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This Chic $60 Glassware Set Might Be the Only One You’ll Ever Need — and It’s Perfect for Small ApartmentsShop
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Grab These Cocktail Glasses Inspired By Reese Witherspoon, and Then Make an Autumnal DrinkShop
On Instagram, she’s stirring up a fall-themed apple cider cocktail and serving the concoction in a trendy cocktail glass that you’re going to want to get your hands on.
Oct 19, 2020
The Latest Houseware Trend is All Over Amazon—and for Less than $20Style
Grandmillennial style goes colorful.
Mar 10, 2020
This May Be the Prettiest Thing You Can Buy at Anthropologie Right NowStyle
Anthropologie crushes it around the holidays. Year after year, the brand comes up with the cutest, most giftable items. There are always super-adorable ornaments (many of which are food-themed), a new version of the store’s iconic monogrammed mugs, various cheese boards, and more. In fact, it’s totally possible to shop for everyone on your list in one fell swoop. (We know what you’re thinking and, yes, there are plenty of gifts for your dad!
Dec 17, 2018
These Sleek Ceramics Will Make Your Home Feel HandmadeStyle
The perfect touch can transform a room from sterile to cozy in an instant. To add comfort to a room, designers often recommend looking to texture and color and integrating earthy elements—and ceramic pottery integrates all three elements seamlessly. There’s a reason homeowners are stuffing their spaces with unique ceramic castings: Large colorful pots are the perfect home for your jungalow plants, and their smaller siblings hold single blooms that bring color to a minimal spread.
Dec 2, 2018
Your Complete Guide to Really, Really Big Wine GlassesStyle
A glass of wine is a unit of measurement (technically, just five ounces), but it’s also a state of mind. For the days that call for a more generous pour, there’s a surprisingly robust selection of wine glasses that push the boundaries of ‘really big’ right into the land of “freakishly large.” If you want a wine glass that will make you feel really tiny and really tipsy (but seriously, drink responsibly), we’ve got a few options.
Nov 27, 2018
How to Live Like an Artist, According to Ceramicist Helen Levi (Hint: You’re Gonna Need Snacks)Style
If you fantasize about trading in your cubicle for a former-warehouse artist’s studio flooded with light, filled with plants, where snacks flow freely—then you’ll probably think Brooklyn-based ceramicist Helen Levi‘s life is pretty dreamy. We asked Helen to walk us through her daily routine and tell us about her beautiful studio. It didn’t disappoint. Don’t think you’ll get to live that artist life?
Oct 23, 2016
10 Beautiful Colored Glasses Guaranteed to Make You SmileStyle
Drinking glasses may be a standard item in any kitchen, but add some color and personality, and you'll make something so commonplace a true household treat.
Oct 20, 2016
3D-Printed Home Decor Products You’ll Actually Want to BuyStyle
The idea of 3D-printed products for the home is admittedly a little out there, even Jetsons-esque. The gadgets and gizmos a plenty on sale throughout the internet may run the gamut from completely bizarre to actually interesting (and normal), but no matter where they fall on the spectrum, something that came from a printer (that’s not a sheet of paper with words on it) is certainly a conversation starter. We rounded up a handful of things you might actually want to buy for your own home.
Jul 18, 2016
Crystal Cut Glass Decanters: Not Just For Bar Carts AnymoreHome Projects
You might think that decorative cut glass would look dated and completely out of sync with most modern decor. Like china place settings, lead crystal is often given as wedding gifts or inherited from relatives, and seems like a relic of a different time. Or does it? Here are several ideas that use bar decanters in fresh new ways. In the lead image above, notice the table lamp made from a cut glass decanter, seen in this Scandinavian home from Skona Hem.
Jan 22, 2016
Budget Basics: 10 Beautiful Champagne Flutes Under $10Living
If you are the sort of person who aspires to own a large number of champagne flutes, you are probably also the sort of person who enjoys entertaining at home. In that case, you’ll understand that the best glassware is the kind you don’t need to worry about: The kind where, if a friend who has enjoyed a little too much bubbly knocks one off the table, you can just clean it up and good-naturedly assure them it’s not a big deal.
Oct 15, 2015
The 10 Best Budget-Friendly Wine Glasses Under $10Living
Wine glasses are a lovely thing to have around, whether you’re enjoying a glass of vino while watching your favorite TV show or hosting a dinner party for 12 people. But this kind of glassware can also be very delicate — we’ve lost count of the number of times we’ve broken a glass while washing dishes or just by setting one on the countertop a little too vigorously.
Oct 5, 2015
DIY Home Decor: How To Make A Simple Wabi Sabi JarOrganize & Clean
I love the Japanese aesthetic and concept of Wabi-sabi. Architect Tadao Ando describes Wabi-sabi as “underplayed and modest, the kind of quiet, undeclared beauty that waits patiently to be discovered.” Lately I’ve fallen in love with the slight imperfections of handmade ceramics. So, embrace the slight dent or crooked lip—these flaws are innocent marks that represent the hand of the maker. With this in mind, why don’t you try creating a handmade jar?
Feb 28, 2014
Made in America: Handmade PotteryStyle
Handmade pottery is my latest Pinterest obsession. I’m ready to upgrade from my plain white Crate and Barrel plates, which I scored at Goodwill, to something a little more special, like these handmade pieces. They fit the bill for what I’m looking for, although my budget isn’t quite there yet for a whole set. (A friend of mine registered for a full set of Heath, an idea I liked). Do you have any favorite potters not featured here? Share below!
Feb 27, 2014
Add Color or Dye Trying: DIY Project Transformations with PigmentStyle
Immediately after finishing up my mudcloth project earlier this month, I looked around the house and asked myself, “Hmmmm, now what else can I dye?” There are so many other materials out there in the world, why stop at just fabric? I just want to turn the world into a great big vat of Rit Dye or blackberries and throw everything — furniture, accessories, you name it — in and swirl it around.
Sep 26, 2013
Unique Air Plant VesselsStyle
As much as I love having greenery in my home, I am probably the most notorious plant assassin in Chicago. I can barely keep succulents alive. But after hearing so much about the simplicity of air plants, I’m ready to give them a try. Because they don’t need soil, the display options are nearly endless, so of course I hit Etsy for some inspiration.Air plants, remarkable not only for their sexy names (Tillandsia! Bromeliad! Xerographica! Oh my!
Aug 2, 2012
Judy Maxwell Home: Joan Cusack’s Chicago Shop of Fun CuriositiesStyle
Specialty: Home store totally focused on fun and quirky itemsPrice Range: ($) Budget to ($$$) High-EndIt’s hard to classify Judy Maxwell Home. It’s kind of a gift shop but it’s also a house of curiosities. It’s an art gallery where you can also pick up a lifesize talking Power Ranger. Oh, and you might run into owner Joan Cusack, too.Before going into Judy Maxwell I knew just two things about it.
May 10, 2012
Before &amp After: A Mid-C Modern BathroomHome Projects
Designer Gina De Pasquale renovated this Las Vegas residence that needed a little updating throughout. Her work is most impressive in the bathroom where she did a great a job of mixing high and low pieces, all while staying true to the mid-century aesthetic.
Feb 24, 2012
Art Nouveau Style (When You Can’t Afford the Real Thing)Style
Sometimes I torture myself by doing a search for Art Nouveau furnishings on 1stDibs. I covet the impossibly beautiful lamps, mirrors, plates and furniture — all impossibly priced. You won’t impress your purist collector friends (and some of these pieces are very loose interpretations of the style!), but these pieces can give your room a bit of Art Nouveau-esque whimsy and fun.
Nov 8, 2011
Making the Switch To Glass Food Storage ContainersLiving
Back in March, I took the No New Plastic for a Month Challenge, and it inspired me to replace all of my plastic food storage containers with glass, and I haven’t looked back. Below the jump, you’ll find out how I transformed my refrigerator.First, I did some research to find the everyday glass food storage containers I now needed. I opted for Duralex Lys Square Bowls because they are stackable, made of tempered glass, and square in shape.
Sep 15, 2011
Easy Reuse: Wine Bottles as Water CarafesLiving
During the last few weeks, our home has been filled with various family members visiting from out of state. With cooler-than-average weather and a bit of rain, we spent plenty of time in our favorite local restaurants. From casual lunch places to more formal venues, one trend I noticed was the use of simple wine bottles as water carafes.Although glass bottles can be recycled in most cities, why not remove the label and call it a carafe instead?
Jul 20, 2011
Make a Big Splash: Clear Glass TubHome Projects
Flipping through the latest issue of Boston Home, I was struck by the beauty of this “invisible” tub. Made from a thick sheet of glass inserted between the two tile walls, it’s so simple, yet I’ve never seen anything quite like it.Boston-based architecture & design firm Stern McCafferty created this custom bath based on an inspiration photo from owners Amy and Ethan d’Abelmont Burnes.
May 27, 2011
How To Repair Chipped ChinaOrganize & Clean
image:07f97cac69cd192ded508ff0f52c9499aeece4c1 w:540 s:"fit" class_name:"mt-image-center" show_pin_button:"true" show_image_credits:"true" I love delicate porcelain. Plates, bowls, vases — I’ve even started collecting pieces from White Forest Pottery, much to my wallet’s chagrin. What I don’t love are the moments right after you accidentally chip one of your prized possessions.
Mar 10, 2011
Collecting & The Windfall: Glass GrapesStyle
image:2411bdc8ea8ccb8f6e89a54a089a55d46bc851b9 w:540 s:"fit" class_name:"mt-image-center" show_pin_button:"true" show_image_credits:"true" It can take years and years to build a thoughtful, harmonious, and satisfying collection. Or one day you walk into your neighborhood thrift store and there’s a fully-realized collection just waiting for you!When my friend Crystal was little, her grandma collected grapes. (“Grapes and dolls!”, she laughed.
Sep 10, 2010
Coffee Love: Latte BowlsLiving
One of my favorite rituals of the day is making a morning latte. Since I never seem to fit my coffee — with its mounds of steamed milk — into a mug, I was delighted a few years ago to discover latte bowls.It started with drinking a ridiculously large sized latte every morning. The milk made my coffee spill over the edges of even an oversized mug.
Jul 2, 2010
How To Make A Wine Bottle Tiki Torch for Under $4.00Living
Inspired by the this Recycled Wine Bottle Torch post and annoyed by mosquitoes this week (how is it that they’re already out and there’s been only a few weeks of spring?), we hit up the hardware store and threw together a $3.48 recycled wine bottle torch filled with citronella. While it’s not as classy as the real thing (nor as safe), it keeps the bugs at bay and looks pretty good. And it was quick and cheap.
Apr 9, 2010
Ceramic Humidifiers for Radiators by Il Coccio DesignHome Projects
The idea of a radiator humidifier is elegantly simple and efficient — by regularly filling it withe water and placing it on a hot radiator, steam helps humidify the dry winter air. A new collection of ceramic radiators from Il Coccio Design employ the design genius of Patricia Urquiola, Alfredo Haberli and others for ceramic humidifiers that double as objet d’art.The collection is an extension of the Fischietto design by Achille Castiglioni in 1998.
Jan 29, 2010
Stripping Glass of Colored Film?Living
Q: Hi! I am wondering if anyone can tell me a safe and inexpensive way to strip a lamp like this of the color so that it is just clear glass? I have two — one in green and one in amber. I know the glass isn’t colored because parts of the lamp have the color peeling off on the inside, but I have no idea what will take the film off without scraping the glass. Thank you!Sent by AshleyEditor: Who has a solution for Ashley?
Oct 13, 2009
The Space-Saving Glassware That Can Be Used for Everything | One Good Thing
The Space-Saving Glassware That Can Be Used for Everything | One Good Thing
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