IKEA’s New Line of Flexible Furniture is Perfect for Small Spaces

published Nov 10, 2020
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Girl sitting on oak veneer bench on casters, working at desk with laptop
Credit: IKEA

In a year marked by a raging pandemic and working from home, it’s no surprise that 2020 has had a lot of us daydreaming in between Zoom calls about starting life over in a quaint little town or moving abroad for a year. As more companies extend their WFH policies well into next year or even indefinitely, the idea of renting that small flat in Rome or taking that two-month sabbatical in the Bahamas is now more tempting than ever.

Whether you stay or you go, one thing is for sure these days: Flexibility is essential. That’s also the focus behind IKEA’s new line of flexible furniture, RÅVAROR, which is designed to be multi-functional and maximize space without sacrificing style.

Credit: IKEA

Everything in the collection pulls double duty, like the bench on casters with open storage ($79), or the rollaway coffee table that’s actually a storage box ($64.98), or the food tray that unfolds to become a laptop stand ($29.99).

All of the shelving units and wardrobe racks in this collection have wheels for extra mobility and versatility. The clever design sneaks in extra functionality at the affordable price point that the Scandinavian retailer is known and loved for, with most items in the $29 to $149 range. Crafted from durable materials like steel, wood, denim, and wool, RÅVAROR is meant to be an IKEA line that you take with you from one dwelling to the next. 

The great thing about RÅVAROR, though, is that you don’t have to live a nomadic lifestyle to make good use of it. As everyone who has ever lived in a small apartment knows, when you live in tight quarters, every room is a flex space. Having furniture you can roll away when not in use makes every square foot go that much further.

And one day when you do have people over again, you can easily shuffle things around and rearrange your space as needed. Until then, you can shop the whole collection here.