10 Little Luxuries at SSENSE for Under $100

published Aug 21, 2023
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Living room with pale sage green walls, built in shelves, arched architectural details, modern art paintings, large window, pale gray sofa, natural textile rug, white "balloons" style light fixture

We all have those websites that never fail to bring us joy, even if we’re just browsing. It’s like window shopping, but online. One great example of such a site is SSENSE, the high-end, Canada-based fashion retailer whose clothing selection is prime daydream fodder. Still, designer prices are nothing if not intimidating — if you can casually drop hundreds on a hoodie, frankly, I fear you. But that shouldn’t stop you from checking out their drool-worthy home collection, as not only are there tons of chic decor pieces available, but you can also find many for under $100. And for SSENSE’s style and quality, that’s a bargain! We had a look through the pages and pages of products, ourselves, and rounded up 10 of our faves. These accessories are by no means necessary for your day-to-day; rather, they’ll subtly elevate areas all around your home and make your space feel all the more luxurious for it. Without further ado, let’s get into the picks!

1 / 10

There's nothing like a cute planter to add some brightness to your window sill. This one is made from sturdy steel and sports a refined tan finish and fluted texture, plus it includes a built-in drainage hole and removable elevated base. What's more, the pot is less than 10" tall, so it won't take up too much space on your side table or kitchen counter.

2 / 10

Ditch the dowdy water bottle on your nightstand and snag this gorgeous glass carafe, instead. Its sleek gray hue holds us captivated, as does the fact that it's dishwasher-safe. Of course, you don't just get a carafe with this purchase; it also comes with a handy matching glass that stacks neatly over the pitcher's opening.

3 / 10

Your bath mat shouldn't be an afterthought, especially when it's so easy to find one that looks good. Take this trendy checked number, for example. We love the brand HAY primarily for their home organization products, but they clearly make great soft goods, as well. This mat is made of Oeko-Tex-certified organic cotton and has a terrycloth texture that's simultaneously lightweight and absorbent. What's not to love?

4 / 10

Tapered candle holders come in all kinds of funky configurations nowadays, but if you're after something with a cleaner, more sophisticated look, check out this powder-coated steel holder. Its black finish is simple, yet the piece still manages to stand out in a subtle way. Additionally, the bowl-shaped base will catch any wax that drips down, protecting your tabletop in the process.

5 / 10

SSENSE is home to all kinds of eye-catching vases, including this two-tone model. It has a slightly beachy look and is made of smooth, flame-worked glass that's satisfyingly thin. Although you likely won't be able to fit an entire bouquet through the vase's narrow opening, you can still dress it up with some palm leaves or pampas grass.

6 / 10

These small bowls are perfect for a variety of purposes, whether you're snacking, serving individual desserts, or storing leftovers in the freezer. Their off-white color is tranquil and laid-back, but we most appreciate the bowls' unique half-rim construction. It makes grabbing a bowl of the shelf or table even easier, plus it's just a cool design element.

7 / 10

Add a sculptural touch to your living area with this modern curved candle. SSENSE has it in three colors, though we were particularly drawn to this pretty seafoam green. You can set the candle directly on a table or place a decorative tray underneath if you want to be extra careful. Regardless, this large structured decor piece is sure to be a real compliment-getter.

8 / 10

In addition to bath mats, HAY also makes Oeko-Tex-certified organic cotton bath towels in a multitude of fun colors. This forest green version caught our eye, and if you look closely, you'll see the brand's logo stamped on each of its short ends — a quiet but bougie touch. You'll also find that the bath sheet takes up virtually no space at all when folded, so it won't serve as a bulky addition to your linen closet.

9 / 10

You might think that a candle cap is a frivolous thing to spend money on, and we're not disagreeing, but consider the fact that so many candles (including luxury ones) don't come with their own caps. Besides, who wants that smoky, blown-out wick smell polluting their vicinity? This Maison Margiela cap takes care of the problem and looks supremely cool doing it. Plus, having this casually lying around is a small flex, but a flex nonetheless.

10 / 10

Never did we think we'd describe a bowl as adorable, but this bubble-like bowl is just that. It has a rounded, voluminous shape that's impossible to ignore, and it comes in a few different candy colors such as this pleasant sky blue. Although the bowl is made for decorative purposes, you could get away with storing some small items inside, like change or keys.