pick one up now in-store while they’re $10 at select Aldi locations. If you’re not near an Aldi or your local store doesn’t currently have them in stock, you can order a similar plant from Home Depot for $19.25.