This Handy Gadget Makes It So Simple to Secure Your Tree Topper

published Nov 29, 2023
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Cozy room decorated for Christmas celebration
Credit: Alina Hvostikova / Stocksy

Christmas is a little over a month away, and that means it’s time to start pulling out all of your favorite holiday decor if you haven’t already. For me the best part of the holiday season isn’t the gifts or even the food (though I love the food), but the decorating. There’s something so magical that happens to a home when you dress it with care for the holidays. My favorite part? Decorating the Christmas tree, of course! That being said, there’s one part of this activity that always… bugged me — the tree topper. In theory, it should be the finishing touch on a painstaking project that can, in some cases, take hours. A reward for all of your hard work, if you will.

In reality, placing a topper atop your tree — and actually getting it to stay — is a project in its own right. But thanks to the internet, you can almost always find a simple solution to whatever decor mishap you’re experiencing. To help you solve this problem, we found this Christmas tree topper holder from West Elm. Once you get ahold of this ingenious gadget, you can say goodbye to wobbly angels and toppling stars once and for all.

What is the Christmas Tree Topper Holder?

Tree toppers come with their own built-in bases, but rarely do those bases fit securely onto the thinnest part of the tree. Instead, getting the final touch to rest in place is a literal balancing act, and half the time the outcome isn’t what you want. Or, the topper rests at an awkward angle, throwing off the entire look of your otherwise majestic Christmas centerpiece. This gadget eliminates all of those worries, however. Made of lightweight plastic and aluminum, the holder features a few crucial parts. A small cylindrical piece slides directly onto the apex, and it has a swirly, downward-facing extension that further grasps the tree’s center. A cone-shaped part is then screwed on top of the cylinder, and this is the new tree “top” that your topper rests on. It’s really that simple; the holder has a secure enough grasp of the tree so that your topper can go right over it and remain steady.

Credit: West Elm

Why You’ll Love the Christmas Tree Topper Holder

For one, the holder is a breeze to assemble, so won’t add that much more work to your tree decor process. But the main benefit is, of course, that you don’t have to worry about your tree topper becoming loose. This is especially true if you’re dealing with a fragile piece or perhaps a topper that’s been in your family for years. Thanks to this handy tool, it’ll remain a Christmas tree staple for many more years to come. And for just $25, you’re not breaking the bank. Investing in the holder is certainly more budget-friendly than buying a new topper every year! It also goes without saying that the holder is a dark green, so it’ll blend right in with the actual tree. You can therefore rest assured that nothing will detract from your carefully curated ornament collection. In other words, the holidays will remain totally magical, even down to the smallest detail!