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9 Stylish IKEA Hacks Your Cat Will Love
As a proud parent of a cat, a pup, and a lot of plants, I’m a firm believer that family also includes our adorable pets. And family members deserve beautiful and functional surroundings.You might have already upgraded your own spaces with IKEA hacks for your bathroom, tiny kitchen, and closets, but if you haven’t given your cats their own IKEA hacks then it’s time to change that. After all, your cats can appreciate a good IKEA hack just as much as the next human.
Nov 18, 2020
This Viral TikTok Says You Can Clean Your Toaster with a Hair Dryer—So I Tried It
I’m no stranger to using new tools on old jobs, but I’ll admit, I’d never thought to bring a hair tool into the kitchen.
Nov 8, 2020
This No-Sew Hack Lets You DIY a New Throw Pillow in 5 Minutes for Less Than $10
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Spa Bathrooms, Wine Cellars & More: 8 Dream House Features That're Pretty Doable
Dream Week
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This Easy IKEA Hack Is the Secret to Happy Plants—Even in Small, Dark Homes
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This TikTok Hack Recreates the Look of Gold Leaf for $0—with Impressive Results
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Before and After: A Blah Bedroom's Soothing Refresh Has Ideas Starting at $10
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8 Clever IKEA Hacks to Make the Most of Your Tiny Bathroom
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The 7 Best IKEA Hacks We've Seen So Far This Year
Anticipating the arrival of the 2021 IKEA catalog? Same here. To tide you over, here are the seven best IKEA hacks we've seen so far this year.
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10 IKEA Bed Hacks That’ll Give You a Boost in Style, Storage, and More
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This Simple-But-Genius TikTok Hack Will Help You Fake Overhead Lighting
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This IKEA Hack Turns a Plain TARVA Dresser into a Vintage-Looking Heirloom
It's hard to tell after this redo that this piece is brand new, and not a family heirloom.
Aug 2, 2020
This Easy $8 Hack Eliminates the Most Frustrating Thing About Earbuds
This is the tiniest of tiny problems—a mildly annoying blip over the course of any given day. But it’s completely avoidable!
Jul 23, 2020
This TikTok User Shared The Easiest (and Cheapest) Way to Make Your Curtains Look More Expensive
The answer is in your recycling bin.
Jul 20, 2020
8 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With IKEA’s $10 KNUFF Magazine Files
Even if you got stuck in there for a whole afternoon (and, let’s be honest, who hasn’t?), you might still never see every little thing the IKEA marketplace has to offer. Take, for instance, the untreated wooden magazine file the Swedish retailer likes to call KNUFF. It’s affordable and so unassuming you might miss it if you weren’t looking for it, but the KNUFF can be used for a whole host of things around the house.
Jul 17, 2020
Budget Home Hacks Hiding in the IKEA 2019 Catalog
Look past all the stylish and affordable furniture and accessories in the new 2019 IKEA catalog, and you’ll also see some pretty smart and awesomely affordable decorating ideas as well. Get inspired by these design-savvy home hacks hiding in those glossy pages, all of which are very doable on a very small budget. Since this is most definitely a catalog shoot, chances are very, very good that you’re not looking at actual board and batten on the walls.
Jul 16, 2020
Before and After: A Clunky, Chopped-Up Bathroom Becomes a Spa-Like Oasis
Dividing walls were holding this bathroom back. Tearing them out helped it reach its open, airy potential.
Jul 16, 2020
20 Ways to Hack, Tweak, Repurpose & Reimagine IKEA’s Trofast
Think you’re clever using IKEA’s Trofast to round up all your kids’ toys, do ya? Well, okay, it is perfect for that, but that’s so Trofast 1.0. You’ve got to expaaaaand your miiiiind. Think outside the biiiiiin. Like these folks, who show that mere toy storage is just the tip of the Trofast iceberg. Check out these 20 ways to use the use the Trofast. Some are true hacks and reimaginings, others minor tweaks and adjustments. Not familiar with Trofast?
Jul 15, 2020
Before and After: I Made My Plain Rental Dining Room Look Seriously High-End
I got tired of my boring "blank slate" dining room—so I made it a colorful haven.
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The Most Underrated Items at IKEA, According to Expert-Level DIYers
Go beyond the BILLY bookcase.
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How to Find the Most Hackable IKEA Pieces, According to Seasoned IKEA Hackers
For the best results, choose your hack carefully. Here's our expert guide.
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Before and After: A Dreamy IKEA Hack-Filled Laundry Room Redo for Just $500
Dreamy? A laundry room? Yes, really!
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Before and After: A Bold Renter-Friendly Paint Job That Will Wow You
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Before and After: A $120 Project Gives Old IKEA KALLAX Shelves a Farmhouse Spin
It only took a few elements to revitalize this decade-old shelf.
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9 Ways to Make Cheap Furniture Last Forever
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May 27, 2020
How To Clean a Cast Iron Skillet
Instructions for cast iron skillet cleaning often include a lot of don’ts: don’t use soap, don’t use steel wool, don’t put it in the dishwasher. It’s almost enough to scare one off from cast iron completely! However, with a few simple techniques, you’ll be able to keep your skillet clean, rust-free, and well-seasoned. (And, worst-case scenario, you can always re-season it.
May 15, 2020
Should You Try That “Coffee in the Laundry” Hack on Your Dark Clothes? We Asked an Expert
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The Smartest, Most Stylish IKEA Hacks of 2017
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Before and After: This Rental-Friendly Patio Redo is a Plant-Lover's Dream
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Just $50 in Materials Helps This IKEA Dresser Mimic a Thousand-Dollar Piece
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Apr 11, 2020
Before and After: A $0 Hack Gives These Sad Stairs a Colorful Boho Upgrade
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Apr 8, 2020
The Easy, No-Nails-Required Way to Give Your Walls a Vintage Shiplap Look
This one-day project gives your walls instant character.
Apr 7, 2020
6 Inspirational Hacks that Make IKEA's $10 LACK Table Look Like a Million Bucks
You don't have to spend a fortune to get a high-end look.
Mar 24, 2020
Before and After: A Storage Nook Turned Chic, Practical Home Office for $150
From junk storage to productivity haven.
Mar 17, 2020
I Cleaned My Oven Door with a Dishwasher Tablet—And I Recommend It 100 Percent
I’ve never met a cleaning hack I wasn’t willing to try. And this one paid off.
Mar 15, 2020
40 New Uses for Rubber Bands
Each day my postal worker delivers my mail through the slot securely wrapped in a single rubber band. Multiply that single band by sheer number of days and— needless to say—those rubber bits pile up. I’ve tried to refuse them to no avail, and I won’t throw them out. So they keep coming and I’m left to find alternate uses for the things.
Mar 11, 2020
Before and After: A $340 DIY Bedroom Proves the Power of a Fresh, Fun Paint Job
This budget bedroom has some super smart ideas.
Mar 10, 2020
IKEA Cabinets Are the Secret to This High-End (but Low-Cost) Mudroom
This IKEA hack has the look of custom woodwork—but costs a lot less.
Mar 6, 2020
We Gave DIYers $50 to Transform a Mystery Object—the Results Will Delight You
Makeover Madness
First up: Turning a blah brown doormat into a cheery welcome.
Mar 4, 2020
I Tried That Viral Essential Oil Laundry Hack and Here’s What I Thought
This could be a good option for those who choose to use free and clear detergent—but would like their laundry to be mildly scented and aren’t bothered by essential oils.
Mar 2, 2020
Before and After: A Smart IKEA Hack Makes This Home Office Extra Practical
You'll never buy an off-the-shelf desk again.
Feb 16, 2020
5 Ingenious Plant Tricks You Haven’t Tried Yet
Tried-and-true tricks to keep your plants happy and healthy.
Feb 11, 2020
The Best Tips for Saving Time and Money on Your Next Reno, According to Reddit
You'll want to save these smart tricks for later.
Feb 10, 2020
12 IKEA Hacks to Keep Your Houseplants Happy
Get more greenery at home, and keep more green in your wallet.
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13 Simple Fixes to Show Your Home You Care
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This IKEA Hack Turns a Plain Wood Cabinet into Retro-Inspired Party
The after has color and charm to spare.
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6 IKEA Hacks for the Most Disorganized Among Us
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