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White Walls & Dark FloorsDesign Ideas
We’re huge fans of dark wood floors paired with white walls. It’s not only a great way to help a small space look larger, but the white walls also help art and accent furniture stand out &mdash you can’t beat a great pop of color. Here’s a roundup of white walls & dark floors to help inspire you!The dramatic color combination adds drama and somewhat of a rustic vibe to the space. Of course, dramatic and rustic spaces can be dressed to be whatever you want them to be!
Oct 14, 2022
Feeling It: Wall Treatment Ideas to Match Any MoodDesign Ideas
What you do to your walls can have a HUGE impact on the look, feel and mood of your home. So start with how you’d like the room to feel — what kind of vibe you’d like it to rock — and use this guide to give you ideas for the kind of treatment that would work for your walls. Go for polka dots! Paint the on or use vinyl wall decal stickers to get the look. Go for a medium-hue gray. Amherst Grey by Benjamin Moore really sets just the right tone in the room below.
Oct 12, 2022
So Long, Popcorn Ceilings: 8 Transformative Overhead Architectural HacksDesign Ideas
So, your rental apartment or newly-built home didn’t come with coffered ceilings or pressed tin tiles? Set your sights above that unsightly popcorn or drop ceilings you’ve been dealt. All eight of these ceiling hacks will lend architectural interest to a boring room—whether you channel intricate European plasterwork or rustic exposed wood beams is entirely up to you. Give the impression of dramatic crown molding with a painted ceiling that extends about a foot down the wall.
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