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Don’t Let Bloodsuckers Keep You Inside: Our Best Mosquito Repellent StrategiesOrganize & Clean
I live in Florida and I know very well how bugs can ruin both special outdoor events and perfectly ordinary daily moments. Just last week our s’mores summer kickoff was cut short by suuuuuper pesky gnats that insisted on hovering near our eyelashes and noses and we’ve endured more than one car ride with mosquitoes buzzing around in the van while my daughter screams in fear of being eaten alive (they do seem to feast on her especially, poor thing).
Jun 16, 2017
Got a Roach Problem? Try These DIY Roach Repellents (and Skip the Store-Bought Sprays)Home Projects
Here's how to get a pesky pest problem under control the natural way, without using toxic repellents and insecticides.
Sep 6, 2016
Your Embarrassing Cleaning Questions, AnsweredOrganize & Clean
Whether you're dealing with pesky pets or stubborn stains, here's how to solve all those common (but gross) household problems.
Aug 31, 2016
Everything You Need to Know: How To Have a Wasp-Free SummerLiving
Despite an unpleasant childhood experience involving a tire swing and a hornets’ nest, I’m not terribly bothered by the wasps’ nests that came with our new house. However, a certain member of my family is not so blasé about our buzzing neighbors, so I’m determined to make our summer wasp-free. Here’s how… Set up wasp’s-nest decoys. They mimic real nests and trick the wasps into nesting elsewhere.
Jun 13, 2016
The Stink Bug: Facts, Dangers & PreventionOrganize & Clean
Stink bugs get their name from —wait for it —the odor they emit when they are disturbed or stomped upon. It’s meant to ward off predators, and by predators I mean us humans with our descending boots, rolled up magazines, and scary vacuum suction hoses. (Hell, I’d spray us with noxious fumes too.) Here’s what else you should know about these delightful little creatures.
Apr 8, 2016
Pesticide-Free Ways for Fewer Spiders in Your HomeOrganize & Clean
I was reading a few sentences of an article recently that said something about September being an extra spider-y month, something about male spiders coming out to flirt with females? I didn’t really read the whole thing because who wants to really know that much about spiders? Here’s what I do know: I don’t love them, particularly when they like to call my bedroom home and dance on my face at night.
Oct 2, 2015
How To Get Over Fear of Insects In My Home?Living
Q: Hello. I rent an amazing, unusual, funky apartment in a historic 250-year-old home. I absolutely love the apartment, especially being an artist. It’s in a great town that I love, and the 4 other residents are great people. My apartment is the attic of the home, but has old but working AC and- unheard of in Metro Boston- electricity is included in my below-market rent.
Aug 6, 2015
Chiggers Are Small Yet Sneaky Little Buggers: Here’s What You Need to KnowOrganize & Clean
Chiggers (or red bugs) are tiny little mites that easily escape notice, but leave a lasting legacy in the form of red welts on your skin that will itch for days and drive you nuts. Summer is prime chigger season, so read up on how to deal with them around the house, and what to do if you get bitten. Chiggers love to get you in your body’s tender sweaty spots, namely the undersides of your arms, knees, belly and – yes – your private areas.
Jul 31, 2015
How To Make a Moth-Repellent SachetOrganize & Clean
Whether you’re just pulling out your sweaters or putting them away for the season, a moth repellent is key to making your winter wools last. Forget the stinky, toxic moth balls—and who really has the space for a cedar closet? What you need is good smelling, tiny alternative, and we’ve got just the thing!
May 21, 2015
How To Get Rid of Moths (and Prevent Them, too)Home Projects
Nothing threatens a closet full of clothes more than moths. And they can invade even the most well-organized closet. These pesky creatures are responsible for holes in your favorite clothing, and oftentimes, the problem occurs completely unbeknownst to you. Like pantry moths and other pests, these silent clothing killers multiply quickly, too, so it’s a problem you’ll want to solve quickly with a good moth repellent.
May 11, 2015
How To Get Rid of Stink BugsStyle
Stink bugs emerge this time every year, shaky from their deep winter sleep, to migrate to their summer homes in trees outdoors. They are just one of the many creepy crawlies you might encounter at home, and come with their own guidelines for getting rid of the suckers and preventing more. Here’s what you need to know: If they don’t bother you, just leave ‘em alone. They don’t bite, eat clothing, or damage your home.
Apr 14, 2015
How To Catch a Mouse: Our Biggest & Most Helpful PostsHome Projects
It’s mouse season, and two friends have found critter droppings in their kitchen since New Year’s, throwing them into a tizzy. I’ve been through this before, and it drove me crazy how difficult they are to catch. They have patterns that you can expect, and then they break them. A number of years ago (when I recorded the videos below), I finally DID catch the mouse in our home, but it took days and lots of patience.
Jan 20, 2015
How To Make a Fruit Fly Trap To Get Rid of Fruit FliesHome Projects
We’ve all experienced it at one point: fruit flies, first a few then an infestation surrounding your fruit bowl. They’re pesky little critters, but we’ve found the best way to rid your kitchen of them. Here are our quick instructions for making a fruit fly trap with just a few simple materials. Vinegar, fruit or wine (apple cider vinegar works especially well)Glass or jarSheet of paperTape Find a suitable glass or jar.
Oct 8, 2014
The Battle of the Bugs: How To Prevent & Get Rid of PestsStyle
A couple of weeks ago I helped my brother pick out an apartment in Northern Virginia. We found a great one-bedroom in an older apartment complex, recently remodeled, it has ample storage, a large patio, and it’s close to his work. One little problem: we started to move him in and found a roach hanging out in the kitchen cabinet. Then we found another by the sink. And a tiny one was running across the pantry door. Uh-oh, there’s a bug problem.
Aug 1, 2014
Beyond Bug Spray: Our Favorite Ways to Keep Insects From Crashing Your Outdoor FunHome Projects
Nothing makes me want to avoid the outdoors in summer more than mosquitoes. Which is a darn shame, considering those warmer, more casual nights are the perfect time to invite folks over to enjoy a dinner party outdoors. And of course, mosquitoes aren’t the only bugs out to ruin your good time. Here are our favorite ways of keeping bugs out of your outdoor areas.
Jul 6, 2014
How To Keep Flies Away NaturallyHome Projects
“Ummm, what’s this for?,” I asked my friend Paulina, holding up a plastic bag, partially full of water and about a half-dozen pennies, that was on her kitchen counter. Thinking back to my childhood, I figured it was some crazy science experiment her children were in the middle of. “It keeps the flies away,” Paulina said. Say what? I looked around her kitchen – no insect activity.
Jul 2, 2014
Can’t Sleep? 5 Reasons Why Your Bedroom is Keeping You AwakeStyle
Sleep is a key building block of health and happiness, yet it’s often hard to get and stay there for one night, let alone a string of several nights at a time. Here are five common reasons your bedroom isn’t working, and eight small changes to help you fall asleep, keep snoozing throughout the night, and ultimately function better the next day. PROBLEM #1: ALLERGIES Is your stuffy nose keeping you from getting shut eye?
May 12, 2014
The Assassin Bug: Facts, Dangers & PreventionHome Projects
Assassin bugs (or kissing bugs) get their names from their habit of biting humans on the face near the lips. (It’s true people: I can’t make this stuff up.) Here’s what you need to know about this not-so-nice insect. Assassin, a.k.a. kissing bugs, are found all across the bottom two-thirds of the United States, and predominantly in Arizona, California, Texas, and New Mexico.
May 7, 2014
The House Centipede: Get Rid of Them, or Let Them Be?Home Projects
Here's what you need to know.
May 6, 2014
Help! Mice in the Ceiling of Our CondoLiving
Q: For the past year, we’ve heard mice in our ceiling. We’re on the third floor of a 3-story condo, and they wake us up every few weeks with their scratching. We’ve never seen evidence of mice in our apartment, thank god, but their incessant scratching makes us nervous since they seem to scratch around our bedroom light fixture (fire hazard?) and keep us up at night.
Apr 29, 2014
25 Tips to Tackle the Grossest Places (& Nastiest Things!) in Your HomeOrganize & Clean
Stains, smells, mold or pests got you down? I think we’ve all got something going on that we’re not too excited about. I, for one, am about ready to consciously uncouple with my bathroom grout, and then there’s the toilet ring that’s been taunting me for months. But spring is here and I’m ready to take another crack at the grosser parts of my home. Who’s with me? Our mantra is white vinegar. Fun fact: This post is actually inspired by a recent life mash-up.
Apr 9, 2014
Terribly Helpful: How To Identify Household PestsOrganize & Clean
Last spring, I celebrated sundress weather with some huge, blotchy bites on my calves. San Francisco is known for its lack of mosquitoes, so I did the sensible thing and panicked: BEDBUGS. Nope — it was spiders! In an effort to save you the same confusion, I’ve put together this list of tips for IDing your household pests. Bite in the night? Get yourself to a doctor.
Mar 31, 2014
How To Avoid Bringing Bedbugs Home from Hotels, Thrift Stores and MoreStyle
Although they aren’t actually dangerous unless you’re allergic to their bites, bedbugs are pretty revolting. And, as we all probably know, infestations have been on the rise. Following are some ways to help ensure that these very unwanted guests don’t end up in your home. Here are a few ways you could unintentionally bring bedbugs home — and how to avoid them.
Mar 20, 2014
Top 5 Most Pervasive Household Pests and How to Stop ThemLiving
Cockroaches, mice, rats, termites, and ants, oh my! When it comes to the pests that affect daily life in our homes, then lions, tigers, and bears have nothing on these guys. Here are some top tips on how you can keep each of these common pests at bay: According to the National Pest Control Association, cockroaches, mice, rats, termites, and ants are the top five most pervasive household pests. And the top way to keep all of them out of the house?
Mar 20, 2014
How To Get Rid of BedbugsOrganize & Clean
A warning before you read further: this post will make your skin itch. A good friend of mine aptly pointed out that bed bugs are like the adult version of head lice. I never had head lice as a child, and I never imagined that I would have bedbugs as an adult, until it happened to me. I had heard about the great bedbug epidemic in New York back in 2010, but my personal nightmare with bedbugs began last fall.
Mar 20, 2014
What Are the Small Brown Bugs on My Houseplants? Dealing With Scale PestsHome Projects
Notice the raised, brown growth on my Sago Palm. This is an example of scale. I’m currently dealing with a really sticky problem — yes, pun intended! — and anybody that has discovered one of their houseplants has a case of scale knows exactly what I’m talking about. While you may think scale is only attacking your plants, think again. Yes, it is first and foremost a plant pest, but this little creature can also wreak havoc on your home. So what exactly is scale?
Mar 20, 2014
How To Make All-Natural Ant KillerOrganize & Clean
Got ants? We’ve got an easy-peasy homemade ant killer recipe using baking soda — and it’s non-toxic! Baking Soda Powdered Sugar Jar Lids (or something similar to hold the bait, although a container is not necessary) Measuring Spoon Combine 1 part baking soda with 1 part powdered sugar. I used a 3/4 tablespoon of each, and mixed it together directly in the jar lid.
May 14, 2013
How To Get Rid of Fruit Flies: Super Simple DIY TrapHome Projects
The “paper cone of death” fruit fly trap is one way to kill those annoying little pests. But, the other day, when I was having trouble fitting a paper cone into my glass, I discovered an alternate solution that’s just as effective!The basic principle is the same: wine, fruit juice or apple cider vinegar lures in the flies.
Jan 14, 2013
Tips & Tricks for Getting Rid of and Dealing with MosquitoesLiving
Looking for ways to rid your indoor and outdoor spaces of mosquitoes? Here are our best posts on how to keep those little buggers away. Natural Remedy: 5 Plants That Repel Mosquitoes How To Make Your Own DIY Mosquito Repellent Device Make Your Own Citronella Candles That Really Work 5 Tips For a Mosquito-Free Summer How To Make A Wine Bottle Tiki Torch for Under $4.
Jun 21, 2012
How To Ant-Proof Your Hummingbird FeederOrganize & Clean
Hummingbirds are a big hit at my house. My wife and I love them, my daughter loves them, even the cats love them (just watching them, they are indoor cats). Unfortunately, the ants love them too. More accurately, the ants love the hummingbird feeder, with its steady supply of sugar water. It does not take them long to find the feeder and once they do, they will take it over. Here is a quick and easy solution for keeping your feeder ant-free.
Jun 13, 2012
7 Kitchen Waste Items to Use in the GardenHome Projects
Composting kitchen scraps for use in the garden is a classic green living practice, but there are many kitchen waste items that can also be put to good use in other ways in the garden. From hot peppers to paper towel rolls, here are seven kitchen waste items to make your home and garden healthy and happy. Paper Towel Rolls: Trim them down to about 2 inches high and press them into the soil around seedlings, this serves as an added layer of protection from pests such as slugs.
May 22, 2012
How To Make a Feeder for Ladybugs to Attract Them to Your GardenHome Projects
image:87e4276c5c2d2a599f0e91caff9f4a9449392dcb w:540 s:"fit" class_name:"mt-image-center" show_pin_button:"true" show_image_credits:"true" Last week, I showed you how you can make natural pesticides for your plants. While these sprays pose less risk than the toxic ones, they also rid your plant of beneficial insects like the ladybug.
Apr 19, 2012
How To Make Natural Garden PesticidesHome Projects
Garden pests make otherwise enjoyable gardening frustrating. Whether it’s snails taking over your lettuce or aphids sucking on your roses, a pest infestation is definitely disappointing, but it’s not a reason to reach for harmful, toxic sprays. The sprays might eliminate the pesky culprits, but they are harmful to you and the environment. Instead, try whipping up one of these simple recipes with ingredients you most likely have on hand.
Apr 12, 2012
Jill’s Moth Saga: Freezing Out Unwelcome Guests, NaturallyOrganize & Clean
About a month ago, I noticed the occasional moth aflutter in my walk-in closet. This annoyed me, and I would do my best to find it and kill it! One day, I discovered a favorite sweater attacked vociferously by a peer of said moth. I bought a pile of little cedar blocks and distributed them throughout my closet.A couple of weeks later, I realized this problem could no longer be ignored. There were still moths and there were additional moth eaten items.
Jan 5, 2012
Any Truly Green Alternatives to Termite Tenting?Living
This last week, I had my 2-story garage tented for dry wood termites. I didn’t want to use toxic gas (Vikane, also known as sulfuryl fluoride), but both eco-friendly pest control companies I called for inspections advised that I go with tenting to save the structural integrity of the building. But, even now, I have my reservations and regrets if it was the right solution because of the toxicity involved.
Oct 19, 2011
How to Make Your Own DIY Mosquito Repellent DeviceOrganize & Clean
Mosquitos keeping you up at night? Here’s a creative, eco-friendly, non-toxic way to keep your home mosquito free! And it also doubles up as a pleasant fragrance while keeping those bloodsuckers away…You need never buy refills for your plug-in mosquito killer again, nor worry about what toxins and chemicals are being expelled into the air by sprays or smoke coils.
Aug 17, 2011
Stop! Thief!: Dealing with Stolen Garden PlantsHome Projects
Whether you live in the city, the country, or somewhere in between, walking into your garden to discover beloved plants disappearing is not entirely uncommon. I live in the country and my disappearing plants have something to do with small (and even large) animals but when I lived and worked in the city, things went missing for an entirely different reason.
Jun 29, 2011
Help! Something Is Eating My Brussels SproutsHome Projects
For the last two weeks I’ve had an uninvited guest in my Brussels sprouts. I searched the leaves and hunted for bugs, worms, moths, rats — anything! Finally I found my evidence of what was snacking on my tasty greens. Do you know what a cabbage worm is? I do now!My small pot garden sits atop my double flight of stairs on a ridiculously windy hill. So windy, in fact, it’s known to blow tomatoes and peppers right off the plant!
Jun 28, 2011
Powdery Mildew: Fight It Before It Gets Your Plants!Home Projects
It’s back! I just noticed the first spots on my fading peony plants. I was hoping that with the reduction of shade trees in my garden and with the increase in airflow through extensive pruning and reorganizing that I might have nipped my annual powdery mildew problem in the bud. I guess these preventative measure just weren’t quite enough so it’s time to up the ante before things get really out of control.Powdery mildew has been a pervasive problem in my garden for years.
Jun 22, 2011
Repel Insects with Color!Style
Summer’s right ahead, and with that come wasps building nests in every nook and cranny of home exteriors. There are lots of noxious products out there that claim to keep the wasps and other insects at bay, but did you know that a simple color can do the job?Light blue paint on porch ceilings isn’t just done out of Southern tradition. Apparently, the color also keeps wasps from building nests and spiders from weaving webs overhead.
Apr 27, 2011
Temporary Window Screens: Inexpensive & DIYStyle
For the last several months my husband and I have had fans in our windows at all times. We had a hard time getting any breeze in them, but because the fans were in place, we hadn’t had a problem with bugs and mosquitoes coming in. As the temperatures dropped this past weekend, we removed the fans and all sorts of creepy crawly and flying friends came in, so it was time for some screens! Off to the hardware store we went!
Sep 27, 2010
Bye Bye Mice: Black &amp Decker Electronic Pest RepellersHome Projects
Product: Black & Decker Electronic Pest RepellersPrice: $29.99Rating: Strong RecommendIt’s no secret that we are not a fan of pests. Lately we have been combing our archives trying to find ways to deal with the sudden influx of mice and roaches. After trying a few things we have finally discovered a solution that we are a huge fan of, the electronic pest repeller. We put the electronic pest repeller to the test and we’re here to share the results.
Sep 7, 2010
For Better or Worse, There are Grubs in My CompostHome Projects
A few days ago, I took some food scraps out to our happily rodent-free compost bin in the back yard. It was a quiet morning, and I heard a soft noise coming, I thought, from the neighbor’s yard. Then I realized that noise was emanating from the compost bin. And the compost was bobbing up and down. So I carefully peered in, afraid of what I might find…And yep, there they were.Grubs.
Aug 4, 2010
Fruit Fly Trap DIY for Catching These Sneaky BugsHome Projects
There are fewer household pests more annoying than fruit flies. While different kinds of roaches may terrorize your countertops or sinks and annoying ants might find their way to your sugar container, fruit flies can be particularly tricky—and determining their source can be especially vexing. But, you can catch fruit flies thanks to a quick homemade trap.
Aug 4, 2010
Use Bar Soap To Beat The BiteHome Projects
If asked to design the perfect world, many would eliminate the presence of the mosquito. We’re sure they serve some purpose on the food chain, but right now, they’re just pissing us off. Every time we turn around we have a new bite! To beat the bite, try a basic bar of soap for quick relief instead of pricey over the counter products.
Jul 22, 2010
On Dealing With Fleas Once And For AllOrganize & Clean
We’ve talked many times about fleas and bedbugs in the home and both creatures make our skin crawl. As much as we love natural products (especially for use on our pets) there comes a point in time where all we want is our home back and every bug, insect or creepy-crawly dead! Here’s how we did it in our home recently and we hope the method might provide some relief for those who might find themselves in the same situation.
Jul 20, 2010
5 Ways to Eliminate Fruit FliesHome Projects
The biggest problem with fruit flies is the rate that they breed and take over your kitchen or compost. It seems like they’ll never go away once you have them, and it can be incredibly frustrating and disgusting to walk into a room when dozens of flies scatter in every direction. Here are five tips and a roundup of previous posts on how to deal with fruit flies without using harmful pesticides.
Jul 14, 2010
The King of DIY Fly TrapsHome Projects
Ok, this one may not be as cool as the venus fly trap that I spent weeks saving up for in grade school, but it takes the cake for simple genius. A wooden frame, some screen, a little bait, and it’s off to the races!I came across this contraption at a horse farm in Ecuador where the flies are nearly as abundant as the wild flowers. That mountain at the bottom of the cage is the fly accumulation in one week!
Jun 21, 2010
Zap Termites with the Electro-Gun
Termites are a major bummer. Not only are they totally gross to look at, but the longer you ignore them, the more damage they do to your home. Unfortunately, just like how dispersant chemicals can be more harmful than the oil spill they clean up, fumigating your home can be more harmful to you and the environment than a few bugs. Luckily, there’s an alternative that lets you both save your home and be friendly to the environment.
May 26, 2010
Plant Pest Remedies Straight from the Kitchen
You would be surprised how many household items can come to your aid when plants find themselves under attack from pests and disease. You’ll find a list of ten items after the jump, just to give you an idea of what can be used before one resorts to a store-bought chemical or pesticide. Have you
May 18, 2010
Humane Rodent Control
I recently discovered evidence of mice in my apartment, err… actually, my cat discovered them for me. She’s a great hunter and tormentor but, as I discovered after a few hours, not a killer. Mice are one of the most horrifying things I can imagine in my home, so I’ve researched a few humane ways to get rid of them.
May 5, 2010
Household Pest Control: 5 Natural Bug Repellents
When I was young I used to crush ants on the kitchen floor — now I am a little older and live by the laws of a more natural lifestyle. I am taunted by animal cruelty ads and am convinced that everything living gives off an energy and has a soul. It may sound a little quirky as I personally find myself shrieking and running from a small spider (the same spider that has a soul).If bugs happen to pay me a visit, I gently place them outside or out the window.
May 3, 2010
How To Make A Wine Bottle Tiki Torch for Under $4.00
Inspired by the this Recycled Wine Bottle Torch post and annoyed by mosquitoes this week (how is it that they’re already out and there’s been only a few weeks of spring?), we hit up the hardware store and threw together a $3.48 recycled wine bottle torch filled with citronella. While it’s not as classy as the real thing (nor as safe), it keeps the bugs at bay and looks pretty good. And it was quick and cheap.
Apr 9, 2010
How To Prevent & Get Rid Of Pantry Moths
Pantry moth infestations are most frustrating. At the same time, I am committed to using natural, non-toxic, and mostly no-kill methods to deal with pantry moths. Here are the methods we recommend to get rid of them and effectively prevent further infestation. If you suspect you have pantry moths, first inspect everything in your pantry. Although moths tend to infest flours and grains, you should also check dried fruit, candy, pet food, etc.
Feb 25, 2010
How To Get Rid of Ants in a Non Toxic Manner
We don’t have a lot of pest problems. Never seen a bedbug. Not too many spiders. And the cats don’t often suffer from fleas. But ants? Ants are a different story.They haven’t hit us yet this year, but we know they’re coming. It’s just a matter of time until that creepy crawly black line of marching ants winds its way across the kitchen floor, up the cabinets, and onto some sweet puddle of juice we forgot to wipe up.
Feb 5, 2010
Dust and Dust Mite Proof Your Bedroom
If humans or animals live in your house — you have dust mites. No special test is needed to check, it is a fact. Even if you are not sensitive to dust, keep reading.I found all of this information on the web via Environmental Health and Safety Online and The Allergy Store.House dust mites are microscopic bugs that primarily live on dead skin cells regularly shed from humans and their pets. Dust mites are harmless to most people.
Jan 7, 2010
The Best Ways To Rid The Apartment of Ants
It must be the late summer heat here in sunny LA that’s made the city’s ant population decide to make a railway line right through our apartment. Doesn’t seem to be an issue that we’re on the third floor:Yes millions of ants have decided that the best shortcut to wherever they’re finding food is our apartment. We thought it was the trash and removed it.
Oct 1, 2009
7 Ways to Reuse a Banana Peel
To be honest, the only things we’ve ever thought banana peels were good for were to fill the compost and to make people fall. Then we came across these genius ways to reuse the slippery guys…1. Help Your Garden Grow: Bananas are naturally high in potassium and encourages plant growth. Use banana peel or puree entire banana and bury with soil.2. Shoe Polish: Use the peel to make your kicks nice and shiny.3.
Sep 4, 2009
A Few Simple and (Mostly) Chemical-Free Tips for Getting Rid of Fleas
It’s an icky reality, but with the muggy late summer heat comes fleas … sometimes LOTS of fleas. Here are a few (mostly) chemical-free tips for keeping an infestation at bay.A QUICK NOTE: We called these solutions mostly chemical-free because many of them involve the use of soap which can contain chemicals, but there are plenty of natural, eco-friendly options out there. Just be aware of any essential oils in the soap that might be harmful to your pets.
Aug 14, 2009
Fruit Fly Death Trap
All the fruit we had gave us not only delicious fruit conserves, but also a bumper crop of fruit flies. We were humane to the spiders, but we had something else in mind for these fast-reproducing pests…It’s easy to make your own: just roll a piece of paper into a cone, pour some apple cider vinegar or put a piece of ripe banana in the bottom of a glass or jar, insert the paper cone, and wait.(Oh yeah, and get rid of the ripe or rotten fruit that’s attracting the fruit flies.
May 27, 2009
Two Battle-Tested Household Uses for Cinnamon
This week my husband wrote “20 lbs of cinnamon” on our grocery list, and no, he is not planning to bake breakfast pastries for the whole neighborhood (although that would certainly make us popular!). He was teasing me, because right now there are little mounds and trails of cinnamon all over our house. It’s my line of defense against the multi-pronged ant assaults we experience once a year, and boy does it work.
Apr 24, 2009
How To: Help an Abandoned Baby Squirrel
Over the weekend we spotted a baby squirrel perched alone amidst a construction area near our house. Three hours later it was in a pet carrier in our bathroom while we scoured the internet for information to help the poor guy (or gal). Spring sees an influx of infant and juvenile urban wildlife, and it’s helpful to have a few basic guidelines handy if you happen to find a young animal alone or in distress.• Determine if a baby animal is truly abandoned.
Apr 21, 2009
Tips: Bay Leaves in the Pantry
Why is there a bay leaf in our flour canister? green transfered posted originally from: TheKitchnYears ago, in the midst of a moth infestation, we read that bay leaves repel pantry insects. Everyone from beetles to weevils, moths, cockroaches, ants, and flies is said to hate the herb’s fragrance. The leaves can be placed in containers of flour, rice, and other dry goods, or taped inside cupboards and shelves.
Nov 18, 2008
Good Question: Maggots in My Compost … Help!
(Note: Include a pic of your problem and your question gets posted first. Email questions and pics with QUESTIONS in subject line to: green(at)apartmenttherapy(dot)com) This question comes from Emily:So I’ve got the really cute counter-top composter from greenfeet and because we don’t have so much as a balcony, we take it to my mom’s backyard compost bin roughly once a week.
Oct 29, 2008
Web Worms, Bag Worms and Eastern Tent Caterpillars: What’s the Difference?
Outside of using them for composting, worms just haven’t been on our radar. That is, until they invaded our Walnut tree (worm jerks!). So we sat down with our old friend Google and tried to find out exactly what was taking over our tree and how to make it stop. Were they web worms? Bag worms? Or the Eastern Tent Caterpillar? Find out the differences on each and how you can keep your trees in check after the jump.
Aug 27, 2008
How To: Build A DIY Humane Mouse Trap
It appears that my recent house guest was an elderly member of a rodent community underneath our building. Our friend and neighbor found another rodent brought in by her cat in her adjoining unit, and was notified that some workmen discovered a nest of mice living beneath the building in the foundation. She’s been looking to get rid of it, but humanely, but isn’t too keen on traditional traps.
May 27, 2008
Gnat Gonna Live With It: Getting Rid of Indoor Gnats
Ugghh, in the last few weeks, we’ve had a steady and noticeable increase of small flying annoyances that coincided with our trips to the farmer’s market and also the warmer weather. That means small gnats (likely fungus gnats due to their coloration) have made our apartment their home. Starting today, I’m taking steps to put these squatters out curbside…The first thing to do is spray their preferred breeding grounds: potted plant soil.
Mar 25, 2008
How To Make a Wasp Trap from a Soda Bottle
Wasps can be helpful little creatures- they’re to thank in part for keeping the pest population in check- but they can also be quite the nuisance. Picnics and other outdoor summer activities are a bit difficult to enjoy when wasps are swarming overhead, so try to keep things under control with a DIY wasp trap. 2-liter soda bottle Honey or sugar water Utility knife Stapler or clothespins 1.
Feb 19, 2008
Good Questions: My Nursery is Buggy!
AT: Nursery reader Marialena has a big problem: My lovely nursery has an ant and spider problem. The room is carpeted, and when I emptied my vacuum last week, I realized that I had vacuumed up scores of ants. Worse still, my husband keeps finding spiders on the wall over the crib. How can I get rid of the bugs?Move. Okay, seriously….this is a baby’s room, and no place for chemicals, so we are back to Grandma’s green recipes for how to get rid of the bugs. First up, the ants.
Aug 17, 2007
9 Stylish House Plants (And How To Not Immediately Kill Them)
9 Stylish House Plants (And How To Not Immediately Kill Them)
May 5, 2017