75 of Our Most Colorful House Tours of All Time

published Jul 1, 2019
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Credit: Apartment Therapy

From pastel to saturated, from neon to nature-inspired, color is one of the most engaging and important decor elements you can use to design a home. It’s not hyperbolic to describe color as powerful. Even adding a pale hint of blush pink can be a huge transformation. “Pops of color” is an overused phrase, but for good reason: Sprinkling just a few splashes of your favorite hue can completely revitalize a space. It’s a deep, daring, broad subject… and it’s why we’re dedicating an entire month to it. 

This list was tough to narrow down. I should know: I personally combed through years of our house tours to find the homes that stood out, thanks to their bold use of color. It wasn’t easy, but these 75 homes represent some of the best, most vivid homes I’ve seen. The gallery is organized in order of the rainbow, so you’ll see homes with lots of red color first, then orange, then yellow… you get the idea. I saved the homes with the biggest variety of colors for the end, so you’ll have to scroll through to see their multicolor amazingness!

Credit: Lizzy Higham

1. This Rainbow Loving, Pattern Clashing Designer’s Home Is an Explosion of Fun Color

Lizzy Higham, an interior stylist and the host of Instagram’s tag #crashbangcolour, is a lover of color, eclectic style, and pattern clashing. “It has been said that I was born with rainbows in my blood and I express this in every inch of my home,” Higham told us when we toured her space.

To see more of Higham‘s home in Australia, check out the full house tour. 

Credit: Lilly Garcia

2. A Florida House Shows How to Create a Colorful Home With Secondhand Finds

Lilly Garcia lives in this Florida home with her husband, Israel, and their dogs. “Our style is pretty much a combination of thrift and marketplace finds. I stalk websites and visit my neighborhood thrift shops looking for specific pieces to add or replace,” Garcia wrote about her design inspiration at the time of this tour. “Don’t miss out on those funky colors that make your heart happy. Don’t try to fit into colorless aesthetics when you are not afraid of color or vibrancy.”

3. A ‘So Very Beige’ Rental Apartment Is Now Unbelievably Colorful

Artist and aspiring interior designer Rachael Havenhand tried to live “normally” in her boring beige rental apartment at first. “…[B]ut as time went on, my urge for colour felt like an itch that needed to be scratched,” Havenhand explained when we first toured her space. “I’ve since painted anything and everything and the colour has just spilled out of my brain via my hands ever since.”

Do you want to see more? Check out the full house tour of this 830-square-foot colorful space.

4. This Gorgeous UK Home Is the Modern Color-Blocking Inspiration You’re Looking For

Paolo D’Agostino Bowe, his partner, and their cat share this 861-square-foot home in the United Kingdom. It has everything Paolo ever wanted in a house⁠: two floors, high ceilings, a lot of natural light, a small garden, a good-sized entertaining space, and a bathroom with a window. “I think the style of the house is eclectic, but not in your face,” Bowe told us when we first toured his home. “I love colors, but calming palettes. Nothing too bright or flashy!”

Take the full house tour to see how this homeowner used color-blocking to brighten their space.

5. A Bold 1934 Craftsman Bungalow Proves Nature Has the Best Color Inspiration

Jessica Brigham has turned an already charming craftsman bungalow into a modern eclectic glamazon home bursting with green plants and patterns. She shares the home with her husband, Christopher, and their three pets. “The energy of this 1930s bungalow is captivating and nothing short of a dream. I never want to leave,” Brigham told us at the time of the tour.

Because of the stylish, bright additions, you might not want to leave this bohemian home either. Check out the full house tour.

6. An Incredibly Cool and Colorful Chicago Condo is an Attack on Neutrals

Five years ago, Anna started a vintage clothing brand called Barbie Roadkill, but she has since transitioned to hip and colorful vintage home decor, which she sells on her Instagram page.  “I’m attracted to the bold colors and prints I grew up with in the ’80s and ’90s, and my aesthetic in dress and home goods reflects that,” she said when we first toured her home.

Take a look at the Chicago condo she shares with her partner, Richard, that’s filled with color! 

7. A Tiny Neglected Flat Got a Total Kitchen DIY Redo and a New Earthy Color Palette

India and her partner, Harry, bought this 465-square-foot flat in 2019. “Being an 18th century traditional Edinburgh tenement flat that had been neglected for a few years, the flat did need a bit of work when we moved in, namely a new boiler (which broke after two months), but there was also stuff we wanted to change to make it work for us,” India told us when we first spoke to her.

Credit: Anna Jacobs

8. This Artist’s Incredibly Colorful Rental Will Inspire You To Add Color to Yours

Anna Jacobs started her colorful homewares line in 2015. The vibrant London rental home she shares with her two kids is an energetic playground of inspiring color and pattern. “I think the MOST important thing is to work out how you want to FEEL in the room you’re decorating and then work out which colors make YOU feel like that,” she wrote when asked to reveal her biggest color secrets. 

This UK rental home is bursting with color, take the full house tour to see for yourself.

Credit: Angela Wator

9. An Already Gorgeous Victorian House Has Been Energized With Bold Color

Angela Wator is the owner/designer of BASH Party Goods and the owner of Festive Collective, a party, stationery, and vintage store in Chicago. She shares this large and colorful Victorian house with her husband, Jeramy, two daughters, and a dog. In her tour, Wator told us that she felt an immediate connection to this space, “I can’t explain the instant, intense attraction we felt to this house, but it was like I could hear our kids laughing in the halls, see the fancy holiday parties we would host… we were obsessed!”

It’s fair to assume you’ll be equally captivated — see more of the space in the full house tour.

Credit: Lara Bezzina

10. This Gold Leaf Artist’s Home Is Full of Inventive and Colorful DIY Ideas

Lara Bezzina is known as the “Gold Leaf Queen,” thanks to the gorgeous murals and art pieces she creates. The bright UK home she shares with her husband and their dog has some incredibly inventive uses of gold leaf, as well as lots of creative and budget decor ideas.

Learn more about the chic, inexpensive updates Bezzina made in the full house tour.

11. A Phoenix House Is a Versace Scarf Come to Life

Miles Willis McDermott is a Phoenix-based multidisciplinary designer, and the black, white, gold, and yellow house he shares with his girlfriend, a dog, and a roommate does everything wrong, right. “It’s a dichotomy of huge minimalist black-and-white graphics and opulent gold antiques–like a vintage Versace scarf come to life,” McDermott told us when we toured his space.

Learn more about McDermott’s experience renovating the entire space himself in the full house tour.

12. A Rental House Was Completely Transformed Without Any Major Renovations

Katherine Thewlis offers Edesign, Airbnb, and residential interior design services under her business, Hausmatter. She shares this Tennessee rental home she’s totally transformed with her husband, daughter, and dog. And most impressively, she’s completely changed the look of her rental WITHOUT any major renovations.

Find out how Thewlis made colorful and rental-friendly updates in the house tour.

Credit: Laura Magee

13. A Beautiful Belfast Home’s Original Details Get a Boost from Bold Color

Fashion buyer and stylist Laura Magee has lived in this beautiful and colorful home with her husband and their cat since 2018. At the time of Magee’s tour, she described her home’s style as: “Art Deco, mid-century modern mash up!” And the blue wall paint isn’t the only exciting addition to the home.

Learn more about their home renovation journey in the full house tour.

Credit: Sylvie Li

14. This Renovated Montréal Home Has the Most Stunning Modern Pink Kitchen

Isa Lora Messier is the owner of Bagel St-Lo, and she hired interior designer Maude Coudé in 2018 to renovate her apartment in the Verdun neighborhood of Montréal. They demolished walls, changed the windows, and replaced the floorboards to start. Inspired by Messier’s love for modern vintage and boho vibes, Coudé designed an outstanding pink kitchen that’s now Messier’s favorite room.

For advice on taking color risks, check out the full house tour.

Credit: Samara Vise

15. Apartment Therapy’s News and Culture Editor Lives in a Bold ‘Boho Rainbow Brite’ Boston Home

“From my first post-college pad to now, my design style has grown and changed, and this place feels like a perfect manifestation of me,” wrote Apartment Therapy’s News and Culture Editor Tara Bellucci, who lives in this small Boston apartment with her two cats, Dante and Virgil.

16. A Bold New Jersey Home Shows How to Add Personality to a New Build

Tiffany B. of the blog “My Eclectic Nest” transformed this new-build house into a personality-packed home thanks to wallpaper, paint, and fun decor finds. “While I LOVE beautiful spaces, I truly believe you can achieve the look you want without emptying your wallet completely in the process,” Tiffany told us during her house tour.

If you love pulling inspiration from certain decades and fusing them to create a beautiful space, you should look into this New Jersey house tour.

17. This Portland Home’s Painted Patterned Wood Floors Aren’t Even the Boldest Design Element

Peter Spalding, his husband Kevin Fadden, and Toby (their puggle) renovated this 1940s colonial house in Portland, Oregon. Believe it or not, their space needed a lot of TLC — for example, the kitchen took around six months to complete — before it looked and felt like the masterpiece Spalding and Fadden desired. “When I washed a dish in the kitchen for the first time, it was euphoric,” Spalding told us when we toured their home.

Learn more about this Americana-inspired home in the full house tour.

18. Space Age Meets Scandi (and Shag Rugs) in This Groovy Little 1970s Australian Home

Horticulturalist Michael Brady (yep, just like the father from “The Brady Bunch”) and Lisa Brady, a visual merchandiser, live in this 858-square-foot house built in 1974. “Our home is a funky little ’70s pad, our cocoon, and our place to reboot,” Lisa said at the time of her house tour.

If you like what you see, learn the other colorful, era-inspired details the couple incorporated into their Australian home in the full tour.

Credit: Erin Derby

19. This Extremely Organized 350-Square-Foot NYC Apartment Will Make You Re-Think Your Storage Situation

Zach Hilty is the director of talent development and a senior staff photographer at BFA, and Libby Duke is the director of communications at Thrive Global. The couple shares this 350-square-foot rental apartment. “Even though our apartment is super tiny, we’ve found that it’s been a blast to decorate, entertain, and even have family and friends stay with us,” Libby said when we toured their space.

Looking for ways to maximize your space and incorporate color? Take the tour of this small NYC apartment.

Credit: Minette Hand

20. Of Course This Georgia Home Has a Perfect Peach Dining Room

A peach-colored dining room isn’t the only color in popular blogger and Instagrammer Jodi Bond’s Georgia house. Visitors will also spot a yellow kitchen, pink couch, black bedroom, and more! Jodi and her husband, Tim, share this home with kids Avia, Judah, Rhodes, and Isla. “My designs are pretty atypical, and I love seeing the joy that the playful interior can invoke in people,” Jodi wrote at the time of her house tour.

Check out the full tour to see more of this bright, bubbly family home.

Credit: Andrew Bui

21. A 400-Square-Foot Brooklyn Studio Fits a Ton of Color in a Small Space

Once Esi Agbemenu found this NYC apartment worth staying in, she explained at the time of her tour that she was able to “create a home that reflected me — no choosing furniture just because it was fold-able for a future move, or buying bland decor in the hopes it would be inoffensive to roommates — just a space that is representative of me.” And after living in five apartments in only three years, we can see why she wanted to call this space her home.

Learn more about how she designed her 400-square-foot studio apartment in the full house tour.

22. This Is Definitely the Cheeriest Tiny House of All Time

Geographer and builder Lee Pera was fed up with the steep cost of living in Washington, D.C. — so she built a tiny house. “I love my house because I built most of it with the help of my community (friends and designers and builders in D.C.),” Pera explained when we toured her home.

Read how Pera incorporated Scandinavian design elements into her space in the complete tiny house tour.

23. A Colorful, Maximalist Apartment Has 55 Plants and a ‘Sexy Coffin-Style’ Bedroom

Libby Rasmussen runs the blog Libby Living Colorfully, a collection of interior design, cooking, travel, beauty, fashion, and everything in between. She’s been renting this Washington, D.C. apartment for five years. As someone who loves old homes, it’s impressive to see how Rasmussen made a new build feel old-fashioned in the best way.

To see more, take a tour of Rasmussen’s maximalist apartment.

24. A Cool California Rental Is Bursting with Color and DIY Inspiration

Dani Nagel and her partner, Phillip Butler, both live and work in the space they’ve coined the Dazeywood Penthouse, after her colorful clothing line Dazey LA. Although the apartment had incredible bones, Dani explained when we toured her home that painting the place gave it a major face lift and helped highlight some of its features, like built-in shelving in many of the rooms.

Speaking of updating their space, check out the full tour to see how their DIY mural turned out in their primary bedroom.

25. This Jawdroppingly Gorgeous House May Inspire You to Add Curtains, Color, and Stripes to Your Home

Architect and artist Mariana Pussacq lives in this large Argentina house with her two sons, boyfriend, two dogs, and one cat. “My style is definitely defined by the use of color in objects and spaces,” she told us at the time of her house tour.

Take a tour of this vibrant Buenos Aires home.

Credit: Lula Poggi

26. This Modern Barcelona Apartment’s Color Palette Is Everything

Francesca Piliego lives in this 721-square-foot apartment in Barcelona’s El Born neighborhood. She worked with her ex-roommate, the architect Andrea Serboli, co-founder of Colombo and Serboli Architecture (we’ve actually toured his Barcelona home before!) to renovate the space. Together, they completely transformed the home, giving this 1800s apartment a minimal look.

Visit the full tour to see more of this modern Spanish apartment.

Credit: Viv Yapp

27. Find Loads of Color and Pattern Inspiration in This Lovely UK Home

Illustrator Naomi Wilkinson and her photographer partner Noel Deasington live in this colorful UK home with their two kids and dog. Their house is full of period charms like a fireplace (that goes all the way to the high ceiling) that they paired with more modern colors and patterns. “I’m very inspired by color and color palettes and this inspiration can come from art, illustration, travel, or anything visual,” Wilkinson told us when we toured her home.

Take the full tour to see how they fused colors and patterns in this 900-square-foot Bristol home.

28. This Rental Apartment’s Rainbow Color Palette Will Lift Your Spirits

The thing that stands out first when you walk into artist Dana Fortune’s Miami rental apartment is the giant, soft rainbow art piece made of colorful pom-poms, which was a piece she made for her first-ever art show. “My personal aesthetic is inspired by mid-century modern design and a whole lot of color,” Fortune told us when we toured her space. But the big, beautiful yarn blob isn’t the only product she’s made herself.

Continue to be inspired by her colorful creations in the full house tour.

29. This Spanish Apartment Has one Seriously Powerful Mix of Colors

Susana Ordovás, an interiors journalist and contributor to Elle Decoration magazine (Mexico), bought this apartment in Madrid, Spain, in 2015. Ordovás has a natural instinct for creating the perfect mix of old and modern, color and texture.

See how Ordovás’s design instincts come to fruition in her brightly colored apartment.

30. This Afro-Bohemian Loft Is an Energetic Explosion of Color

Cherub Stewart affectionately calls the design journey in her home “Color Therapy,” and it all started with installing red carpet! “Following the red carpet, representing the root chakra, I chose to paint the walls orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple,” Stewart shared in her home tour. To Stewart, her home is a sacred space, and we can see why, as the design aesthetic is so peaceful.

Take the full tour of this bright New Jersey loft and discover ways to make your home feel more relaxing.

31. This Small Home Has the Boldest Bathroom Tile Ever

I didn’t know I was into the potent color combination of red and black until I spotted the incredibly bold bathroom in Daniel and Diego’s Buenos Aires home. But it’s not just their bathroom that’s bursting with color; the whole home is full of vibrant palette inspiration.

See for yourself by touring this 590-square-foot space in Argentina.

32. A vibrant Moroccan home

Morocco’s known for its vibrant architecture and textiles, so it’s unsurprising to find a home there splashed in color in every room. Michel Biehn’s home in Fes, Morocco, is an extraordinary example, as well as one-of-a-kind: All the paints were custom-made by Biehn with his own collection of pigments. Biehn told at the time of this house tour that when designing his space, he wanted to “to color it like a child.”

See how all the vibrant paint colors mesh beautifully together in Biehn’s Moroccan home.

33. An Actor’s Explosion of Color in 650 Square Feet

French actor/artist Karen Racicot set out to create a vibrant “living jewelry box” with her Toronto condo, and she emphasized bold colors in every aspect of her style, right down to her hot pink Brita water filter. Even though several of the walls in her 650-square-foot home are made from concrete and glass, her mementos from international travels make it feel warm and cheery.

Take the tour of this colorful Canadian condo.

34. Colorful West LA Home

Carly and James Petersmeyer, both creative artists, couldn’t wait to finally own a home to be able to do whatever they wanted with it. Inspired by both art and color, they’ve filled their West LA home with loads of both!

Take the full tour to see how color brightens almost every inch of this 1,250-square-foot California home.

35. A Maximalist on a Minimal Budget Fills Her Home with Murals

Chilean-born Mila Moraga-Holz of the blog Jest Cafe is a maximalist on a minimal budget, and when it came to decorating her Culver City home without breaking the bank, she did so with lots of color — especially through murals. The kitchen accent wall paired with the mauve cabinets is perfection.

Take the full tour of this 900-square-foot space to see more of Moraga-Holz’s stunning murals.

36. This Colorful San Francisco House Is Like a “Victorian on Acid”

The inspiration for Allison Muir’s home is two defining eras of San Francisco: the lavish Victorian period and the nonconformist Summer of Love. This is clear in every room of her two-story home, from the patterned wallpaper and ornate chandeliers illuminating each space to the framed posters of Joan Didion and Sly Stone. The result is a style Muir describes as “Victorian on acid.”

Visit the full tour to see how this California home bursts with colorful energy.

Credit: Minette Hand

37. Painter Chambers Austelle’s Art-Filled Charleston Bungalow

Chambers Austelle is amazing contemporary painter based in South Carolina, and her Charleston home’s style is an eclectic mix of traditional and modern mixed with a lot of pink.

Step inside Austelle’s perfectly pink paradise in the full tour.

38. A Vibrant Urban Jungle Paradise in Downtown LA

Rory Rockmore’s home is a wonderland of wild colors, impeccable attention to detail, and over-the-top accents, but the pink dining chairs from Overstock steal the show. “They’re super comfortable and super easy to keep clean, and I think they’re pretty exciting to see when you first enter the room,” wrote Rory at the time of his house tour.

Take the full tour of Rockmore’s 890-square-foot downtown LA home to see more of the stunning furniture finds.

Credit: Lauren Kolyn

39. A Toronto Designer’s Rainbow Renovation

You could say designer and stylist Tiffany Pratt is an expert on color; in fact, she partnered with Krylon to create a line of 16 custom spray paints for the Tiffany Pratt Colour Collection. Her rental home in Toronto, Canada, is a rainbow of beautiful hues. When we spoke to Pratt at the time of her tour, she said that the thing she often hears from guests is: “My home feels like a sanctuary.” And we agree.

Step inside Pratt’s colorful 1,200-square-foot home in the full house tour.

Credit: Liz Calka

40. A D.C. Home Inspired by Family, Photography and Frida Kahlo

Gina Martin’s Washington, D.C. home is impeccably organized, but it’s also a treasure trove of color, like the green and orange kitchen. But she also finds ways to incorporate these signature colors into other areas in her home, like the green panels in the back of her bookcase or the bright orange that’s pained on the exterior of the mirrored closet doors.

Take the full tour to see how, Martin has maximized her 870-square-foot vibrant home.

41. Vintage Jewel Tone Apartment

Amy Desmond has combined a love of history, nature, and style to create her home in Chicago, which is filled with a cheery set of jewel tones. When we toured Desmond’s cheery apartment, we asked her what people thought about her space, and she said, “I have an eye for matching patterns and textiles. I collect vintage fabric and enjoy them for their history and bold color choices. Friends tell me it’s cozy and welcoming, which they say matches my personality. I see the space is an extension of myself.”

Explore how Desmond seamlessly blends bright colors and patterns in the house tour.

42. A Color Expert’s Own Brightly Hued Home

Annie Elliott is the CEO of Bossy Color Interior Design, and her Washington, D.C. home is bursting with vignettes of color, charm, and personal touches. The living room itself has been redesigned a number of times over, and in this particular house tour, it sits dressed in rich golden yellow hues, greens, and pinks. At the time of the tour, Elliott told us that it took around six years to design the living room, but the result is worth the wait.

See for yourself in the tour of Elliott’s eye-catching Woodley Park home.

43. This Australian Retro Beachside Home Is Cute and Colorful

Annie Price and Jamie Paterson pulled up carpet, repaired the original floorboards, added a new plywood ceiling, and painted to renovate a charming fibro shack as a holiday house in Victoria, Australia.

Take the full tour to see how color plays a huge role in this renovated Australian bungalow.

44. A Kip&Co Founder’s Stunning, Modern Melbourne Home

Function married form and flirts with fun on a daily basis in the Melbourne home of Kip&Co co-founder Alex McCabe. Yes, gold absolutely counts as a color, and in her kitchen it commingles with pink for a room like no other.

Explore all the ways color makes this modern Melbourne home feel alive in the full house tour.

45. A Cocktail Blogger’s Palm Springs-Inspired New Jersey Home

Natalie Jacob is the beverage consultant and blogger behind Arsenic Lace, and her colorful, playful interior design aesthetic — think ombre stairs and flamingo print in the back of a china cabinet — reaches every corner of her New Jersey home. Bright colors welcome you from the moment you get to the front door (which is clad in yellow paint!).

Tour this apartment in a row house for yourself. Warning: You might feel overcome with happiness because of the happy shades.

Credit: Rebecca Bond

46. A Colorful & Quirky English Home

Fabric designer Caro Ritchie of Corita Rose, her husband Josh, and their three children, Blue, Tiger, and Kit, call this former brewery in rural Dorset home, and it’s a riot of color and pattern. “I am inspired by folklore, heraldry, traditional stories from other cultures and countries, from Medici Florence to the Rabari tribe to the Navajo. I love how the bold, bright colors of one culture seep through into another,” Ritchie told us at the time of the tour.

Take the full house tour and see more vivid colors that pop in every room of this vibrant home.

47. A Colorful Uptown New Orleans House

Emily Rosenzweig and Andrew Hunter’s extensive collection of modern and folk art pops against paint colors like yellow, purple, and turquoise. Bold rugs, floor-to-ceiling drapes, and lots of fun textiles, including quilts handmade by Emily, make their New Orleans home feel lively and joyful.

Explore more about this lively Louisiana dwelling in the full house tour.

48. A Rule-Breaking Bay Area Home Proves the Best Color Inspiration Comes from Nature

Nancy says she avoided all the color rules when designing her space in Berkeley, California, instead taking inspiration from nature’s spectacular palette. The home is her haven — colorful, cozy, and full of memories — and full of bright green walls. At the time of the tour, Nancy shared where she found design inspiration, stating, “Any place where riotous color abounds.”

Take a full tour of Nancy’s striking 870-square-foot home.

Credit: Julia Steele

49. A World-Traveling Pediatric Doctor’s Extraordinarily Colorful, Lively Nashville Home

Inspired by designers like Jamie Meares, Justina Blakeney, Eddie Ross, Roxy Te, and Judy Aldridge, pediatric doctor Leigh Howard told us in the tour of her Nashville home that her style was “colorful, vibrant, collected, and fun.”

Check out the tour to see more of Howard’s stunning Tennessee townhouse.

Credit: Lauren Kolyn

50. A 500-Square-Foot Colorful Maximalist Condo in Toronto

Chad Burton and Burger Kim have used every corner and inch of their 500-square-foot Toronto home to invite character and style by adding color and molding to the walls. It’s hard to imagine that, at one time, the apartment walls were once painted white.

Visit the tour to see how these two creatives reimagined their gorgeous Canada apartment.

51. A First-Time Home Buyer’s Colorful Retro Reno

Brandon Bourdganis bought his first house in Ferndale, Michigan, and created an incredibly fun, vibrant home by adding retro style and lots of bold colors. His international travels influenced his design aesthetic and, ultimately, the vivid colors he chose to incorporate into his space.

Take the full tour of Boudganis’s colorful space.

52. A Vivacious 160-Year-Old Victorian

The talented design team and couple Roger and Chris Stout-Hazard remodeled this 160-year-old Italianate Victorian in Sharon Springs, New York, and turned it into an amazingly colorful and modern home.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant colors of this 1,800-square-foot New York home in the full house tour.

53. A Colorful “Tongue-in-Chic” San Francisco Apartment

The San Francisco house that interior designer Ginevra Held lives in is more than just her home; she describes it as her laboratory and creative outlet. Each room is a bold experiment in color, pattern, and decor. And Held has learned some lessons along the way. “The most important thing I’ve learned as a designer, doing so much of the work myself, is to not underestimate the power of high-quality paint,” Held told us at the time of her tour. “I went through a big trial and error period with cheap paint, and it was not fun.”

Take the full tour of this colorful California home.

Credit: Photographed by Susie Lowe, Designed by The Pink House

54. Fun, Fabulous, Pink & Patterned in Edinburgh

It’s impossible to pick a favorite room in Emily Murray’s daring Scottish home, and the blogger behind “The Pink House” describes the home as a “crazily colorful Victorian/Arts & Crafts terrace.” Though pink plays a big part in the home, plenty of other colors share the limelight.

See all the shades that make up Murray’s Victorian-terraced home in the full house tour.

Credit: Viv Yapp

55. With Bold Colors, Quirky Decor, and Plenty of Pattern, This Paper Artist’s House Is Undeniably Fun

Helen Ward is a Bristol-based artist and product designer, and the colorful, 2,000-square-foot home she shares with her family is full of her art, quirky one-of-a-kind finds, and loads of bright hues.

Explore more of this Edwardian gem in the full house tour.

56. Every Room Is a Different Color in This Artist’s Bold Brooklyn Apartment

It’s not easy to mix primary colors elegantly, but Brooklyn-based artist Lani Kennefick did a beautiful job in her New York apartment. Her own artwork actually inspires the color palette: the colors from her whale painting inspired the blue walls and red couch in her living room.

Tour her 480-square-foot Brooklyn home to see her artwork come to life through her colorful designs. 

57. This L.A. Home Has the Best Bold Color-Blocked Kitchen

Joy Lofton, an actress and wardrobe and interior stylist, is inspired by Art Deco and ’70s and ’80s style. The Los Angeles home she designed features a gorgeous collection of vintage furniture as well as some colorful murals!

Explore more of her vibrant home in the Atwater Village neighborhood in the full house tour.

58. A Bold, Blue and Bespoke Brooklyn Abode

Harry Nuriev, designer and founder of Crosby Studios, has gained international attention for his sleek, modern interior design style. And his Williamsburg apartment’s color scheme of bright blue and pink feels sophisticated and avant-garde.

Tour Nuriev’s 592-square-foot “pop art wonderland” to see how color doesn’t just have to come from the walls.

Credit: Liz Calka

59. This Colorful Home Has Incredibly Creative DIYs and IKEA Hacks

Emily Yeskel Rubin‘s Bethesda, Maryland home is full of color and “feel good rooms,” and the dining room’s DIY four-wall mural is spectacularly inspiring. “I mix and match furniture styles, colors, fabrics, etc. Somehow it all works, and I think that is because it’s a mix of everything that my family loves,” she told us at the time of her tour.

See more of Rubin’s colorful home in the full house tour.

60. A “Modern-Meets-Dog-Obsessed-Old-Lady-Eclectic” Home

Well-preserved marble fireplaces, hardwood floors, and crown moldings are just some of the beautiful architectural details in this Brooklyn rental apartment, which also comes with a nice landlord: Tom Chirico and Carolyn McMenemy-Chirico got to break some renting “rules,” like painting the walls bold colors.

Tour the couple’s home to see how they packed a lot of color into a 900-square-foot space.

61. An Eclectic Hollywood Regency home

Rebecca and Jared Raskind have embraced Hollywood Regency style, and their fondness for the era shines through in their Glendale, California home — from the hot pink pouf in the living room to the emerald green lacquer side tables in the primary bedroom to the black-and-teal kitchen paint job.

Take a step back in time while touring this glamorous home.

Credit: Viv Yapp

62. Jewelry Designer Pippa Small’s Colorful London Home

Jewelry designer Pippa Small wanted her London flat’s living room to feel like “a mix of Jodhpur/Moroccan blue,” and she worked with painter Gail Arnold to achieve her unique color goals. At the time of the tour, Small told us that her favorite element of her space was the color — and we couldn’t agree more.

Explore each of her rooms, which are a rainbow of hues that look otherworldly, in the full house tour.

63. This NYC Home Is Like a Mini Pop Culture Museum

Jeanie Engelbach’s 900-square-foot, New York City apartment feels like “a tightly curated mini pop culture museum.” You can find multi-colored PEZ dispensers, bobbleheads, teacups, bold colors, and more in every corner. But the color isn’t only found in her knickknacks — several walls are painted in bright shades.

See the whimsical magic of her East Village space in the full house tour.

64. This Chicago Home Has the Best Use of Color

With the help of designer Carly Moeller of Unpatterned, James Conley and Kurt Heinrich created a beautiful Chicago home that features bold shades of color in unique applications. When describing their interior preferences during the tour, the couple shared that they love “Lots of pop culture artwork mixed with mid-century furniture and eclectic art and touches. We love bright pops of color in our spaces to add vibrancy as an accent to each room.”

Explore more of this vibrant Illinois home in the full house tour.

65. A West Hollywood Home Is a Whimsical Explosion of Color

The colorful rainbow DIY pom-pom wall in the dining room is only ONE of the magnificently vibrant decor elements in Troy Solomon and Ian Mofford’s West Hollywood home. Whether it’s the faux-hedge entry wall, fun wallpapers, or whimsical accents (like fake butterflies on the walls!), this home exudes colorful happiness.

Tour Solomon and Mofford’s 800-square-foot, playful space.

66. The House of Bedlam: A Madcap “Auntie Mame Meets Bunny Mellon” Country House

John Loecke and Jason Oliver Nixon run the design firm Madcap Cottage, and their High Point, North Carolina home is truly a sight to behold. In fact, it’s a color-mixing, patterned playground that perfectly exemplifies their philosophies on design.

Learn more about these creatives’ design inspiration for their stunning home in the full house tour.

Credit: Samara Vise

67. A Colorful, Maximalist Mini-Museum in Massachusetts

Hank Scollard is a self-described maximalist, and his Cambridge, Massachusetts home is a kaleidoscopic mix of graphic patterns, art, and quirky collections. It’s like a mini museum! “I see nothing but potential and possibility,” Scollard told us at the time of the tour. “Pretty much everything I buy/find/am gifted gets a shot somewhere to see if it can work.”

See all of Scollard’s colorful objects in the full house tour.

68. A Gorgeous, Graphic Australian Home

Kristina Sostarko and Jason Odd are the owners of the independent art studio Inaluxe, which specializes in colorful graphic prints. You better believe the Victoria, Australia home they share is filled with vivid art, making the home a colorful treat.

Take the full tour of Sostarko and Odd’s vibrant space.

69. Disney Decor Abounds in This Colorful Rental Apartment

Carrie and Patrick are very inspired by the happiest place on earth (Disney World), and their Los Angeles home includes homages to the theme park, as well as multi-colored furniture, art, and accessories.

Explore their playful, fantasy-filled home in the full house tour.

70. A “Tired Old Shack’s” Incredibly Colorful, Head-to-Toe Renovation

Kat Heppell is also a co-founder of Australian modern bedding and home decor brand Kip&Co, and the home she shares with Mal Heppell is colorful with moody and rustic vibes. “Indulge in some colour,” Kat told us at the time of the tour. “White on white houses can be lovely, but add a splash of colour and feel your house transform.”

See how their graphic and playful decor (like the corn cob table or banana light fixture) makes their Australian home feel lively.

71. This Is the Most Colorful Home in London (Possibly the World)

Ms. Pink and Mr. Black are the founders of Quirk & Rescue, a London-based company specializing in “wallpaper, cushions, prints, fabric, and bespoke hand-painted furniture.” And their flat in a Victorian house might just have one of the wildest color palettes ever.

You’ll want to see how color beautifully bursts from their eclectic townhouse in the full house tour.

72. The Brooklyn Loft of Aelfie’s Founder Is as Audacious and Badass as You’d Think

Aelfie Oudghiri is the founder of the textile, furniture, and accessories company Aelfie. Like her products, her Brooklyn apartment is filled to the ceiling with quirky graphics, loud colors, and cool patterns.

Take the full tour of this super cool New York City space.

73. A Playful, Rainbow-Hued LA Studio Apartment Is Tiny But Well Designed

Cindy Tung’s small Los Angeles rental studio apartment proves you don’t have to paint the walls to have a colorful, rainbow-themed home. At the time of her tour, Tung shared that one of her main inspirations for designing the space was color — and it’s definitely reflected in her stunning space.

Take the full house tour to see how every color of the spectrum is accounted for in her compact home.

74. A Pattern-Filled & Playful Pasadena Home You’ve Got to See

If color sparks happiness for you, this Pasadena home will certainly make you smile. Jaimee Dormer and Adam Lodynsky infused their space with a sense of humor and used paint color in simple but powerful ways.

Take a tour of this 672-square-foot home to see how the couple’s ’80s and themed birthday party inspiration is reflected in their space.

75. The Most Colorful Apartment in the World

Salvatore and Amina‘s downtown Los Angeles rental apartment isn’t for everyone. Unicorns, tassels, glitter, and every color of the rainbow were freely splashed across every surface (even the kitchen cabinets got a colorful Washi tape makeover!). But even if it’s not your personal decor style, explore their home — I bet you’ll find something to inspire you in the space.

Take the full house tour of what I dubbed The Most Colorful Apartment in the World.

What’s striking is how different these homes — houses, rental apartments, studios, condos, and more — all truly are, not just because of the different color palettes chosen, but because of how and where they use color. Some splash it all over the walls; others focus color on just the accessories. But all the homes share one very important thing in common: It’s impossible not to smile at the happy display of hues chosen by these daring renters and homeowners.

Credit: Esteban Cortez, Jessica Isaac