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Martha Stewart Reveals How She Grows a Hyacinth Indoors
Try it out this winter.
9 Must-Have Cool, AND Cute Products We Spotted in Real Homes This Year
From quirky kitchen utensils to unique decor elements to super functional storage solutions, get ready to add these items to your shopping cart.
The 11 Best Never-Before-Seen Ideas from This Year's House Tours
From a festive gold-fringed wall to a super clever bed alcove.
The Most Inspiring Murals and Painted Arches We Saw in Beautiful Homes This Year
From earthy, nature-inspired murals to bold, vibrant arches, these clever paint projects add tons of personality and architectural interest.
Here’s Why You Should Have an Accent Wall of Mirrors In Your Home, According to an HGTV Star
This outside-the-box idea comes with a lot of benefits.
Erin and Ben Napier’s Cozy Living Room Is the Epitome of “Merry and Bright”
Get ready to take notes on how to enhance coziness in your own home.
The $40 IKEA Storage System that Changed Laundry Sorting Forever
Sorting laundry is my own personal hell. Until now.
11 Rooms That Serve Way Cooler Purposes Than They Were Originally Intended For
From a tiny closet turned into a minimalist kitchen to a lofted bedroom that became a home office, these homes make clever use of their space.
Before and After: HGTV’s “Call the Closer” Moves a Kitchen and Adds Shiplap (But Not to the Walls)
Real estate expert Lauren Risley calls it “The Anchor Problem” when a client is stuck emotionally in a home that is no longer serving their needs.
Before and After: HGTV’s “Call the Closer” Created an All-White Kitchen That Meets These “Perfectionists'” High Standards
The kitchen moved rooms entirely, and also checked off each of the homeowners' specific requirements.
4 Ways Any Parent Can Tackle a Never-Ending Mountain of Laundry
Here are some tips to help you reclaim your couch for resting, not folding.
Here's Why One HGTV Expert Wants You to Decorate Your Rental As If You're Moving
Interior designer Carmeon Hamilton shares a simple rule that goes a long way.
Serena Williams’ Kitchen Island Has an Extension That Makes It a Dinner Table
This concept doubles her serving and eating space.
One HGTV Star Thinks Pink Should Be Your Next Kitchen Cabinet Color — Here’s Why
Plus, the popular cabinet color that is on its way out.
4 Dangerous Things to Watch Out for if You're Renovating a 50-Plus-Year-Old Home
Old homes have a dreamy quality — but they could be hiding a few nightmares, too.
Here’s Why You Need an “Anchor Color” In Your Bedroom, According to the Property Brothers
Plus, how to figure out what anchor color is best for you.
The Property Brothers Hate Open Shelving In Kitchens — Here’s Why
Jonathan and Drew Scott say pump the brakes before you jump on this hot kitchen trend.
Before and After: “Fixer Upper” Renovated an Old Barn Into an Industrial-Meets-Cottage Guesthouse
It was made up of two plywood rooms and a horse living space.
The "10 Things" Rule Keeps My House Uncluttered, Even with a Family of Six
Plus, I have five tips (that I learned the hard way) for implementing the “10 things” rule in your own home.
Retta Is on the Hunt for the “Ugliest House In America” with Her New HGTV TV Show
She's trying to find the most terribly designed home in the country.
Are Dishwasher and Laundry Pods Messing with Your Machines? Experts Weigh In
Turns out, there are pitfalls to pod life. The question becomes: Are self-dosing dishwasher and laundry pods actually worth all the hype? If you want to keep using pods for the convenience factor, here’s what experts say about making sure those pods work for you.
Martha Stewart Says To Remove Flowered Vegetables From Your Garden — Here’s Why
Plus, other tips and tricks to enhance your vegetable garden.
Martha Stewart’s 5 Steps To Growing Your Own Tomatoes at Home
Her step-by-step process is clear and simple.
Why You Should Paint Your Window Frames Black, According to HGTV Experts
Try this trick out before hammering that "for sale" sign into the yard.
Why You Should Make Your Bar Cart Monochromatic, According to an HGTV Expert
TV show host and designer Orlando Soria is determined to make a home bar work for your space.
My Greek Grandmother's Secret to an Always-Clean Bathroom
It's so easy! With this small amount of upkeep, there's never any grime in the shower to begin with.
Here's How HGTV Transformed a Living Room Layout for a Family of 8
Plus, other quick tips for refreshing a living room’s vibe.
This HGTV Tip Suggests You Add More Cabinets to This Room (No, Not the Kitchen)
There's so much untapped storage potential.
2 Easy Ways to Update Your Entryway for Cheap, According to an HGTV Expert
Your entryway is so much more than a hallway you pass through on your way into a home.
3 Budget-Friendly Ways the Property Brothers Make Standard Kitchen Cabinets Look High-End
Make your kitchen cabinets the star of the show while keeping cost low.
Ty Pennington Is Starring In Another HGTV Competition — And This Time, He’s Flipping Beachfront Properties
He's starring as a mentor in a new show called "Battle on the Beach."
9 Most Common Home Reno Mistakes People Make, According to the Property Brothers
These can easily lead to bigger problems.
This Kind of Mulch Could Increase Your Curb Appeal, According to HGTV Experts
According the latest episode of HGTV's "Rock the Block".
How to Successfully Pull Off a Monochromatic Palette, According to an HGTV Star
Lara Spencer shares her secret for pulling it off.
Ty Pennington’s Smart Tips on Adding Interest to an All-White Kitchen
The HGTV host showed how to go monochromatic with kitchen color choices while still allowing for contrast and visual interest.
Ty Pennington Gave a Tour of an 1853 Kitchen Reno with Vintage Tiled Floors
The beautifully patterned tiles are from Portugal.
Here’s Why Ty Pennington Says Gray Is “The New Everything” For Kitchens
Plus, some other design tips all kitchen DIYers can use.
6 Tips for Warming Up Garages, Basements, Attics, and Utility Spaces
Shivering while doing laundry? This will help.
6 Hot Bathroom Trends for 2021 That You Can Totally DIY
You can have the bathroom of your dreams in 2021.