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Affordable Small Space Standing Desk?Life
Q: I’m not on the computer all day, but I do sit in front of a laptop long enough each evening to realize it’s been adding to the muffin top-itis. I wanted to try working for those few hours standing, but the cool standing desks you’ve posted are kind of pricey and take up a lot of room. Is there an “entry level” standing desk you could recommend for a tiny apartment dweller on a budget?
Apr 15, 2020
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Who would have thought that desks would be the big buzzed about item in tech in 2014? On a weekly basis, I got more emails about standing desks than I did about any other category in the industry, save Bluetooth speakers. The truth is that while this trend is an important one for our health, it’s also exceptionally expensive with only a few distinct exceptions.
Apr 15, 2020
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In our neighborhood, it seems you can hear both the collective groans and cheers as the children in each home receive their teacher assignments for the upcoming school year. Whether or not your children snagged the teachers of their dreams, you can make heading back-to-school a positive experience. One way to build excitement for the upcoming school year is to create a special workspace just for them.
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Marble countertops have become part of the renovation/decor vernacular thanks to TV makeover shows (though a distant second to the ever-popular granite countertop). But despite marble’s beauty, it’s rarely mentioned as a material for DIY projects because of its weight and cost, which makes this custom made midcentury inspired home office project unique… Redditor yourpalthomps combined four materials into his very own handsome midcentury-inspired desk.
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As tasks at hand get bigger, the space available on your desk seems to become smaller. When your workload is outgrowing your desk, there are a few ways to expand usable space. Just look up, down or sideways and think out of the box. Add a hutch to an existing desk to expand usable space upwards. Shelves installed above a desk give the same utility as a hutch, with more customizable options and plenty of room for both storage and decoration.
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