A 219-Square-Foot NYC Studio Is Remarkably Functional and CozyTours
Sure, the shower is in the kitchen, but there's also a sink on top of the toilet, a bed loft with walk-in closet below, and plenty of other smart small space ideas to steal from this ultra cozy and comfy tiny studio apartment.
Aug 18, 2021
This 248-Square-Foot Studio Is Gorgeous and a Small/Cool Winner
Video House Tour
Courtney and Jules rent this 248-square-foot studio apartment in New York's West Village... and they've done an amazing job creating a functional AND beautiful home.
Jul 2, 2021
A 180-Square-Foot Studio Squeezes in an Impressive Amount of Separate "Zones"
Video House Call
There's an entryway, living area, dining area, library/office area, and sleeping area!
Mar 24, 2021
A Minimal 248-Square-Foot Tiny House Is One of the Most Beautifully Designed
Video House Tour
Monique and Aswan designed and built a STUNNING tiny house... and they were crowned the Teeny Tiny bracket winner in Apartment Therapy's Small/Cool contest.
Oct 21, 2020
A 40-Square-Foot Van Is a Home Away from Home for a Couple, Their Baby, & DogTours
It's tiny, but eclectic, minimal, bohemian, and warm inside.
Aug 5, 2020
B&A: How a Tiny Apartment Transformed into 2020's Small/Cool Grand Prize Winner
Video House Tour
Apartment Therapy's Small/Cool contest grand prize winner has an Oakland apartment featuring smart small-space ideas. And one of the most organized pantries we've ever seen!
Jul 15, 2020
A Debt-Free Young Couple’s Cozy 200-Square-Foot Tiny House Is an Inspiration to EveryoneTours
Kothney-Issa and Marek Bush of "Living Tiny With the Bushes" live in a tiny house that gives them the flexibility to meet their financial goals and dreams.
Jul 1, 2020
Apartment Therapy’s News and Culture Editor Lives in a Bold ‘Boho Rainbow Brite’ Boston HomeTours
Our News and Culture Editor wears rainbows, sports rainbow hair, and even has prisms in her windows that throw rainbows all day.
May 20, 2020
An Old Airstream Was DIYed into a Dreamy, Minimal, Cozy Boho HomeTours
This 1988 Airstream Limited went from being full of junk and brown recluse spiders to a warm, cozy, minimal home on wheels.
Apr 28, 2020
This Couple Built Their Tiny Home on Wheels Using Non-Toxic and Eco-Friendly MaterialsTours
Daniela and Ales of FRAMECHASERS have always been environmentally and health conscious, so when it came to designing their van conversion, their goal was to use as many non-toxic and sustainable materials to build it as possible.
Apr 22, 2020
A Cozy Astoria Apartment Has a Wonderfully Warm and Cheery Color PaletteTours
New York-based artist and illustrator Justin Russo's home's style is: “Secretly Gay WWII Veteran Returning to NY in 1946 to Mourn His Lover Lost in Battle.”
Apr 7, 2020
This Couple DIY Converted a Sprinter Van Into an Incredibly Cool Home-on-WheelsTours
Jaz and Crystal, also known as the Vanwives, are a Canadian couple who travels in their DIY-converted Sprinter van with their two Australian Shepherd dogs, Bella and Izzy.
Apr 1, 2020
An Organized 350-Square-Foot NYC Apartment Will Make You Re-Think Your StorageTours
Describing their style as "cozy pink pistachio desert oasis," Zach and Libby have used IKEA shoe storage in unconventional ways to help make their tiny rental apartment work.
Mar 24, 2020
A 400-Square-Foot Brooklyn Apartment Is Filled With Incredible Color and DIYsTours
If Stevie Nicks, Ram Dass, and Andy Warhol had a child this would be their apartment.
Mar 14, 2020
A Small Rustic Modern Joshua Tree Cabin Is FULL of DIY Project IdeasTours
From lighting, to doors, to tile, this 780-square-foot cabin was totally DIYed by the homeowners who blew their budget on a down payment!
Mar 10, 2020
It's Incredible How Much Storage Fits in This 296-Square-Foot Studio Tours
New York-based makeup artist Kim White completely transformed her teeny Brooklyn studio apartment with IKEA hacks, contact paper, and smart storage ideas.
Mar 2, 2020
A 400-Square-Foot Brooklyn Studio Fits a Ton of Color in a Small SpaceTours
Esi Agbemenu is drawn to fun, bold colors, big patterns, and glam accents.
Feb 12, 2020
This California A-Frame Cabin Is Truly an Adorable Home in the WoodsTours
Click if you want to see a cat adorably jump-climbing up a ladder.
Jan 22, 2020
A Designer’s 490-Square-Foot Studio Transforms into a Festive WonderlandTours
Amelia's 490-square-foot studio features storage solutions and clever DIYs... and it's an absolutely cozy, festive space for the holidays.
Dec 22, 2019
This Couple's 433-Square-Foot Apartment Was Renovated and Furnished on a BudgetTours
It's tiny, but also stylish and functional.
Dec 10, 2019
This Van Isn't Just a Small Home on Wheels... It's a Music Recording Studio, TooTours
Tom converted this cargo van himself into a home on wheels... and it also serves as a mobile music recording studio!
Dec 3, 2019
A 100-Square-Foot Mini School Bus Is a Surprisingly Cozy Tiny Home on Wheels Tours
It feels a lot larger than its small size, too!
Nov 19, 2019
A Small Brooklyn Apartment Is a Great Example of How to Decorate on a BudgetTours
Rachel's budget-friendly style is "modern, muted maximalism—with a touch of humor and a tiny bit of Texas."
Nov 13, 2019
This 300-Square-Foot Studio's Decor Was Inspired by Haunted HousesTours
Electrical tape wall decor, a Halloween-themed kitchen...this artist's teeny tiny studio apartment is absolutely one-of-a-kind!
Oct 31, 2019
Small Space Organizing Ideas Make A 275 Sq. Ft. Studio Feel Much BiggerTours
This is one of the most successfully laid out, well-appointed tiny studio apartments we've ever seen.
Oct 14, 2019
This Rental Apartment’s Rainbow Color Palette Will Lift Your SpiritsTours
Color is healing and transformative and rainbows are fun and uplifting.
Sep 16, 2019
If You’ve Ever Dreamed of Log Cabin Living, This 196-Square-Foot Home Will Make You SwoonTours
While living tiny has its challenges, Meagan Murtagh did a beautiful job of making her small home ultra livable and lovely, despite being under 200 square feet.
Jun 12, 2019
Writer Ashley C. Ford’s Home is Full of Hulk Paraphernalia, Black Girl Magic, and ‘Cute’ PilesTours
If anyone is worthy of the line "this person needs no introduction..." it's writer Ashley C. Ford.
Jun 11, 2019
A Woman and Her Snake Share a Stylish (and Surprisingly Spacious) Converted Van Home
Video House Tour
It's not only home to Jennelle, but also to her white ball python snake Alfredo! Impressively, she also did the entire van conversions herself.
Jun 1, 2019
A Young Couple Built This Cute and Cozy Tiny House ThemselvesTours
Nicolette and Michael built their very own tiny house in 2018 in just seven months. And they've fit a lot in to just 300 square feet!
May 18, 2019
This Family of Four’s 500-Square-Foot Apartment Feels Much LargerTours
Name: Adrianna Gardini and Craig Youngren, two kids, and two cats Location: Alphabet City — New York City Size: Approx. 520 square feet Years lived in: 4 years, owned When Adrianna, a display artist, and Craig, a teacher and editor, bought their apartment, it was a bare, white, and bright space that felt outdated and in need of change.
Apr 29, 2019
7 Shipping Containers Make Up This Modern Home in New OrleansTours
Kicker and Anne Kalozdi designed and built this house made out of shipping containers... despite having no real experience building a house before!
Apr 16, 2019
This Professor’s Building a Home from Scratch Out of an Old Moving TruckTours
Graphic design professor Summer Winston‘s plan when first deciding to move to California from Texas was to build a tiny house. But after taking a zoning workshop, Summer discovered California didn’t feel very welcoming to alternative living solutions. “They have all of these rules and regulations if you’re building a tiny house on a trailer, like in terms of how you can live in it, where you can live in it…” they said.
Apr 9, 2019
Two Dogs, Two People, and 175 Plants Share 750 Square Feet in NYCTours
The Apartment Botanist, Alessia Resta, shares a peek into her small home filled with hip decor and TONS of plants.
Mar 25, 2019
Fern the Bus Is a Tiny, Incredibly Organized Home on WheelsTours
A couple and their baby call this converted school bus home when they are on the road having adventures.
Mar 7, 2019
Fashion Blogger Kellie Brown’s Sugar Hill Apartment Is Serene, Stylish, and Incredibly InspiringTours
Name: Kellie Brown Location: Sugar Hill — Manhattan, NYC Size: 1,000 square feet Years lived in: 5 years, renting Even Kellie Brown—lifestyle blogger and founder of AndIGetDressed—admits that her blog started out as just a way to show off what she’s wearing… but it has turned into so much more. Especially after starting her YouTube channel (over 33,000 subscribers and counting), where videos feature her infectiously positive energy, fashion tips, and more.
Jul 30, 2018
A Brooklyn Home Designed With Healing in MindTours
This is a home that was thoughtfully designed to help support life, career AND health.
Jun 13, 2018
An Utterly Glamorous and Theatrical 500-Square-Foot Studio In QueensTours
Name: Brett L. Leemkuil Location: Sunnyside, NY Size: 530 square feet Years lived in: 5 years, renting “One would assume, by all appearances, that I’m a maximalist,” writes interior designer Brett Leemkuil. His 500-square-foot Queens rental apartment features a floor-to-ceiling red living room, a curtained-off leopard-print bed closet, and hand-painted emerald green malachite wall finishes in the entryway… among much more. Maximalist seems like a very accurate descriptor.
Jun 4, 2018
Nearly Every Inch of This Bronx Apartment Is Covered in CutoutsTours
Name: Lori Mooney, a TV producer who also runs the website TV Travels with Lori. She shares the apartment with her cat Prancer. Location: Bronx, New York Size: 525 square feet Years lived in: 6 years, renting “I usually describe the decoration of my home as a ‘visual assault.’ I like a million colors coming at me as soon as I walk through the front door,” explains TV and entertainment superfan Lori Mooney, of the incredibly one-of-a-kind apartment she rents in the Bronx.
May 8, 2018
Cupcakes and Cashmere Founder Emily Schuman’s LA Home Is Sunny, Stylish, InspiringTours
Name: Emily Schuman, husband Geoffrey and daughter Sloan Location: Hancock Park — Los Angeles, California Size: 2,000 square feet Years Lived In: 4 years, owned Cupcakes and Cashmere founder Emily Schuman’s Los Angeles home is the perfect representation of her brand’s signature California cool aesthetic.
Mar 12, 2018
A Bold, Blue and Bespoke Brooklyn AbodeTours
A designer's colorful vision springs to life.
Feb 26, 2018
Stylish Storage Solutions Help a Closet-Less Brooklyn Home Stay Clutter FreeTours
Name: Rachel Tepper Paley and her husband, Jon Paley Location: Prospect Heights — Brooklyn, NY Size: 1,050 square feet Years lived in: 1 year, owned Rachel and Jon moved into their Prospect Heights, Brooklyn condo after years of renting in NYC. During their search, they were able to find a lovely and spacious 1,050-square-foot place with one tiny catch: It had NO closets. Like none.
Feb 21, 2018
This NYC Home Is Like a Mini Pop Culture MuseumTours
Name: Jeanie Engelbach and pup Tater Tot Location: East Village — New York, NY Size: 900 square feet Years lived in: 24 years, renting “I’ve been collecting since I was five years old,” admits Jeanie Engelbach, “and coupled with a design aesthetic based on my nine-year-old self — candy, comics and cartoons — the apartment feels like a tightly curated mini pop culture museum.
Dec 11, 2017
A Hamilton Cast Member’s “Vintage Quirk” New York ApartmentTours
Name: Andrew Chappelle and his dog, Patti LuBone Location: Washington Heights — New York, New York Size: 800 square feet Years lived in: 1 year, rented Andrew Chappelle is part of the amazingly talented cast of the Broadway hit musical Hamilton, but aside from his performance skills, he has a great eye for design. This is quickly apparent when walking into his Washington Heights apartment, which he shares with his pup, Patti LuBone.
Sep 12, 2017
A Totally Transformed Former Auto Garage Turned Hip HomeTours
Name: Darien Zannis and Matt Johnson, and Rescue’s (Mick) Jagger, Wile E. (Coyote), and Stevie (Nicks). Location: Culver City, California Size: 3,000 square feet Years Lived In: 2 years, renting While parking is a luxury for most Californians, Culver City residents Darien and Matt have no trouble finding a spot very, very close to home. Yes, the couple (and their three adorable rescue pups) cohabitate with their cars…many cars.
Sep 7, 2017
The Most Colorful Apartment in the WorldTours
Name: Salvatore and Amina and Worf and Princess Leia, the couple’s dogs Location: Downtown Los Angeles, California Size: 650 square feet Years lived in: 1.5 years, renting Amina is a firm believer that your home “should be the ultimate happy place.” And the Downtown Los Angeles rental apartment she shares with her husband Salvatore (and pups Worf and Princess Leia) certainly shows that she practices what she preaches.
Aug 7, 2017
Tour a Very Small But Super Sweet 190-Square-Foot StudioTours
Name: Julie Horowitz Location: East Village — New York, NY Size: 190 square feet Years lived in: 3 years, renting As Julie admits in her video tour, 190 square feet isn’t a ton of space for someone to live in. But she’s made tiny living look easy in her East Village rental, particularly when you learn she also uses her small rental to flex her creative baking muscles, as well!
Aug 3, 2017
“Eclectic Chaos” in a Fantastic Feminist NYC RentalTours
Name: Sadie Stein and Lorin Location: Upper West Side — New York, NY Size: 850 square feet Years lived in: Sadie: 5; together, 1.5, renting Sadie and Lorin joke that if their apartment were personified, she would be a 1970s feminist character named Valerie. She’s bold, she’s not afraid of color (or the patriarchy), and she doesn’t take herself too seriously. After all, she does have a “baby pink” kitchen. As Sadie says, “It is a happy place.
Jun 1, 2017
A Designer’s Dramatic Mural-Filled California HomeTours
Name: Jared Frank Location: Casa Larissa in Silverlake, Los Angeles Size: 1000 square foot apartment Years lived in: 7 years, renting Jared Frank is the interior designer behind Topsy Design, and floats between New York and Los Angeles transforming residential and commercial spaces. He chanced upon Casa Larissa — a one-of-a-kind apartment— when attending an estate sale. The previous tenant, fresco artist Lance Klemm, used the space as his canvas.
May 25, 2017
A Designer’s Eclectic Modern West New York ApartmentTours
Name: Julieta Alvarez, her husband Bart, and daughter Olivia Location: West New York, New Jersey Size: 1065 square feet Years lived in: Almost 3 years, renting Julieta, of Julieta Alvarez Interiors, lives with her husband and daughter in a two-bedroom apartment in West New York, New Jersey — one quick, peaceful ferry ride away from the Manhattan peninsula. Julieta says it’s like “Battery Park City but much quieter and less commercial.
May 10, 2017
An Artist’s Rainbow Colored Motor Home-Away-From-HomeTours
Name: Niki Azevedo Fairchild and Bennett Harrell Location: Brooklyn, New York Size: 22 feet long Years lived in: 1 year, owned Most of the year Niki and her partner Bennett share a fearlessly decorated Brooklyn apartment with “Jonathan Adler Goes Dumpster Diving at the Golden Girls Estate Sale” vibes. And while that creative space is their permanent residence, every now and then the couple calls this incredibly colorful bus home.
May 4, 2017
A Jaw-Dropping, Beautiful Modern Brooklyn RenovationTours
Name: Ruthie Schulder, her husband and twins. Location: Brooklyn, New York Size: 2,500 square feet Years lived in: 2 years, owned A house becomes a retreat from the world and a place of comfort when you add meaningful things to it. The elements that reflect what’s important to you and your family. Ruthie and her husband’s Brooklyn house had space on its side when they purchased it.
Apr 12, 2017
An Artist’s Bold & Brash 450-Square-Foot Brooklyn ApartmentTours
Name: Niki Azevedo and Bennett Harrell Location: Williamsburg, Brooklyn— New York Size: 452 square feet Years lived in: Renting 6 years Niki’s 450 square foot Brooklyn apartment is a reflection of the years she’s lived as an artist in New York City. From DIY wallpaper, to rescued portraits of Jesus on the cross, to a mounted deer head, Niki’s personality shines throughout the space. “I am never giving up this apartment,” Niki says.
Mar 9, 2017
A Tiny Townhouse in Brooklyn for Two History LoversTours
Name: John and Wesley Yates-Parietti Location: Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn Size: 630 square feet Years lived in: 1.5 years Before John and Wesley moved into this 1890s Brooklyn townhouse, they say they were each living in separate “windowless dumps.” It took lots of unpacking and plenty of painting, but this small shared space is filled with historic artifacts, collected treasures and the couple’s heart and soul. (No windowless dumps in sight.
Feb 16, 2017
This Ceramic Studio in a Red Hook Warehouse is a Maker’s Dream SpaceTours
Editor’s note: We’re re-running this tour because Helen Levi is launching a new dinnerware line on June 14th and we’re excited! Her work is beautiful, earthy and a favorite of mine, and I can’t wait to see what she has in store for 2018. — Adrienne Breaux, House Tour Editor Helen—whose simple, craft-filled home we toured—also has a beautiful studio in Red Hook where she creates her beautiful ceramic pieces.
Dec 6, 2016
Our First 360 House Tour: Modern Boho Style in VeniceTours
Have you ever wanted to step inside one of our house tours and take an actual look around the room? Well, now you can in our very first 360 video House Tour! (You’ll need the latest version of Chrome, Firefox or Edge to view.) We visited the home of of Marisa and Peter Vitale (and their super cute kiddos!) in Venice, California.
Nov 10, 2016
Contemporary Farmhouse Chic in ChelseaTours
Name: Dan Koday, Yves Yakoubyan Location: Chelsea — Manhattan, New York City Size: Approx 750 square feet Years lived in: Rented 6 Years This modern and artistic apartment is full of farmhouse accents, crafty DIY, and unique art pieces collected during travels. Renters Dan and Yves have created a magical home that is both inviting and artful with lively green plants that conjure notions of secret gardens and relaxing lush metropolitan parks.
Oct 27, 2016
A Dreamy 400-Square-Foot Fort Greene Studio ApartmentTours
Name: Emily Schildt, Co-Founder of Thing of Wonder Location: Fort Greene — Brooklyn, New York Size: 400 square feet Years lived in: 1 year Emily’s apartment is all the proof you need that living in a small space doesn’t have to mean going short on style, and that with a little ingenuity a smaller space can live just as well as a much larger one.
Sep 16, 2016
A Designer’s Romantic & Worldly NYC ApartmentTours
Name: Peti Lau Location: New York, NY Size: 800 square feet Years lived in: 3 years, renting Full of unique art collected from around the world, this apartment has a relaxing and inviting atmosphere. From the moment you step inside this stunning apartment with bedroom loft, you are greeted with warm colors and a smiling host.
Sep 9, 2016
This LA Loft in an Old Edison Electric Building Comes With Tunnels, Nooks & Plenty of Room to LoungeTours
Name: Annette and Jason and their two cats, Fitzgerald and Chiquita Location: Los Angeles, California Size: 4000 square feet Years lived in: Rented 3 years I can honestly say that this is one of the most unique houses I have ever photographed. Nestled inside of an old Edison Electric Building, Annette and Jason have made their home in a mixture of long tunnels, small cutout nooks and large expansive spaces with floor-to-ceiling windows.
Aug 3, 2016
An East Austin Home Full of Mid-C Furniture & 1930s Industrial EphemeraTours
Name: Justin Cox and Blue Jean the pup Location: East Austin — Austin, Texas Size: 2/2 + Office Years lived in: 1 years Justin Cox’s home is located in the heart of Austin. The rich, warm wood ceiling in the living room might catch your eye first. A modern kitchen is visible from the front door, and the first impression is of an airy, light-filled space, beautifully layered from floor to (wood) ceiling.
Jul 27, 2016