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Saturday Assignment: Clean Your Blinds!Cleaning
Looking for help remembering to clean those “forgotten” areas of the home that have a huge impact on your space looking and feeling clean? Well we’ve got today’s assignment to tackle: Blinds! They’re a common element in many homes that we tend to leave off of our regular cleaning to-do lists. Take an hour (or less!) of time to tackle today.
Jul 16, 2020
This $14 Amazon Buy Solves Your Ugly Window Slat Blind WoesDesign Ideas
We’re always on the lookout for smart, renter-friendly products that won’t risk your security deposit, and make your space better than the day you moved in. Slatted window blinds are one particular sore spot for a lot of folks: They look generic, have constant problems, and landlords don’t always let you remove them. Well, tenants rejoice, because we found a way to work around those ugly window coverings, and dramatically change the look of your whole room.
Jul 16, 2020
Basement Apartments: Tips for Creating Light & SpaciousnessReal Estate
As the economy continues to putter along, city dwellers are finding cheaper ways to live. While some have decided to move out of the city, others have decided to move below it. Once considered dark and undesirable, English basement apartments are now appealing to those who want to stay conveniently located in the city with a smaller budget. English basements may now be attracting thrifty professionals, but that doesn’t change the fact that they’re still dark.
May 7, 2020
Sources for Inexpensive CurtainsDesign Ideas
When you’re shopping for curtains, it’s pretty common to experience sticker shock. Prices can run surprisingly high, and when you need multiples it really adds up. For anyone who’s felt squeamish just thinking about the cost of curtains, we’ve rounded up some budget sources for a wide selection of drapes under $50… Wild Things: This online-only store carries a huge selection of beaded and fabric curtains, most around $30 to $50.
Apr 3, 2020
Sleep Better with Black-Out Curtains: Sources for Buying & Making ThemDesign Ideas
Being awoken by the sun is actually good for you, but there are times when darkening a room aids in sleep especially for napping children, shift workers or others with non traditional sleep schedules and for blocking artificial night time light such as from a streetlamp. Blackout curtains also are energy saving (keeping heat from escaping in the winter and the hot sun from heating up your room in the summer) and help block or muffle outdoor noise.
Mar 29, 2020
Kids’ Room Inspiration: White Walls + Statement CurtainsDesign Ideas
If you’re looking to add color, pattern, or texture to a kids room in a rental, don’t despair! Even with requisite white (or bland beige) walls, statement curtains can come to the rescue: 1. Arden’s White & Black Wonderland achieves a sophisticated look (and good nap time dimming) with black curtains. 2. Bright, Colorful Abode owes its name, in large part, to its golden yellow curtains. 3.
Mar 11, 2020
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How To Make Curtains from Vintage ScarvesDesign Ideas
A vintage scarf from a flea market or yard sale can be a hard thing to pass up. So hard, in fact, that you might find yourself with quite the collection. If your scarf stash is getting a bit out of control, this could be the perfect project for you! Once you measure your windows and decide on the configuration of your scarves, the actual sewing goes by pretty quickly.
Dec 19, 2019
Before & After: No Excuse for a Naked WindowHome Projects
Makeover by: Jennifer Location: San Diego Moving into a new place means lots of little unfinished spots that need solutions, which means spending both time and money. Jennifer dressed up this window corner quickly, stylishly and for less that you would think possible. Check it out… Jennifer added triangle vinyl decals to a plain rolling shade that she picked up at Home Depot.
Dec 19, 2019
Why Home Stagers Will Always Take Down Your Window TreatmentsReal Estate
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15 Sound & Light Blocking Window Treatment SolutionsDesign Ideas
I loved lots of things about living on San Francisco’s Valencia Street: the coffee at Four Barrel, the mariachis at Puerto Allegre, everything at Community Thrift. But the one thing that always got me down was the Valencia Street Yelling Team. Between the constant yelling and the streetlight directly outside my window, falling asleep was a nightly battle. Blackout curtains to the rescue! Velvet + Wool Curtains: 1. Studded Wool Curtains from West Elm, $79-$89 2.
Sep 12, 2019
NY Good Questions: How Can I Hide These Security Bars?Design Ideas
Hello AT, I’m looking for a solution to hide really ugly security bars on my living room window.I need a solution that still allows light to enter the room because the room is dark.Any suggestions are appreciated!Thanks! Emily(Note: Include a pic of your problem and your question gets posted first.)Dear Emily,This is a perennial NYC question and one that we wish was answerable by simply saying TAKE THE BARS DOWN, but we know that is not reasonable for everyone.
May 10, 2019
8 Solutions for Bathroom WindowsHome Projects
Privacy and light are big issues when choosing bathroom window treatments. Natural light is really important in a small space, but bathroom windows need some serious cover-up. Click below for 8 solutions for bathroom windows, whether you rent or you’re planning a renovation… Top: Wooden blinds are a popular choice for bathrooms because they go with a wide range of decors, they’re simple to clean, and they let in light while obscuring the view.
May 10, 2019
10 Blackout Curtains To Help Babies & Kids Sleep LongerDesign Ideas
Summer is lovely, except… why-oh-why are our kids waking up at 6am? Oh, that’s right, they have this horrible innate sense to get up the instant the sun gets up. Well, if you, like me, would rather trick your tots into sleeping a little longer, rather than waking up daily before 7am, then here are some curtains for you! It’s black-out time! 1. Ruffle Blackout Panels from Pottery Barn Kids. From $89 per panel. 2. Chevron Blackout Panels from Pottery Barn Kids.
May 4, 2019
Pro Decorator Tricks to Try: Curtains the Same Color as Your WallsDesign Ideas
Sure, curtains are one more opportunity to add color, pattern and interest to a room, but for a chic, elegant look consider curtains in the same color (or one shade lighter or darker) as the surrounding walls. It shows design confidence: I could jazz this place up with contrasting curtains, but everything else is so fabulous I don’t need to.
May 4, 2019
Worth a Fix: Common Ways You Might Be Getting Window Treatments WrongDesign Ideas
Windows — and their coverings — are a big part of your home’s design. Are you getting yours right? There are a lot of ways you can go wrong with window treatments in your home. Here are seven to look out for. Like the look of sheers but can’t sleep because they let too much street light in? Love the look of big, thick drapes but wish you had more of a breeze in your home?
May 4, 2019