This Retro Pink Christmas Tree from West Elm Is Small-Space Friendly and on Major Sale — Snag It Before It Sells Out!

published Oct 18, 2023
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The fun part about being an adult is that you can do all kinds of fun, inconsequential things without fear of anyone telling you “no.” A prime example of this is the freedom to decorate your home however you’d like. As a kid, you were probably told that you couldn’t get a canopy bed or paint your bedroom walls lime green (though, in hindsight, maybe this was for the best). And when the holidays rolled around, I’d venture to guess you probably helped your family put up the same green and red decorations year after year. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with the classics, but now that you pay your own bills, why not get a little whimsical? We found the perfect piece to start with: the pink tinsel Christmas tree from West Elm.

If you’re anything like me, you wanted one of these badly when you were younger. Well, now’s your chance to live out your dream without sacrificing good taste, and for a great deal, too! The chic, retro-inspired holiday staple is currently on sale for 20 percent off, and it’s not bound to stay in stock for long.

What is the pink tinsel Christmas tree?

The good news is that this artificial tree comes in two sizes. If you want a true statement piece, you can opt for the 7.5-foot height, but it’s also available in a 4-foot height that’s perfect for small spaces. Or, if you’re after a cohesive aesthetic, you can place the taller one in your living room and the short one in the bedroom. The tree is made from both solid and sparkly pink tinsel, resulting in a holiday setup that quite literally dazzles. What’s more, there are built-in pink string lights interwoven into its branches, so you can plug in the tree when the sun sets to get some dreamy ambient lighting. You’ll also find the whole thing easy to assemble and put up, regardless of where you want it situated.

Credit: West Elm

Why You’ll Love the Pink Tinsel Christmas Tree

We have no doubt that anyone who walks into your living space will instantly be drawn to this unique yet nostalgic accessory. Most importantly, though, you’ll feel more uplifted and festive just by being in its presence every day. Although the tree is pink, you can decorate it with ornaments of any color without fear of them clashing. Honestly, the bolder, the better! Aside from all of this, you also get the benefits that come with artificial trees in general.

Namely, it won’t die, shed, or lose its luster after a couple of weeks, and you can reuse the pink tinsel tree for years on end. (If you miss that fresh Christmas tree smell, we suggest trying the old car freshener hack.) And even if you’re too lazy to take it down after the new year, the tree will look totally on-theme for Valentine’s Day. In short, there’s nothing to not love about this find, especially now that it’s on sale — though probably not for much longer!

Buy: Pink Tinsel Christmas Tree, 4′, $169.99 (normally $220)