These Storage Boxes Are So Ridiculously Stylish, You Won’t Want to Hide Them Under the Bed or in the Closet

updated Jan 11, 2024
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Built-in desk and closet across from a wooden dining table.
Credit: Lula Poggi

For a long time, it seemed like the general consensus around storage solutions was that they didn’t need to be stylish. After all, if you’re stowing a set of bins inside your closet or up in your attic, no one’s going to see them, right? If you’re a small-space dweller, however, there’s a very good chance that your storage bins are, indeed, visible. For a few years, I had a lime green plastic bin I’d bought at the dollar store next to my desk, its garish shade an unignorable distraction from my carefully chosen bedroom decor. So, please listen when I tell you to not skimp on the aesthetics when it comes to your home organizers. This is easier said than done, but we recently came across some pretty snazzy containers from Food52, and they’re stackable, no less! Snag a few of the like-it stacking storage containers just in time for post-holiday cleaning, and say goodbye to clutter for good.

What are the stacking storage containers?

The first thing you’ll notice about these containers is their ribbed design, which has been trending in recent years but is still pretty unique for storage bins. The containers come in four colors, though the tan option is selling fast and is currently only available in the “deep” size. This is the biggest size, measuring nearly 28″ long, 17″ wide, and 16″ high. But when you buy the bins in white, black, or green, you can also get them in a shallow size that’s just as long and wide, or a set of two minis. The best part is, that all of the smaller containers can be stacked inside one deep container. For example, if you’re putting away holiday decorations, you can store ornaments in the mini containers, garlands, and stockings in the shallow container, and stack them all inside one deep container. In a year’s time, you won’t have to dig through a pile of boxes in the closet to find all of the pieces.

Additionally, the containers are waterproof and boast tight-fitting lids, so you can bring them along on camping trips and other outdoor excursions. You’ll also love the rounded side handles and 220-lb. capacity of the deep container.

Credit: Food52

What Food52 Reviewers Are Saying

Average Rating: 4.6/5

“Absolutely adore the boxes. Features (are) too numerous to list. Stackable, nestable, generously sized, waterproof. Using them to transfer items from house to RV and back again.” — Carol

“These containers are fantastic. I started with a medium and came back to add a large. I’m using them for very heavy supplies I use in diversionary art activities, but they would be great for so many different kinds of activities and contents. I would definitely buy this again as I add more supplies to my collection.” — Andrea

“Great storage find! I use these containers on my coffee bar, and (they) are perfect for bags of coffee. They are very spacious and stack easily without taking up a lot of shelf space. The black color is also nice.” —Wendy

Oh, and before we forget, you can slide the shallow bins under your bed for out-of-season linens and garments. In short, there’s no storage purpose that’s off-limits when you have these efficient and beautiful stacking containers at your disposal.