Amazon’s Top-Selling Bedding Brand Just Launched a Linen Sheet Set

published Aug 10, 2022
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There are some things that are just synonymous with the word “bed.” One of those things is a quality cotton sheet set. Reliable, soft, gets the job done. At AT, however, we like to think we’ve made a strong case for linen sheets as a good alternative, especially for the warmer months. In fact, you can find just about any type of bedding in a linen version, including throw blankets, duvet covers, and quilts. But let’s just stick to sheets for now because Mellanni, one of Amazon’s top bedding brands, dropped a new linen set that gets more comfortable with each use.

Available in four soothing colors and standard sizing options, these Mellanni sheets wick away moisture and are lightweight and breathable. In other words, perfect for hot sleepers. One-hundred percent flax linen might sound ultra fancy and luxurious, but really this material is easy to care for. The brand’s description details it as “fade, stain, shrink, odor, pill, and static-resistant,” not to mention 30 percent more durable than cotton! Sounds like an investment that’s going to last you a lifetime, and at under $200, these are a steal compared to other similar ones. You could switch out your cotton sheets for these during the summer. But realistically, linen is great at regulating body temperature, so the sheets will also keep you warm in the winter.

What’s more, if you’re frequently worrying about your sheets looking frumpy or wrinkled, that won’t be a problem with this set. In fact, it’s kind of the goal. One of the many reasons why people love to wear linen and utilize it in their homes is because it creates a relaxed and somewhat charmingly disheveled look. So there’s a little wrinkling — who cares? At least you’re (both literally and figuratively) staying cool. Most importantly, linen stays put, so there will be no wrestling to get sheet corners back in place every morning. When laundry day rolls around, just throw the sheets in the washer and then hang to dry.

Those with sensitive skin will also be delighted to know that this linen set is the opposite of tight and stifling; it actually features a relaxed weave for plenty of breathability and no scratchiness. And the more you wash the sheets, the softer they get. With the Mellanni linen set, you’re one order (i.e. one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and two pillowcases) away from creating a spa-like feel in your own bedroom. It’s only a matter of time before these become another bestseller.

Buy: Mellanni Linen Sheet Set, Queen, $149.97