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These Are the 5 Things You Should Never Do with Aluminum Foil
While foil is a great thing to keep around, there are a few things you should NOT do with it.
The Surprising Cleaning Consideration You Should Make When Buying a Bed
This is the main problem with platform beds.
A Pro Organizer’s 3 Tips for Curbing Impulse Buys and Keeping Clutter at Bay
You might still end up with more than you planned for every now and then, but these tips will save you money — and time spent decluttering a few weeks, months, or years down the road. 
3 TikTok Organizing Hacks We’re Just Not Into
Organizing should make your life easier. These TikTok hacks don't.
The Simple Tip to Keep in Mind the Next Time You Buy Organizers
According to a professional organizer.
5 Organizing Hacks We’re Loving from TikTok Right Now
The wine glass staggering technique is pretty ingenious!
Are You a Micro or a Macro Organizer? Here’s How to Tell (and Why It Matters)
You might be organizing for the wrong personality type.
7 Pro Tips for Organizing Your Tiny Bedroom
If you have a small and/or oddly shaped bedroom, here are 7 ways to maximize your space. 
6 Ways to Start Off the Year with a Perfectly Put-Together Kitchen
A couple of smart steps can set you up for success and prepare you to kickstart the new year with a totally organized working space.
Painting Your Home? Don’t Skip This Prep Step
Do this first before anything else.
5 Ways to Tweak Your Cleaning Routine if You Have ADHD
Cleaning with ADHD doesn't have to be completely exhausting
7 Things You Should Be Vacuuming But Probably Aren’t
Make cleaning so much easier (and save time, too) by harnessing the power of your vacuum.
The One Houseplant Trend We’re Really Digging for 2022
If you're looking to level up as a plant parent in 2022, you're not alone.
The Part of Your House You’re Probably Not Cleaning (and How to Do It)
Hint: You look at them every single day.
The 2022 Trends You Need to Know About, According to Designers, Professional Organizers, and AT Editors
Spoiler alert: It's going to be a year for bold choices as well as more mindful ones; for going big and also reducing your footprint; for something old and for something new.
9 Things People Who Always Seem to Get Sick on Vacation Keep in their Travel First-Aid Kit
All the stuff you never want to be without when you're away from home and feeling ill.
These are the Hottest Colors for 2022, According to Interior Designers
These are the beautiful, calming shades 2022 will bring.
5 Genius Budgeting Tips that Apartment Therapy Editors Learned in 2021
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Want to save more and spend less in 2022?
4 Top TikTok Cleaning Tips That Worked (And 4 That Didn't)
Some of them were game-changers. Some of the hacks worked... with caveats. Others? Well, let’s just say they didn’t measure up to the hype.
Our Favorite Budgeting Tips From House Tours in 2021
Decking out your space doesn't have to break the bank.
How to Fold Towels Like They Do at the Spa
TikTok sensation Vanesa Amaro demonstrates how to pull off the perfectly folded towel.
I’m Using My Throw Blanket a Lot This Season — Should That Change How I Clean It?
Like your furniture and your bedding, throw blankets need the occasional washing for maintenance and longevity.
Scrub Daddy Makes a $4 Dusting Sponge and People Absolutely Love It
The rippled sponge traps dust with a quick wipe, unlike other dusters, which just push the dust back into the air.
8 Tips for Keeping an All-White Kitchen Sparkling Clean
Experts share the best tools, products, and techniques for keeping all-white kitchens as bright as they started.
Amazon Reviewers Love This $30 Product That Creates Restaurant-Clean Wine Glasses
If you've ever wondered why your wine glasses look cloudy after you wash them, it may be time to try out a specialty cleaner.
8 Things a Chef Wants You to Add to Your Kitchen in 2022
Consider making a few simple tweaks to your tools and routines this coming year. 
The 10 Best Apps for Mental Health in 2022, Recommended by Therapists
Try some new ways to care for yourself in the new year.
Why You Should Leave Your Washing Machine Door Open
Appliances like washing machines are particularly sensitive to mold growth.
5 Healthy Ways to Think and Talk About Cleaning
Shifting how you think about your space (and how you live in it) is the first step to a healthier way of living.
10 Questions to Ask Yourself if You’re Constantly Cleaning Your Bathroom
Feel like your bathroom is never clean, and not sure here to start? Here are some expert-recommended questions that can help you pinpoint why.
What’s the Difference Between Cleaning Vinegar and Cooking Vinegar?
Investing in vinegar isn’t as straightforward as you’d think.
So, What Do You Do With Decluttered Underwear?
With a little creativity, it's possible to dispose of your old undies in a sustainable way.
One Genius Way to “Declutter” All the Clothes and Sheets You Can’t Donate
A TikTok video has the perfect hack that's a win-win for you AND the environment.
8 Gifts You Can Mail in a Standard Envelope
All you need is a stamp.
9 No-Cost Gifts That Are Easy to DIY
Thoughtful, easy-to-make stuff that everyone will love.
7 Easy Ways to Cut Down on Holiday Gathering Messes and Trash
According to a plastic-free expert.
The $5 Organizer That Transformed My Bathroom Closet
Most of my bathroom bottles are about the same size as spice jars — so it made perfect sense!
9 Tips for Doing Thanksgiving Without a Dishwasher
Luckily, with a bit of planning and strategy, you can cut down on the time you spend washing dishes — and, more importantly, increase time spent with your loved ones. 
Read This Etiquette Expert’s Tips Before You Offer to Clean at Someone Else’s House
If your primary goal is to be respectful of your host, depending on the circumstance, it may not actually involve touching a single dish. 
Make Your Laundry Room Feel Bigger With One Quick Switch
This TikTok blew my mind, and it might blow yours too.
If You Still Store Condiments in the Fridge Door, You Should Know There’s a Better Way
Let’s face it: The bottom drawer of the fridge is nothing more than a black hole. We’ve all probably brought home a haul of fresh fruits and veggies, only to find them wilted or worse, moldy, in the same place a few weeks later. The issue? Many of us just don’t eat what we can’t see.
3 Dishes You Might Not Have to Wash (Which is Good, Because You Weren’t Washing Them Anyway)
Here are some common do-I-wash-it scenarios and a cleaning expert's input on each one. 
How Many Sheet Sets Should You Own?
Well, it depends. But we came up with 10 different lifestyle scenarios (kids? allergies? access to easy laundry?) and asked experts to weigh in with a real answer for each.
The One Thing You Should Never Do If You’re Planning to Buy a House
According to a mortgage lender.
9 Things a Chef Wants You to Get Rid of Before 2021 Ends
Give your kitchen a much-needed clean-out.