The $35 Amazon Find That Will Make WFH So Much More Comfortable

published Dec 21, 2022
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Credit: Erin Derby

At home, I have the perfect work setup. My desk has plenty of storage space, all the supplies I could possibly need are within reach, and my swivel chair is soft and plush. Plus, it’s all right next to my bedroom window, so I get plenty of sunlight. Do I ever actually work from there, though? Absolutely not. Instead, I spend my 9-to-5 writing from my bed, where I can stretch out in any position I want.

Comfort, or a lack thereof, is the main reason why I refuse to hunker down at my little makeshift office. Specifically, I cannot find a good placement for my legs. Keeping them crossed at the knees hurts my back after a while, whereas the pretzel position eventually makes my joints feel stiff. And if I want to stretch my limbs, my desk’s bottom shelves serve as an inconvenient roadblock. Recently, I was thinking back to how I used to have a small stool at my previous home and how nice something similar would be now. It should come as no surprise that I found an even better one on Amazon.

The adjustable under-desk footrest by HUANUO is the product you need if you also feel uncomfortable while working from a desk. It’s essentially a compact stool that you can easily fit under the table, but it has some special key features. As its name states, this footrest is adjustable, meaning you can tilt its surface at any angle. Whether you want your feet to be slightly elevated toward your body or at a downward slope, all you have to do is slant it to your liking. The footrest’s height is also adjustable.

What’s more, its rectangular platform sports a bumpy texture to prevent your feet from sliding off. Personally, I subconsciously try to prop my feet up on my desk’s lower shelves while typing, but I’m unable to find relief because said shelves are fully stacked with books and binders. A product like this is nothing short of tempting. And if you’re petite, the footrest is a must-have. “Didn’t realize how much my legs hanging all day contributed to my knee pain and leg exhaustion,” one reviewer shared. “This was a perfect solution at a very nominal cost.”

Even if you’re back to working on-site, nothing’s stopping you from bringing the footrest along. It weighs under 5 lbs., so you can easily transport it and never feel discomfort at a desk again. Your body will thank you in the long run. Grab your own footrest now from Amazon, and make sure to hit the “apply 5 percent coupon” button for a discount!

Buy: HUANUO Adjustable Under Desk Footrest, $33.24 (normally $34.99)