Williams Sonoma Is Having a Massive Sale on Meal Prep Essentials From Le Creuset, Vitamix, and More Top Brands

published Feb 2, 2023
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If I had to make any predictions, I’d guess that February is going to have a lot of home cooking in store. I’m not just saying that because there may or may not be a very big sporting event coming up, but I can confirm that even us non-football fans still enjoy the parties surrounding the big game — even if it’s just for the halftime show and, of course, the food. If you plan on doing your own entertaining this Feb. 12, you’re in luck, because Williams Sonoma is currently hosting a huge sale on everything you could possibly need, including cookware, cutlery, and small appliances. And, the best part is, these high-quality tools will last you far beyond the final kickoff (I’m talking years and years). You’ll find impressive discounts on tons of editor-favorite brands, including Zwilling, Le Creuset, Vitamix, and so much more. In fact, our top picks are all listed below, so just keep reading!

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Williams Sonoma
was $100.00

Those looking to cook with less oil will appreciate this Zwilling fry pan, which has five layers of scratch-resistant, nonstick coating. It's also said to be 20 times more durable than most other nonstick pans, so you can trust this piece to hold up through daily use. Grab it in the 8-inch size for individual meals, or opt for the 10- or 12-inch version if you're cooking for two.

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Williams Sonoma
was $235.00

Another long-lasting keeper, this All-Clad saucepan is widely loved for its conductive aluminum and five shiny layers of stainless steel, which allow for even heating all around and help it resist warping. Its tall, straight sides also help keep moisture from evaporating, which is obviously ideal for sauces, gravies, and other liquids. What's more, the 3-quart size is very roomy and therefore great for easy ladling.

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Williams Sonoma
was $379.95

The great thing about this Vitamix blender is that it has 10 different settings, allowing you to practically choose the exact texture of your blend. It's perfect for making everything from smoothies to baby food, and the powerful blades can cut through even the toughest frozen foods. It'll become your go-to meal prep tool in no time!

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Williams Sonoma
was $420.00

If you've been holding off on buying Le Creuset's famous Dutch oven, now's your chance to snag it for nearly $85 off. We love it in the 5.5-quart size, which is currently on sale in this sophisticated brown shade. The pot's enameled cast iron will do all the heavy lifting in terms of heating and cooking; all you have to do is throw in your ingredients, pop it in the oven, and let it do its thing.

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Williams Sonoma
was $89.95

Just like everyone has a favorite stove burner, you should also have a favorite knife that you reach for without thinking. Let this Zwilling chef's knife be that piece. It's neither too long nor too short, and its sharp blade can cut through soft produce and tough cuts of meat alike. Plus, your hand won't cramp up even after long minutes of mincing thanks to the knife's easy-to-grip handle.

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Williams Sonoma
was $310.00

Similar to a Dutch oven, Staub's aptly named "Everything Pan" lets you keep an eye on your eats as they cook thanks to its tight-fitting glass lid. It's perfect for braising protein, as it keeps moisture locked inside to produce tender cuts of meat. You can also place the pan on the stove to cook just about anything else, including pasta, stews, and so much more.

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Williams Sonoma
was $205.00

Bring the outdoors in with this handy grill pan, which not only heats food to perfection, but also leaves sear marks for a beautiful presentation. You need this piece in your cookware arsenal if you just can't wait for spring to get here. Now, you can prepare outdoor dining-worthy eats on the stovetop and not have to worry about them getting stuck to the grill.

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Williams Sonoma
was $220.00

One can simply never have too many frying pans, especially if they're all as good as this one. Featuring a fast-heating aluminum core sandwiched between two layers of sturdy stainless steel, this piece is a master at sautéing, simmering, browning, and, of course, frying. It even comes with its own lid, which prevents flavors and moisture from escaping.

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Williams Sonoma

In case you couldn't tell, we're all about low-effort cookware here at Kitchn. That's why we had to include this stoneware baker, which comes with a matching lid. It can make casseroles, bread, desserts, and pretty much every other type of baked dish with minimal work required on your part. When your meal is finished baking, you can place the dish on the table, then later in the fridge and microwave for fast reheating.

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Williams Sonoma
was $189.95

You're no doubt familiar with Vitamix's countertop blenders, but it's worth noting that they make a great immersion blender, too. This gadget is incredibly convenient when you consider that you don't have to wash an entire pitcher after making your smoothie, soup, or purée. It also has five different speeds, allowing you to get inspired and make fluffy meringues and frostings — without the mess.