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3 Reasons You Should Label Everything at Home
Here's why labeling is key to a well-maintaned organizational system
Apr 28, 2019
6 Common Things That Make Your Kitchen Look Messier than It Is
Whether you’re sprucing up for company or just trying to maintain a tidy home on the reg, there are several things that can hinder your efforts. Kitchens are a notoriously tough room; no matter how often you scrub, sweep, and organize, if you do any of these six things, it will still look messy. This one may be obvious, but too much stuff on your countertops is a total no-no.
Mar 26, 2019
8 Mistakes You’re Making When It Comes to Organizing Your Freezer
Your freezer is a magical place. It’s a place for pints of ice cream (to devour while binge-watching whatever is new on Netflix); for giant ice cubes (to make adult cocktails); and, most importantly, for nourishing meals (to sustain you when you think your only option is takeout). Obviously, you don’t have to be a wizard in order to take care of this magical place. But you—and your freezer!—will be better off if you know to avoid these common organizing mistakes.
Mar 20, 2019
5 Kitchen-Organizing Ideas to Steal from Savvy Dollar Store Shoppers
It's easy to think you need to spend a lot of money to get a well-organized pantry—but you'd be wrong.
Mar 17, 2019
Tips for Keeping a Clutter-Free Kitchen
With the rise in open space floorplans, having a neat and tidy kitchen has become increasingly important. If not kept in check, kitchen clutter can soon take over the entire space. And a cluttered kitchen is a sure fire path to frequent take-out ordering. Here are tips for keeping your kitchen clutter-free and ready for meal prep.• Keep the countertops clear – Coffee maker, toaster, mixer, blender … so many little appliances, so little space.
Mar 12, 2019
10 Amazingly Brilliant Kitchen Organizers for $10 or Less
A place for everything and everything in its place. We love that saying — especially when you think of it in terms of kitchens. See, kitchens stock a lot of stuff. Probably more than most rooms. And things can get unwieldy, quickly. So we are pro organizers—just not the expensive ones. There’s no reason to spend a boatload of money on fancy bins or containers. Spend just a little bit and you can create the most perfect homes for all the odds and ends in your kitchens.
Feb 20, 2019
One Small Push You Can Make Towards a Less Cluttered Kitchen
The January Cure is all about refreshing and organizing your home for 2019. We tackle one assignment each weekday throughout the entire month. It’s not too late to sign up, and you can visit the Cure page to catch up with the assignments so far. It doesn’t matter if you cook every day or once in a blue moon. You might have a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it kitchen, or one with more cabinets than you know what to do with.
Jan 28, 2019
This Inside/Out Plan Makes Cleaning the Kitchen a Breeze
The January Cure is all about refreshing and organizing your home for 2019. We tackle one assignment each weekday throughout the entire month. It’s not too late to sign up, and you can visit the Cure page to catch up with the assignments so far. We’re at the end of week two of the Cure! How are you doing? We say it all the time, but I’ll go ahead and say it again: This whole Cure thing is about progress, not perfection.
Jan 11, 2019
I Doubled My Kitchen Sink Storage for Only $22
What is it about under-sink areas that make them so likely to turn into a black hole? Is it because they’re sort of low to the ground and tucked away that we have a tendency to just crack the door, shove stuff in, and slam the door? As a result, sink cabinets turn into these dank, dark, places where all the stuff you don’t want sitting on your countertop just accumulates.
Jan 9, 2019
The $10 Buy That Makes the Cabinet Under My Sink Less Gross
Fun fact: You don’t have to cringe every time you reach for the dishwasher detergent and get a glimpse of what’s going on under your kitchen sink. Just because that’s what happens for most people doesn’t mean that’s the way it has to be for everyone. It’s not how it is for me. I’ve actually got one simple little trick to keep things nice under there. Here’s my secret to keeping the least sexy part of the kitchen looking spiffy.
Dec 9, 2018
The $60 Kitchen Rack (from Amazon!) That the Internet’s Obsessed With
Spend enough time looking at kitchen designs, and things start to look familiar. You start to see the same trends and products—KitchenAid stand mixers, pot rails from IKEA, and bright-pink rugs, for example—over and again. Sometimes things become popular because of a dedicated marketing team with a lot of ad dollars, but sometimes it happens on its own because a product is just that useful.
Dec 2, 2018
This Organizer Will Give You Back Your Kitchen Cabinets
Variety is the spice of life, as they say, and nowhere is this more true than when amassing your collection of tea for cold-weather sipping. I bet everyone in your household has their own favorite that evokes the comforting sensation of sitting on the couch shrouded in a blanket beside a crackling fire and twinkling fairy lights. You make sure you’re stocked on the old standbys: mint, sleepy time, vanilla chamomile, and rooibos.
Nov 30, 2018
How to Fix Your Bottle Clutter Problem with Just $15
Keeping your home free of clutter is a worthy, if lofty goal. As much as we vow to keep the one-in-one-out policy and only keep what makes us happy or is the best version of itself, there are a few things that we do need to hoard in multiples—and sometimes there’s no way around the fact that they’re just plain clutter-y. That’s where smart organization solutions come into play.
Nov 21, 2018
5 Reasons I’ll Never Put a Command Center in My Kitchen
The kitchen is the de facto command center in most homes. This is where families gather for breakfast and dinner—and homework and work work, too— every day, and it’s the spot to catch your kids or your spouse if there’s something you need to communicate about your day. So no wonder companies and bloggers make a big deal about putting a command center in the kitchen. It sounds so good: a designated spot, bulletin board and all, for controlling your household.
Nov 15, 2018
Declutter Your Kitchen Counter with This Gravity-Defying $15 Find
If you’re anything like me (i.e. living with a tiny kitchen that has hardly any storage space), then you already know how hard it is to find room to stash stuff. But what if we told you we discovered an accessory that offers up extra kitchen storage opportunity and helps you keep your cooking tools organized to boot? This stylish Umbra Float Kitchen Organizer at Amazon mounts directly under any old kitchen cabinet (or onto the wall) for easy access to your most used cooking tools.
Nov 13, 2018
The $13 Target Find That Keeps My Kitchen Clutter-Free
I’m one of those people who is constantly searching for keys, headphones, electricity bills… you name it. The door to my apartment opens up into the kitchen, so the counter closest to the doorway had become a dumping ground for odds and ends. Because it’s a small kitchen, though, any kind of clutter makes the whole room look messy. For a while, I had some hooks set up by the doorway, which were handy for my keys, but not much else.
Oct 22, 2018
These Beautiful Pantries Are Pure Eye Candy
There’s nothing more satisfying than a good organizational moment, and these pantries do not disappoint. Prepping lunches and cooking dinner don’t have to be miserable experiences, and whether you have the walk-in pantry of your dreams or a tiny studio with no storage, these beauties prove that you can up your pantry game no matter where you live.
Oct 2, 2018
This $13 Kitchen Buy Helped Me Organize My Home in Minutes
Staying organized at home with a tight schedule—and budget—is never easy. That’s why it pays to search for simple, inexpensive ways to streamline your space in a pinch. And amazingly, we discovered a $13 buy that can help you organize and elevate your place in seconds. Target koji Ice Popsicle Molds 13 Buy now Popsicle molds, people, popsicle molds.
Sep 13, 2018
A Brilliant, Regret-Free Way You Can Use Tape to Declutter Your Kitchen
We go to great lengths to get things out of our homes, but there's one popular trope that will always work.
Aug 22, 2018
7 Next-Level Kitchen Organization Tools You’re Not Using Yet
It’s still summer, but make no mistake: fall is right around the corner. Now’s a great time to get your kitchen in shipshape before school starts and life becomes crazy again. Here are seven simple, inexpensive tools and creative methods that’ll make your kitchen easy to use again, and next-level organized. You thought you grabbed a spoon, but it isn’t until you got clear across the room that you realized it was a fork instead.
Aug 3, 2018
5 Secrets of People Who Always Seem to Have a Tidy Kitchen
There are some folks who seem to have immaculately clean kitchens at all times. Whether you’re over for a party or you swing by unannounced for a quick cup of coffee, their kitchens are always spotless — with gleaming countertops, floors you could eat off of, and everything in its place. How do these people manage to keep things so neat and tidy? They know to do these five things.
Jul 22, 2018
This $15 Organizer Is a Lifesaver for Your Worst Kitchen Mess
Kitchens come in all shapes and sizes, and sadly, the smaller the kitchen, the harder it is to find the storage room to stay organized. While some of us are lucky enough to have proper pantries to nicely stash our kitchenwares, many of us are forced to forge our own storage solutions inside our cramped cooking spaces. Thankfully we’re here to help.
Jul 2, 2018
The Most Beautiful Kitchen Organizers You Can Buy on Amazon
It’s no secret that we love a smart storage solution. A storage solution that looks smart too? Well, we just lose our minds over that kind of stuff. And so explains our current obsession with YAMAZAKI home. Do you know the brand? The line features all sorts of accessories (including shelf risers, cookbook holders, tool holders, and more) that puts other kitchen organizers to shame.
Jun 30, 2018
The $13 Way to Take Charge of Your Messiest Kitchen Cabinet
It’s an unfortunate truth of small space living that the tinier the kitchen, the harder it is to find storage space—and worse, stay organized. While some of us invest in new ways to carve out storage space and keep our kitchens tidy, others are forced to forgo their non-essential (and clutter-causing) kitchen wares, especially plastic Tupperware. But fret not my lunch-packing (and leftover-loving) friends, there’s hope for your messy Tupperware cabinet.
Jun 25, 2018
5 Kitchen Items You’re Storing the Wrong Way
Your kitchen is the workhorse of the home, and the items you store in it — serving pieces, utensils, and all that cookware — are among the toughest items in the whole place because they have to stand up to daily use. And even though these items are super-durable, if you store them incorrectly, you could potentially damage them (or, at the very least, waste space you could be using for something else). Here are five kitchen items you may be storing the wrong way.
Jun 5, 2018
The Best Ways to Organize Your Kitchen, According to a Nutritionist
Your kitchen is kind of like command central for your house. Think about everything that goes on there—not least of which is the preparation of up to three meals a day, practically every day of your life. Unfortunately, sometimes in the hustle of that life, things can get a little… disorganized. And by that I mean your fridge may sport haphazard piles of random leftovers in unlabeled containers wedged between broccoli that’s seen better days.
May 23, 2018
5 Affordable Organizing Solutions I Swear by in My Kitchen
I don't have a fortune to customize the cabinets from top to bottom — just a few dollars here and there to maximize my kitchen's storage potential.
Apr 20, 2018
How to Maximize the Cabinet Space Under Your Kitchen Sink
In every home I’ve ever lived in, the cabinets under my kitchen sink have devolved into terrifying, damp caves of old cleaning supplies, trash bags, and other objects I’m not sure where else to store. Often, there comes a point I simply don’t want to open the doors and see what’s waiting for me inside. This reticence can have far-reaching effects.
Apr 3, 2018
The 10 Commandments of a Clean & Happy Pantry
Be it a room, a cabinet or even just a drawer, your pantry deserves a little love.
Nov 11, 2017
27 Things to Get Rid of in the Kitchen Before Thanksgiving
Nothing turns a happy chef into a frazzled one like rifling through drawers or disassembling the kitchen to dig out the necessary tools. Don’t let this be you at Thanksgiving. For a smoothly running kitchen — and, more importantly, a smiling cook — eliminate everything that doesn’t need to be in your kitchen before the big day.
Nov 6, 2017
Junk Drawer No More: How To Tame a Tangle of Cooking Tools
It’s natural to focus your attention on the parts of your home that other people see, but we’d like to advocate today that you turn your focus to a small spot that easily becomes messy, cluttered and frustrating — your kitchen utensil drawer. Go open yours right now; what do you see? A streamlined monument to organization and efficiency? No? Ok, it’s time to straighten it up. It will look better and, more importantly, work better for you.
Sep 7, 2017
The Cleaning Nudge You Need: Take 20 Minutes and Make Today Fridge Day!
I’ve never been skydiving or gotten a tattoo, but I like to imagine the rush that keeps people coming back for more is a lot like the feeling I get when I open my refrigerator door to find a perfectly pristine display worthy of being photographed for “I Eat Well and Have My Life Together” magazine. Because, truthfully, I feel like a clean and well-organized refrigerator is the most important key to happiness.
Aug 27, 2017
The Clever DIY Storage Idea That’ll Take Your Kitchen to the Next Level
If you’ve got a pantry—no matter the size, from a small cabinet to a complete closet to a dedicated room—chances are you have a door or two enclosing it. While you might have given attention to organizing the shelves within your pantry, have you thought about tackling all that wasted space behind your door? This DIY pantry door storage solution is functional and beautiful. And it’s such a good idea, we’re rerunning this post two years in a row!
Aug 22, 2017
The Internet’s Favorite Plastic Zipper Food Storage Bags
Plastic zipper bags are probably a food storage staple in your home—they’re an easy way to store food in the fridge and freezer, plus they can help keep you organized in other ways, including being a necessity when you travel by air.
Aug 14, 2017
7 Kitchen Drawer Organizers to Actually Get Excited About
When you think of a silverware organizer, you probably think of a standard cutlery tray—a plastic bin with sections for knives, forks and spoons, with maybe an extra section or two for other miscellaneous utensils. But just because most of the options you come across are simple, that doesn’t mean you’re stuck settling for the basics.
Jul 28, 2017
How To Organize Your Pantry for $49 and One Trip to the Store
A five-part plan for a better pantry by tomorrow.
Jul 17, 2017
The Renter-Friendly Secret Weapon That Solved My Small Kitchen Storage Woes
Plus, it's super renter-friendly.
Jul 3, 2017
A Kitchen Storage Trend That’s a Fresh Update on Floating Open Shelving
If you’re itching to kick your standard closed cabinets to the curb to update the look of your kitchen, you may be considering the controversial open shelf. But before you add a bunch of bespoke floating wooden shelves to your kitchen, consider this in-between look that’s a little less expected. It just might be the thing you’re looking for to add some organized, yet visually interesting storage to your cooking space.
Jun 19, 2017
7 Compact & Good-Looking Indoor Composting Bins for Your Kitchen
Want to be less wasteful but don’t know where to start? It might be time to try composting. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, food scraps and yard waste make up about 20 to 30 percent of what we throw away, and all of it should be composted instead. Composting has a lot of great benefits like reducing the need for chemical fertilizers and reducing methane emissions from landfills.
Jun 12, 2017
No Counter Space? Solutions for a Clean and Clutter-Free Kitchen Sink Zone
Kitchen sink zones come in all shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, the smaller the space, the harder it is to find extra room for storage. Throw in the fact that you’ve barely got any countertop space, and keeping things clean and organized around your sink can really start to get tricky. Luckily, all it takes is some effort and imagination to transform a cramped kitchen area into a streamlined display.
Mar 14, 2017
6 Genius Ways to Organize Under the Sink
The area under your kitchen or bathroom sink can sometimes feel like an island of lost products. And it will never get any better, until you actually take the steps to sort it out and install some (potentially temporary) organization solutions. Here, half a dozen ideas to get your cabinets in order. Put one or more of these into place, and you’ll be rewarded with a storage area that looks better (good for your heart) and works better (good for your mind).
Aug 31, 2016
Storage Solutions: 8 Brilliantly Hidden Kitchen Drop Zones
I can’t imagine Ben Franklin was thinking of secret and sneaky compartments for modern home storage solutions when he said “A place for everything, everything in its place,” but the inventor’s wise words are no less true today, particularly in these 8 genius kitchens. Above: Add just a few more inches to your upper kitchen cabinets to stash away dog leashes, keys, wallets, notes, and beyond.
Aug 16, 2016
The Big List of Clever Ideas for Your Most Organized Kitchen Yet
There’s a lot that goes on in your kitchen, so it’s especially important that it be organized. Here are 18 ideas that will keep your cabinets and countertops clean and uncluttered, so you can focus on the important stuff, like cooking, and, of course, eating. Use tension rods inside a drawer to keep the contents from being jumbled about. Another great use for tension rods? Holding cookie sheets neatly upright. You can also get the same effect with a file organizer.
Jun 24, 2016
Design Solutions: A Lookbook of (Good Looking!) Hanging Pots & Pans Solutions in Real Kitchens
Whether your space is just too small or your storage options lacking, you might find yourself in the position of figuring out where to store pots in your kitchen. Don’t despair if there’s no cabinet to tuck them away in; there are ways to store your pots out in the open that won’t hurt your eyes. For your storage inspiration files: 14 examples of real homes storing pots stylishly.
Jun 9, 2016
Organization Orgasms: 12 Well-Designed Pantries You’d Love to Have in Your Kitchen
You know you’re Type A when the sight of a perfectly organized pantry sends shivers down your spine. We’ve rounded up 12 spectacular kitchen spaces with perfectly portioned storage built for these families’ dry goods and serveware. If you’re building out your own pantry right now, these spaces will serve to inspire your design. And if you don’t even have a pantry? Feel free to scroll down and immerse yourself in an addicting bout of organization zen moments.
Jun 3, 2016
3 Easy, Instant Ways I Made More Room in My Tiny Kitchen
I moved into a small, 500 square foot apartment with real wood floors, tall charming ceilings and a spunky little kitchen that can’t be more than a few feet wide. Yes, WIDE. We’re talking can’t-open-the-oven-unless-you’re-standing-on-the-side small. But I managed to fit everything I needed in my kitchen snugly, in a way that functions well enough that I can easily pull things out as I need.
Sep 28, 2015
4 Easy Things You Can Do to Make Any Size Kitchen Better
Looking for easy things you can do to make your kitchen better, look nicer and feel more comfortable? You want it to be an inspiring space you want to use. There are lots of improvements you can make; these four things are easy and work with any size or style of kitchen. What are those things you use everyday? The things you’d have to open a door or drawer to get to (or maybe even dig out of some container)?
Sep 23, 2015
Before & After: Eleanor’s Corner Kitchen Cupboard Clearout
Like most people’s, or at least most avid cooks’, my kitchen never seems to have enough storage. I’ve mentioned my issues with kitchen storage and organization before, and it’s an ongoing struggle, but one of my cupboards has recently gone from hot mess to holy moly, that’s tidy!, all thanks to two cheap, simple products.
Aug 10, 2015
20+ Ways to Use Common Kitchen Storage All Around the House
Adapt these common household items to use throughout the house.
Jun 12, 2015
Parental Wisdom: 3 Tips for Organizing Your Kitchen Cabinets from My Mom & Dad
This week marks the start of a new chapter for my mom and dad. After four pleasant years spent in Northern Virginia they’re loading up the car and, along with the dogs, hitting the road for their new home in Atlanta. This isn’t the first, or even the fifth home they’ll be moving into during their thirty-one year marriage, and they’ve become quite adept at quickly and efficiently organizing a new space.
Oct 2, 2014
Stylish Storage: 10 Smart Ways to Organize Your Pantry
For years I’ve coveted pantries, and now that I have one… it’s kind of a mess. Keeping a well-stocked pantry user-friendly is definitely a challenge, but the wisest minds online are here to help… From across the web, here are some of the best ideas for keeping your pantry organized. You’ll never spend 15 minutes digging around for the sugar ever again. Open + Industrial Perhaps the best way to keep your pantry looking its best? Make it public.
Feb 7, 2014
How To Use the $30 IKEA RÅSKOG Cart in Every Room of the House
The best furniture investments are versatile pieces that can work in many rooms. It turns out that’s also good advice when deciding on cheaper pieces, too. Like the $30 RÅSKOG cart from IKEA. This lean, mean, vintage-y turquoise machine will roll itself right into the decor of any room. Above is the RÅSKOG in its original turquoise. It’s now also available in black, dark grey, reddish brown and beige. RÅSKOG as a nightstand? Sure.
Jan 21, 2014
Before & After: Kimberly’s Overflow to Organized Pantry
Who hasn’t opened their pantry or cabinets to a mess and thought — there’s not even any “real food” for dinner? Kimberly’s pantry needed a clean out and some order. If this ‘before’ photo looks familiar to you, check out what some labels and dollar bins did for her: From Kimberly: I decided I’d just take one shelf at a time one night a week and organize everything. That idea lasted until I finished the first shelf.
Mar 5, 2013
9 Steps To Arranging A Well-Organized Kitchen
Whether you’ve just moved into a new space, are settling into a summer rental, or are just frustrated with your kitchen, here are some ideas to help you arrange your kitchen for maximum cooking and cleaning efficiency that will making mucking about in the space a lot more fun.Start with what you have: You may love them, you may hate them, but unless you’ve got the money for a full scale renovation, your sink, stove and refrigerator aren’t going anywhere.
Jul 25, 2012
10 Space Saving Wine Racks
image:0caf075f8a1ed11648badab396d73b2aa322fae6 w:540 s:"fit" class_name:"mt-image-center" show_pin_button:"true" show_image_credits:"true" As we enter the entertaining season we find ourselves stocking up on bottles. They aren’t all for ourselves, of course. There’s one for the host, a couple for the dinner party, one for that recipe and, well, maybe a couple for us to keep at home.
Oct 13, 2009