10 Stylish Washable Rugs That Can Stand Up to the Mud, Slush, and Snow (and They’re on Sale)

published Oct 21, 2022
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Redecorating for winter usually entails incorporating warmer colors into your decor, adding throw blankets to your living room seating, and lighting some pumpkin-scented candles. But there’s much to be said about how effectively a nice rug can transform your space. Not only do rugs tie all your furniture and accessories together, but they also make spaces feel cozier both visually and literally by providing insulation. When choosing a rug, you definitely want to prioritize comfort and aesthetics. But you also need to think carefully about maintenance and cleaning. Some fluffy and shag coverings are impossible to vacuum or even spot-clean, especially if you have kids and pets. As a result, short fibers are often the way to go. At Rugs USA, there are tons of great options on sale right now that aren’t just vacuum-friendly, but also washable! You don’t need a code because the discounts apply automatically at checkout. Read on to see our 10 top washable rug picks.

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Jute can be coarse, though this handwoven rug is anything but. Ideal for high-traffic areas, the natural fibers in this floor covering are actually surprisingly soft and equally as durable. This is a great piece if you want a more organic look for your space, as it adds subtle texture. Plus, it looks amazing in every room.

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Authentic Persian rugs can cost a fortune. This one was powerloomed in Turkey, but given the current sale, it'll only set you back about $100. The rug is available in this old-world print and frosty blue color scheme, as well as eight other color options. Persian rugs are definitely trending at the moment, so this traditional yet trendy find is definitely worth some serious consideration.

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Although minimalist design definitely reigns supreme in this day and age, these kinds of interiors can easily appear washed-out. Bust any blandness with this multicolored rug, which sports an elaborate braided construction. Reviewers note that the piece is not scratchy or rough at all; it's even great for kids' rooms. Want something that's going to blend into the background? This one definitely isn't it.

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Although this Moroccan-inspired rug is neutral in color, its large-scale diamond print is just flashy enough without being too over-the-top. The rug is perfect for those seeking a more boho vibe, and it pairs wonderfully with other earthy tones. Tassels on the shorter ends add a fun element without making this pick impractical or hard to clean.

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Even though it sports a pattern than can easily look tacky, this chevron rug actually looks quite sophisticated. Not only does it have a slight coastal vibe in blue, but the chevron also hides stains effectively. When it's time to clean, simply vacuum the rug or throw it in the washer; its short fibers won't shed. Doors won't snag on this piece, either.

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Have a lot of orange tones in your living room? Tie them together with this multicolored, intricately patterned rug. It contains some blues in addition to the warm hues to provide a bit of contrast, bringing vibrancy to any space. Though it has a classic bohemian pattern, the rug looks anything but stuffy.

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As it turns out, even shag rugs can be made washable. The key feature of this stunning piece is undoubtedly its softness; one customer even described it as a "vacation for your feet." The white color is the most luxurious, though there are darker shades if you're afraid of messes showing. A trellis pattern adds dimension to the otherwise simple rug.

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Break up flat surfaces in your sitting area with this barred rug, which is made of comfy, hand-tufted wool. It's an eye-catching piece that you're sure to get tons of compliments on, and it's pet-friendly like almost every other piece in this roundup. Whether you place this rug in the office or front entryway, it's sure to look right at home.

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This medallion-patterned rug puts a modern twist on a vintage favorite, and it's absolutely dashing in a contrasing scheme of beige and black. This is the piece to get if you're after a homey sensibility that doesn't appear out-of-date. The rug looks like it's been passed down for generations, though it's certainly not as pricey as the typical heirloom.

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This faux cowhide rug is ideal for layering with other fabrics and textures, and it brings a rugged Western sensibility to your space that somehow also feels luxurious. Reviewers say the rug is so stylish in person, it's hard to believe it's washable. And the piece would look exceptional in the bedroom or in front of a fireplace.