The Best Furniture We Found This Week Under $100
Filling your home with furniture you love takes time (and money). We’re all for holding out for as long as necessary to invest in quality items meant to last decades (if not generations), but sometimes, there are bits and pieces that are totally okay to pick up quickly to fill a need. Throwing a shindig in the next few weeks and need a stylish way to serve up happy hour? Have an empty corner in need of a little reading chair? Looking for added storage for your rental bathroom?
Jul 13, 2017
Stand Down, Standing Desks: You Have Met Your Match
Walk into any modern office today and you’re bound to spot at least one standing desk somewhere — they are all the rage in home and corporate offices alike. Somewhere along the way The Edge Desk got thrown into the mix, though it is surely in a league of its own when it comes to unconventional desks: it’s the world’s first all-in-one desk, easel, and chair, completely designed for a kneeling posture.
Jul 13, 2017
Daily Marketplace Deals: Affordable Art to Kickstart Your Collection
We spend our days scouring the Marketplace for gems you can’t find anywhere else. Buy and sell with over 200,000 neighbors who love quality home furnishings and good design. I think that art collecting gets a bad rap. It’s understandable to envision dropping thousands on valuable pieces, only to have to hold your breath every time someone comes over or brushes past them. But lucky for all of us mere mortals, this doesn’t have to be the case!
Jul 13, 2017
The Cement Tile Trend is Holding Strong (& We Couldn’t Be Happier)
Some trends stand the test of time for a reason. Case in point: cement tiles. Although they’ve been making waves in the decor scene for a looong while now (historians date some versions back to the 12th Century), these beautiful tiles started to pop up inside the most design-savvy contemporary homes across the globe in recent years in a big way. And it’s not difficult to see why. Along with creating artfully polished displays, cement tiles are crafted from natural materials (i.e.
Jul 12, 2017
Here’s What to Snag From H&M’s Huge Summer Home Sale
It should come as no surprise that we’re fans of H&M’s on trend home goods and their shockingly low prices. Well, we have great news for those who could use a little refresh on a budget: The retailer is having a huge home sale right now, with price tags slashed up to 80% off. The store’s regular prices definitely fall within our cheap thrills sights, but on sale, they’re bananas (literally—there’s a gold banana cushion cover for $7.99!).
Jul 12, 2017
Daily Marketplace Deals: Next-Level Repurposed Industrial Style
We spend our days scouring the Marketplace for gems you can’t find anywhere else. Buy and sell with over 200,000 neighbors who love quality home furnishings and good design. When you’re shopping for storage, you want someone who knows how to maximize space, a revisionist if you will. Take for example Wes of Artspace Industrial. He repurposes vintage steel lockers, file cabinets and other items into unique, one of a kind furnishings all from his workshop in update New York.
Jul 12, 2017
On the Rocks: How To Bring the Marble Look Into Every Room
The mere mention of marble conjures up the honed surfaces of luxury hotels, iconic landmarks such as the Taj Mahal, and lavish dream kitchens and bathrooms, yet the longstanding stone favorite is making a grand entrance into our homes these days in more affordable ways than just via floor or counter surfaces. Whether splurging for the natural stone itself or opting for the faux look, the trend has never been more attainable to get. Peruse our roundup of marble-ous (see what we did there?
Jul 11, 2017
10 of the Weirdest Things For Sale on Amazon
It’s Prime Day, and sure, you can spend your hard earned dollars on TVs or Instant Pots or what have you, but why be typical? You, dear reader, are an individual. And one way to show that is through your belongings. Perhaps one of these weird and wacky objects we’ve spotted on sale today speaks to you more than any regular old kitchen appliance.
Jul 11, 2017
Free Money: These Gift Cards Are 20% Off On Amazon Today
Do you like free money? Well good news, because today, Amazon is selling select gift cards for 20 percent off. The deals are part of the retailer’s third annual Prime Day, which includes discounts on over 100,000 products across categories (We’re curating our favorites all day, in case you’d rather not browse through them all yourself). $50 gift cards are going for $39.50. If you frequent any of these retailers, an instant 20 percent off is a pretty easy sell.
Jul 11, 2017
Daily Marketplace Deals: Tribe and Territory’s Luxe Beni Ourain Rugs
We spend our days scouring the Marketplace for gems you can’t find anywhere else. Buy and sell with over 200,000 neighbors who love quality home furnishings and good design. If this picture gives you the urge to sink your toes into a plush rug, then consider Tribe and Territory your source for all that is sumptuous and comfy. Former fashion stylist (and self-proclaimed design obsessed) Katie carries vintage wool rugs made by the Beni Ourain tribes.
Jul 11, 2017
These Are The Best TV Deals On Amazon Today
TV deals are still the holy grail of big shopping holidays, and Prime Day is no different. This year, the online retailer is promising its biggest TV sale ever, and these are the best of them. Amazon tipped us off that Prime Day will include huge deals on TVs, with a variety of brands. They’re planning one of the largest total volume TV deals with a record level of inventory but once again, the are highly likely to sell out.
Jul 10, 2017
Daily Marketplace Deals: Save on Tables from Design Within Reach
We spend our days scouring the Marketplace for gems you can’t find anywhere else. Buy and sell with over 200,000 neighbors who love quality home furnishings and good design. Every home needs multiple places to gather: a coffee table anchors the living room, a dining table is the center of entertaining, and the right work surface is crucial to be productive. Even better? When that key table isn’t just beautiful and functional, but a designer deal at a great price!
Jul 10, 2017
This Transforming Outdoor Table Is Also a Grill For 8
Expecting the guests at your backyard barbecue to grill their own food would ordinarily be considered a huge faux pas, but when they’re seated at JAG’s innovative table and grill combo, the usual dinner party hosting etiquette no longer applies. The Dallas-based design and manufacturing company’s product is an expert combination of sturdy outdoor patio furniture and a BBQ grill. The multi-purpose table houses a grill at its center and can also be transformed into a fire pit.
Jul 8, 2017
Prime Day Preview: 12 of the Top Deals For Your Home (A Few Days Early!)
Amazon’s annual Prime Day doesn’t officially start until next week, but we got a hold of some of the exciting deals the retailer will be offering during their big shopping holiday a little bit early, and we couldn’t wait to share them with you. Check out a few of the biggest deals for your home below: Unless otherwise stated, the deals below start on Monday, July 10 at 9pm EDT and run through 2:59am EDT, Wednesday, July 12, or until the item sells out.
Jul 7, 2017
Here’s How West Elm Is Using Pinterest To Help You Decorate
West Elm’s latest product isn’t a sofa or a lamp, but a neural network. The furniture retailer is using AI and Pinterest to learn your style, and recommend pieces to you like a designer would. The internet, with its seemingly endless options, can be a blessing and a curse when trying to find something that fits your aesthetic. West Elm’s new Pinterest Style Finder is here to help narrow down the choices.
Jul 7, 2017
Daily Marketplace Deals: Designer Throw Pillows
We spend our days scouring the Marketplace for gems you can’t find anywhere else. Buy and sell with over 200,000 neighbors who love quality home furnishings and good design. It’s a well known fact that the fastest way to change the look of your home is to change the textiles. Throw pillows are the easiest and most budget-friendly place to start. New throw pillows can really freshen up your style and inspire the aesthetic of a whole room.
Jul 7, 2017
QVC Buys HSN In $2.1 Billion Deal
If you’re into TV shopping, there’s been quite a shake up today. QVC’s parent company, Liberty Interactive, announced Thursday that it will purchase rival shopping network HSN in an all-stock deal valued at $2.1 billion.
Jul 6, 2017
The Top-Rated Sheets at Have Us Second Guessing Everything We Thought We Felt About Sheets
I once heard a designer (whose name I cannot remember) say something that stuck with me. The exact phrasing escapes me, but the gist was that you should be investing your money in the items that you touch daily. The closer to your skin, the more you should consider spending. It makes total sense, as these are the things in your home you likely use more than anything. And sheets are one of those items.
Jul 6, 2017
Daily Marketplace Deals: Coffee Tables
We spend our days scouring the Marketplace for gems you can’t find anywhere else. Buy and sell with over 200,000 neighbors who love quality home furnishings and good design. Regardless of space, every living room needs the essentials: seating, artwork, and of course, the right coffee table. Since it can be easy to get overwhelmed by all of the options out there (style? size? shape? price?!), we’ve picked some of our favorite deals on coffee tables that Marketplace has to offer.
Jul 5, 2017
A Portrait of Home: Custom House Illustrations from Etsy Artists
A house portrait is the perfect gift for so many occasions: housewarming parties, weddings, anniversaries, baby showers, moving parties, and Mother’s/Father’s day. You could commission an illustration for your BFF of the building you lived in during college, give the parents of a new baby a portrait of the first house the couple shared, or commission a drawing for your parents of the first home you remember.
Jul 4, 2017
Everything You Need to Dine Outside This Summer
The long, lazy nights of summer call for unfussy dinners gathered among friends, family, or just yourself and the stars and nothing brings a picnic or patio table to life quite like vividly colored dinnerware, shatter-proof glasses and delicate string lights that dangle from above. Whether it’s a cookout, picnic, or just a night dining al fresco, I’ve rounded up the prettiest crop of outdoor dining essentials for the summer season. Like little works of art (that can take a beating).
Jul 3, 2017
Daily Marketplace Deals: Your New Favorite Lighting Source
We spend our days scouring the Marketplace for gems you can’t find anywhere else. Buy and sell with over 200,000 neighbors who love quality home furnishings and good design. If you’ve been looking for a bright spot of design inspiration, look no further. Based in Irvine, CA, Cocoweb has a Marketplace corner fully stocked with a beautiful range of new lighting options for your home.
Jul 3, 2017
Target’s Fourth of July Sale: Our Picks for the Best Deals
Target is one of our go to retailers for stylish and affordable pieces, so when they’re on sale, it’s even better. For July 4th weekend, the bullseye is celebrating with up to 30% off furniture, home, and patio, with an extra 15% off on select categories. We rounded up some of our favorite finds below so you can save time searching and get right to saving money.
Jul 1, 2017
The New Australian Home Decor Brand You Should Know About
I know, I know, I just can’t stop talking about ICFF — the truth is, there was just SO much to see at the show and I’m still processing it all. One new booth in particular keeps coming to mind: the Australian home decor brand Les Basic. They launched at ICFF this April and are already making waves in the millennial market. All of their products have a subtle and simple design, and truly embody the attitude “less is more.
Jul 1, 2017
Pier 1 Could Be Launching a New, Urban-Focused Store
If you haven’t been in a Pier 1 Imports store recently, the company has some news that will hopefully lure you back. The retailer is reportedly considering launching a second brand. The Texas based wicker wonderland recently brought on former Kmart CEO Alistair James as their new chief executive on May 1, and he told analysts on Wednesday that the company may need to open a new concept to appeal to younger customers, reports the Star-Telegram.
Jun 30, 2017
Daily Marketplace Deals: Stylish Desk Chairs, Vintage & New
We spend our days scouring the Marketplace for gems you can’t find anywhere else. Buy and sell with over 200,000 neighbors that love quality home furnishings and good design. A hard days’ work requires support, particularly for your lower back. It seems that standing desks are all the rage nowadays but a good desk chair is forever. Similar to a mattress, this isn’t a furniture choice where you’ll want to compromise comfort for price.
Jun 30, 2017
Daily Marketplace Deals: San Francisco’s ModPop Mixes Vintage and CB2
We spend our days scouring the Marketplace for gems you can’t find anywhere else. Buy and sell with over 200,000 neighbors that love quality home furnishings and good design. ModPop calls themselves mid-century enthusiasts but their Marketplace corner is so much more than that.
Jun 29, 2017
Guess What? Bed Bath & Beyond Also Sells Some Stylish Furniture
When you’re on the hunt for a new blender, or drawer organizers, or that bacon bowl maker you saw on TV, you grab your expired 20% off coupons, and you head on over to Bed Bath & Beyond. The big box store is a sure bet for sheets, towels, and humidifiers, but it’s not necessarily the first place you think of if you’re on the hunt for a new coffee or sofa. Well, this post is about to change your mind about all of that, because guess what?
Jun 28, 2017
You Can Order IKEA on Amazon (But It’ll Cost You)
While IKEA isn’t officially selling on Amazon, it is still possible to Prime ship some of their products. Earlier this month, IKEA announced that it’s going to start selling its products on websites other than its own beginning in 2018, with Amazon and Alibaba likely candidates. Shortly after, people started to notice a ton of IKEA items on Amazon, causing much of the internet to think that IKEA surprised us all and started early. Sorry, but that’s not the case.
Jun 28, 2017
When Two Trends Collide: 9 Beautiful Pink Velvet Sofas
Whether you see it as a throwback to the ’80s or a reflection of changing attitudes about femininity, there’s a particular shade of light, slightly-muted pink whose ubiquitousness is as complete as it was sudden. Call it millennial pink, or dusty pink, or rose quartz—it’s everywhere, and it’s the color that every eye seems drawn to. So we’ve created this roundup of sofas where pink, the color of the moment, meets velvet, the fabric of the moment.
Jun 27, 2017
ThredUP Wants to Be the Amazon of Thrift, Announces Its First Brick and Mortar Store Today
The shift in thrift took a massive leap today as sleek online secondhand brand thredUP unveiled details about its first brick-and-mortar store, slated to open on July 20th in a Texas outlet mall. They say everything’s bigger in Texas, and apparently that goes for the density of tech-enabled thrifters, too.
Jun 27, 2017
Daily Marketplace Deals: Outdoor Entertaining Essentials
We spend our days scouring the Marketplace for gems you can’t find anywhere else. Buy and sell with over 200,000 neighbors that love quality home furnishings and good design. No one likes sudden panic of realizing you’re less than prepared to entertain. Didn’t it seem like that event was just weeks away?!
Jun 27, 2017
What We’re Loving From West Elm’s End Of Season Sale
Hey, West Elm fans: we’ve got great news. The retailer is currently having their end of season sale, and the deepest discounts are up to 70% off. It’s only going on through tomorrow, but don’t worry—we rounded up some of our favorite finds to save you some time. Check out our picks below. FYI, the end of season sale is happening in stores and online, though not every West Elm store stocks every item, and some pieces are strictly available online only.
Jun 26, 2017
Design Delivered: 9 Stylish Decor Sources Available on Amazon
Earlier this month, we reported that next year, you’ll likely be able to purchase all your IKEA needs without leaving the comforts of your Amazon home page. But until then, don’t forget that there are plenty of other great home decor and organizing brands to shop on the online mega marketplace.
Jun 26, 2017
Daily Marketplace Deals: Under $100 Furniture and Decor Finds
We spend our days scouring the Marketplace for gems you can’t find anywhere else. Buy and sell with over 200,000 neighbors that love quality home furnishings and good design. As much fun as it is to scroll through aspirational photos of homes and pricy decor, a realistic style upgrade often occurs slowly (and with a set budget).
Jun 26, 2017
People Are Obsessed With These (Bargain!) Velvet Dining Chairs
Whether you have a separate dining room or not, finding the perfect chairs to enjoy a meal on is not an easy feat for the budget minded design lover. When you’re on the hunt to find two to eight (or more!) comfortable and attractive seats, that quickly adds up. That’s why we were excited when we came across this chic bargain that’s almost too good to be true.
Jun 23, 2017
The Home of Tomorrow: Is This the Future of Furniture?
Compared to some, there’s no denying that the furniture industry seems to be one of the most stagnant. While styles have subtly shifted over time in tune with the gentle ebb and flow of fashion, in many ways our furniture hasn’t changed much at all for centuries.
Jun 23, 2017
Daily Marketplace Deals: Raw, Industrial Vintage Style
We spend our days scouring the Marketplace for gems you can’t find anywhere else. Buy and sell with over 200,000 neighbors that love quality home furnishings and good design. While some vintage collectors may stumble across a random assortment of goodies, you’ve got to appreciate someone who can consistently stick to a solid theme.
Jun 23, 2017
Urban Outfitters Has a Big Home Sale Going On Right Now
If you’ve had your eye on something at Urban Outfitters recently, today’s the day to add to cart. The retailer is having a huge home sale, with all furniture, lighting, and more on sale for an additional 15% off. Check out more details (and our picks for best deals) below. While we’re still waiting for there to be a dedicated Urban Outfitters home store, we’ll have to get our decor on through the website.
Jun 22, 2017
Ladies & Gentleman, Anthropologie is Having a Huge Sale
Oh the majesty that is Anthropologie. The second you walk through the doors of that magical retail land, it is like the intoxicating scent of the 27 candles they have burning at any given moment puts you under a spell. It makes you think “sure, I should totally spend $98.50 on this artisanal mug, because it was made by a real person…with their hands. I’m supporting the arts!” Oh…that’s just me? Well, either way, guess what?
Jun 22, 2017
Daily Marketplace Deals: West Elm Lighting, Anthropologie and Pottery Barn Decor
We spend our days scouring the Marketplace for gems you can’t find anywhere else. Buy and sell with over 200,000 neighbors that love quality home furnishings and good design. Lighting isn’t just lighting. It sets the mood for good or bad. And when it’s done right, lighting can take your breath away when you walk into the room. The Rosie Li brass wall sconce from West Elm (featured above) isn’t traditional in nature but it sure is beautiful.
Jun 22, 2017
Amazon’s New Service Lets You Try On Clothes Before You Buy Them
Have you ever shopped for clothes on Amazon? The retail giant wants to make it even easier with their new Prime Wardrobe, a service that lets you order apparel and try it on at home before you lay down that credit card. Prime Wardrobe includes men’s, women’s, and kid’s clothing, shoes, and accessories from both popular department store brands and Amazon’s in house fashion labels.
Jun 21, 2017
Daily Marketplace Deals: Build Your Home With Essentials $300 and Under
We spend our days scouring the Marketplace for gems you can’t find anywhere else. Buy and sell with over 200,000 neighbors that love quality home furnishings and good design. As much as we might like to get little tchotchkes and accessories for our space (guilty as charged), every home needs to start from square one: basics like a solid coffee table, organized entryway and a plush rug create the essential foundation that let you move on to even more personalized touches.
Jun 21, 2017
10 Affordable “Undercover” Favorites at IKEA Right Now
It’s no secret IKEA is an amazing resource for thrifty furnishings and home decor. The robust super store has everything you could need to set up your home, though many items are incredibly recognizable. Sometimes, you just want something that looks nice, but doesn’t scream “I got this at IKEA!!!” Hold on to your hacked-FRAKTA hats, and discover our favorite 10 undercover home decor items to pick up right now at the Swedish retailer.
Jun 20, 2017
Daily Marketplace Deals: Herman Miller and More Mid-Century Favorites
We spend our days scouring the Marketplace for gems you can’t find anywhere else. Buy and sell with over 200,000 neighbors that love quality home furnishings and good design. Who can resist one-stop shopping? Los Angeles-based seller Nate Dusaban has a corner stocked with home essentials and some of our favorite mid-century modern designers, just for a much better price than we’re used to seeing.
Jun 20, 2017
Daily Marketplace Deals: Sophisticated Tallboys and DWR
We spend our days scouring the Marketplace for gems you can’t find anywhere else. Buy and sell with over 200,000 neighbors that love quality home furnishings and good design. When you’re ready to upgrade from hand-me-down dressers, take a look at MCMBKNY. The Brooklyn-based online store specializes in mid-century modern furniture. They offer local delivery in New York City and shipping across the country. Along with dining table sets and credenzas, they carry beautiful tallboys.
Jun 19, 2017
What We’re Loving From Zara Home’s Colorful Sale
There's only a few days left!
Jun 18, 2017
The Amazon Reviews For This Expensive Candle Are Priceless
While useful when deciding between vacuums or whether that book is as good as everyone says it is, Amazon’s customer reviews can also be a true source of hilarity and joy. For the Tom Dixon candle in Water, the category is the latter, and they have us drowning in tears of laughter. As if to inspire satire, the product description reads: Water lends its understated blend of watermelon and amber musk to deliver the sharp clarity of maritime freshness in your home.
Jun 18, 2017
Huge News: Amazon Is Buying Whole Foods
Amazon is going for grocery domination. The company announced Friday morning that they plan to buy Whole Foods in a deal worth $13.7 billion. The deal is expected to go through in the second half of 2017. The story is still developing but CNBC is reporting that according to a statement from Amazon, Whole Foods’ CEO John Mackey will remain on as the leader of the Austin, Texas based grocery chain, and that all of its locations will continue to operate under the Whole Foods name.
Jun 16, 2017
Daily Marketplace Deals: Leather Sofas, Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams and Moroccan Rugs
We spend our days scouring the Marketplace for gems you can’t find anywhere else. Buy and sell with over 200,000 neighbors that love quality home furnishings and good design. Sometimes it seems like Netflix was invented to spend your weekends sprawled out on a buttery leather sofa like this one. Quality cowhide and clean lines make up the modern silhouette of the Madison Sofa. Available for $1699 (delivery included in the price!) from HipVan.
Jun 16, 2017
It’s Time to Introduce Your Plants to Their Vintage Soulmate
I will never claim to have a green thumb. My local plant shop knows better than to try and sell me anything less than the most resilient greenery, and more than once I’ve tried to make dry leaves look gloomily intentional. Despite my lack of gardening skills, I love to dig through plant-packed homes on Instagram and drool over the inventive ways people have thought to display their collection.
Jun 14, 2017
See 12 Stylish Goods for Sale From Your Neighbors
It’s hump day but don’t distress. If your week is feeling a little long, take part in some retail therapy. These fresh Marketplace listings are priced to move. Take a look, make an offer and don’t forget to list your own. The Marketplace is open to all, selling quality home goods and furnishings.
Jun 14, 2017
Hurry! Southwest’s Birthday Sale Has Flights Starting at $39
If you’re starting to think about fall travel, you’re in luck. Southwest Airlines is celebrating its 46th birthday, and you get the gift. But the sale ends soon, so snag your flights now. The sale is for destinations across the US, Latin America, and the Caribbean, and one way fares start at just $39. The prices are good on trips between August 22 and December 16, and yes, there are blackout dates that apply (sorry, Thanksgiving travelers).
Jun 14, 2017
Audrey Hepburn’s Personal Belongings Hit The Auction Block
If you have a few extra thousand dollars lying around and an Audrey Hepburn-sized hole in your celebrity memorabilia collection, you’ll want to get your paddle ready, because some of the beloved actor’s personal belongings are hitting the auction block this fall.
Jun 13, 2017
Interior Decorator Natasha Habermann Picks Her Marketplace Favorites
When it comes to home decor, I have no problem gathering general inspiration (“warm minimalism seems good”), but getting to step two and creating a cohesive look (“how did I end up with so much black?”) is a whole different story. That’s why I’m grateful that interior decorators like Natasha Habermann exist.
Jun 13, 2017
Reviewed: The Most Comfortable Sofas at Interior Define
With a slogan like "Beautiful design. Customized by you. Accessibly priced." the values of Interior Define are music to our design-loving ears.
Jun 12, 2017
Huge News: You Might Be Able to Amazon Your IKEA Starting in 2018
That Amazon Prime membership may become even more valuable soon: IKEA just announced that it’s going to start selling its products on websites other than its own beginning in 2018.
Jun 11, 2017
Splurge, Save, Steal: Plush and Stylish Vintage Rugs
Every design element needs it’s counterpart: for every shiny hardwood floor, your toes are probably also craving comfort from the right rug. Aside from the obvious underfoot plushness, rugs are essential for bringing fresh texture into a room, and a nice burst of color or pattern that you might not want on your walls. There are a ton of beautiful vintage rugs on the Marketplace, but these three stood out for being great deals (and yes, a well-deserved #treatyourself moment).
Jun 9, 2017
IKEA’s Newest Fashion Designer Collaborations Might Be Its Edgiest Yet
More news coming out of Älmhult from IKEA’s annual Democratic Design Day has us excited for the future of fashion meets furniture. The Swedish retailer announced its latest collaborations with fashion designers and we have some sneak peeks at the upcoming collections. First up is the OMEDELBAR collection from Swedish fashion activist and stylist Bea Åkerlund.
Jun 9, 2017
Build It on a Budget: Home Office Essentials from $20 to $299
I often end up on the sofa in a nest of throw pillows and blankets when I work from home. While comfortable, this arrangement doesn’t really provide focus to the tasks at hand. It’s why experts recommend carving out a nook where you can have an established space to buckle down and work. You don’t need much to get started, just a desk, a lamp and a chair. I built a few home office setups using secondhand and vintage finds from Marketplace.
Jun 8, 2017
13 Smart & Stylish Products to Up Your Bathroom Storage
Keeping bathroom ephemera organized—and possibly even attractive—requires constant vigilance, ruthless culling, and the right tools. This baker’s dozen of bins, caddies, shelves, and hooks will keep all of your supplies in order, whether on display for easy access or tucked away for privacy reasons. As seen in Ana and Patrick’s bathroom, above, a storage ladder can provide a ton of attractive storage on a small footprint.
Jun 8, 2017
The Best of Designer Arne Jacobsen on the Marketplace
One of the downfalls of an ambitious designer can be overthinking; your head is swimming with all of these concepts and forms and colors, and far too often function takes a backseat to frills. How many times have you seen some cutting-edge modern design unveiling and thought, “is….is that a chair? Where do your legs go? And why so many edges?!
Jun 7, 2017
Shine On with Decorative Brass Accents
If your home is anything like mine, it’s a mix of secondhand, lower-cost furniture with a few slightly more expensive pieces. It’s been a slow transition to upgrade from futons and flat-pack furniture as my budget allows it. I’ve learned that decor accessories with metallic finishes can really make a room look and feel more upscale. Brass particularly has a worldly quality to it that gives your belongings a polished appearance.
Jun 6, 2017
Monday on Marketplace: Latest Listings Under $25
You know what’s a surefire cure for the Monday blues? A great deal, and specifically one that’s just around the corner. Rather than tear you away from your work, we’ve rounded up some of the best under-$25 finds on the Marketplace. Nothing is more aggravating than a tricky lighting situation in your home.
Jun 5, 2017
Bath & Body Works Is Bringing Back More Nostalgic Scents
If one were to open a time capsule put together by a teen in the 1990s, chances are there would be a hefty collection of fragrances and lotions from Bath & Body Works. The retailer and mall staple has been tapping into that nostalgia by rereleasing formerly retired scents for a limited time, and this year’s collection will be sure to bring back many memories of adolescent shopping sprees and high school classrooms.
Jun 2, 2017
Friday Top Picks for Sale on Marketplace
Start the weekend by making your home just a little prettier. See what your fellow design-loving neighbors are selling this week on Apartment Therapy Marketplace.
Jun 2, 2017
Bookends to Fit Your Style and Organize Your Collection
Most people aren’t blessed with a Beauty and the Beast-size personal library, but I’m willing to guess you have more than a few paperbacks lying around. Luckily the right bookends let you turn any surface into a perfect place to store your reads: keep a few on your desk, on a shelf, propped up on a side table…as long as you start with the right foundation, you’ll have a ton of room to customize to your aesthetic.
Jun 1, 2017
2017 is the Year of the Sofa
In my ramble through this year’s International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF — basically the design world’s answer to a runway show), I noticed something unusual: there were a lot of really, really great sofas. Usually the chair is the darling of the design world, presenting myriad ways to iterate. The sofa is a bit more of a challenge: it’s bigger, and because people think of it as a bit more of a practical piece, it needs to take into account comfort as well.
Jun 1, 2017
Designing With Lucite (For Every Budget)
I absolutely love Lucite. Though technically an umbrella term for clear acrylic, as is the case with Band-Aid and Kleenex, sometimes the brand name becomes synonymous with describing an item in any form.
May 31, 2017
Crate and Barrel for Less: Secondhand Finds in Chicago, LA, NYC and DC
Shopping at Crate and Barrel is a surefire way fill your home with stylish furniture, kitchen gear and decor. Now you can find secondhand Crate and Barrel furnishings for less, much less on Marketplace. For example, the solid walnut Reveal desk normally retails for $899 but is available for $450, gently used. The Crate and Barrel website has the Linea II nightstand priced at $400; a Marketplace steal at $150.
May 30, 2017
10 Events Celebrating Frank Lloyd Wright’s 150th Birthday
June 8 marks the 150th anniversary of Frank Lloyd Wright’s birth. If you’re a fan of the starchitect, then there are plenty of ways to celebrate the momentous day. Here are a few of them. The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation is working with museums and sites across the country for the historic day, which means lots of fun stuff no matter where you happen to be. Excitingly, tour admission to several of the icon’s works will be just $1.
May 30, 2017
Whether Camping or Glamping, This is the Camp Stove for You
Summer is in the air and I’m sure many of you have already made your warm weather travel plans — that said, it’s always nice to be able pack up your tent and sleeping bag and get out under the stars for an impromptu weekend or overnight. I found this camp stove from Biolite a while back and I’ve been hanging onto it, waiting for some warm days to come along before I shared it with you. I’m so excited to finally unbox it today.
May 27, 2017