The Compact $12 Sink Gadget That Prevents Dishwashing Tools from Getting Smelly and Moldy

published Apr 13, 2023
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As someone who always makes it a point to clean up the kitchen after cooking, I have to admit that I’ve still been scolded a few times for leaving the sink (and its surrounding area) dripping wet. My response has typically been that, well, it’s a sink, so isn’t that normal? I guess it took me paying my own rent and living in a city that’s notorious for attracting creepy, crawly things to also make it a habit to keep this area of the kitchen as dry as possible. Seriously, though — not only can excess water cause issues like wood rot and other damage to your walls and counters, but it could also be an indirect threat to your health. How so? The answer lies in your dish sponge. Sure, you want your sponge to be wet while you’re using it to wash dishes. But if left damp for an extended period of time, this everyday tool can breed bacteria and, in some cases, mold. To prevent such yucky outcomes, you’d be smart to invest in Umbra’s sling coated wire sink caddy, which is available for under $12 on Wayfair.

Arguably the best thing about this sponge holder is how little space it takes up. We’ve covered many hold-it-all sink caddies that provide a spot for your dish soap, rags, scrub brushes, and other accessories here on Kitchn. Although those are great, you might not have the surface area required to keep one by your sink. This compact caddy stays completely out of the way, keeping counters free of clutter. To be specific, it hooks right onto your sink wall or faucet, no matter the width. Because it’s made of flexible wire, this clever tool can be bent and made as broad or narrow as needed. Its rubber coating also ensures that the caddy won’t slip off, even if it’s fixed at an angle.


Another feature we love is that the caddy’s perforated base features a hole large enough for a scrub brush handle. No matter what kind of dishwashing tool you use, this gadget will hold it securely and make sure it gets plenty of ventilation. And, unlike some sinkside caddies, this one isn’t an eyesore. “We have a dark countertop and a super dark sink, so the availability of this in black was GREAT,” one reviewer noted. “It’s both super functional and mostly invisible.” Indeed, Umbra’s coated wire sink caddy has to be the most stylish, low-cost means of preventing bacteria and mold on one of your most important everyday cleaning tools.

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