Clear Out Your Clutter for Good with Walmart’s Huge Sale on Storage and Organizing Solutions

published Jan 19, 2024
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Blue card catalog cabinet and art-filled wall in living room.

Although it might still feel like hibernation season, it’s never a bad time to declutter your home. This could mean parting ways with items that are no longer of use, or the process might just entail reorganizing particularly messy areas, whether that’s the pantry, laundry room, or the cabinet under your bathroom sink. If you ask us, there’s no reason to wait until spring to refresh your space; we have an entire program dedicated to resetting your home for the new year, after all. Besides, doing so has never been easier thanks to Walmart’s huge sale section. On these pages, you’ll find hundreds of storage solutions for every room. We’re talking small-space-friendly shelving, slim yet capacious hampers, and so much more. We went ahead and compiled a list of our favorite finds, but you’ll want to hurry in snagging them, as select pieces and colorways are selling fast. The best part? You can add them all to your cart without leaving your couch — or braving the cold.

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was $49.99

We all have a chaotic under-sink cabinet — but you can tidy it instantly with this organizer, which will make use of the vertical space. You’ll never have to rummage around for items hidden in the back thanks to the sliding drawers. Plus, the L-shaped design means it’ll fit around the pipes.

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was $46.31

If your home lacks the floor space for a standing clothes drying rack, consider this alternative from mDesign. The rack hooks onto your door to hold a good amount of clothing on its 14 rungs, and it collapses when it is not in use! Take advantage of the genius design come laundry day, then forget that the rack is even there.

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was $129.00

This study metal shelving unit is perfect if you don’t have enough storage space for all of your kitchen gear, garage items, or basically anything else. Each shelf can hold up to 250 pounds, and the lockable wheels allow you to move in between spots easily. Best of all, when it’s not in use, it folds down to save space.

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was $39.99

Leaving ingredients in their original packaging doesn’t always make for the most visually appealing pantry — or the most space-efficient one. That’s where these stackable airtight containers come in; they'll keep your food fresh for even longer. The set includes four 175-ounce containers, four measuring cups, 24 labels, and a marker, so you’ll be totally set for just $18.

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was $26.99

These fabric boxes are the out-of-season clothing storage solution you’ve been looking for. The set of three has a 270-liter capacity altogether, so it's not just fit for storing bulky sweaters — comforters, pillows, blankets, towels, and other soft goods are all fair game. The boxes are also equipped with clear windows, so you’ll always be able to locate what you need.

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was $32.38

If you want to keep your cookware in the best shape possible and be able to access it easily, you need this eight-tier pot organizer. Made of heavy-duty iron, it can hold pots, pans, lids, cutting boards, baking sheets — you name it. You can even adjust the height of each shelf to accommodate items of different sizes!

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was $21.98

There's no bigger pain than having to go back to the bathroom to grab a specific surface cleaner or countertop spray when cleaning the house. Enter the Sterilite caddy, which sports four divided compartments for all of your sponges, scrub brushes, spray bottles, and other cleaning supplies. At just $5, it's a steal.

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was $74.99

The space above the toilet is an often overlooked storage opportunity. This tall shelf fits snugly over the toilet to add three tiers of open storage. The bamboo construction adds an earthy touch while keeping everything from toilet paper to your nightly skincare routine close at hand.

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was $129.99

This sleek, dual-sided trash can will hide your garbage and your recycling all at once. It has a 60-liter capacity, so you won’t have to empty it too frequently, and it’ll even match your stainless steel appliances, giving your space a cohesive look.

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was $29.99

Save counter space with this clever paper towel holder that hooks onto the underside of your kitchen cabinet. Those with black hardware in their kitchens will love its dark stainless steel construction. Of course, the holder also comes with two matching adhesive hooks, which you can stick onto your tile backsplash to hold oven mitts, towels, cooking utensils, and more.

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was $37.99

Even if you don't have a dedicated laundry room, your hamper doesn't have to be a front-and-center obstruction in your bedroom or bathroom. In fact, this slim rolling number can be subtly stowed away inside a closet. Still available in black or gray fabric, it also comes with a matching lid that conceals dirty garments.

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was $29.99

Whether you place this $20 shoe rack by your front door or inside your closet, it'll hold all your favorite sneakers in style. We love its trendy bamboo construction and two-tiered design. In total, the rack can hold as many as nine pairs of shoes, so you'll always be ready to leave on time no matter what kind of footwear the day calls for.