10 Organizing Finds From The Container Store’s Sale That Will Declutter Your Space for Fall

published Sep 13, 2022
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Fall is so close, you can almost feel it. Leaves are starting to turn, the weather is slowly dropping, and before long, it’ll be time to unpack your seasonal clothes and throws. When moving between seasons, it’s a good time to refresh your space. That could mean anything from donating clothes and items you no longer need to cleaning up how you keep your home tidy. Organizers are a category you might not think about often because they’re doing the ongoing job of storing your belongings as best as they can. However, even organizer bins are worth looking into every now and then to be sure that they’re as efficient as possible. In case you have more (or less) stuff than you did a few months ago, it could be a good idea to stock up or consolidate your organizers so they aren’t inadvertently adding more clutter to your space. The Container Store, an AT favorite brand for thoughtful storage, is having a sale on some editor-favorite organizers that’s sure to help get your space in tip-top shape.

If you shop The Container Store’s Elfa collection, the more you spend, the more you’ll save: Get 15 percent off $200 or more, 20 percent off of $400 or more, and 25 percent off $800. The collection includes useful organization solutions for the closet, kitchen, bathroom, home office, and more. All you have to do is add the items to your cart, and the discount will automatically be applied at checkout.

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The Container Store

Upgrade your organization with this two-pack of mesh dividers that help to section off your drawers like a pro. Made of steel mesh, the dividers clip to your drawer to create separate compartments that you can arrange to your liking.

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The Container Store

It doesn't take much to misplace small accessories, but this 12-section tray will keep your trinkets safe, sound, and all in one place. It has a plush velvet lining and compartments of various sizes to accommodate an assortment of jewelry and accessories.

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The Container Store

Get your cabinets in order with this easy-to-use mesh drawer set. Its small size allows you to place it wherever is most convenient — on top of your desk, under the sink, on a bookshelf; the sky is the limit. (There's a reason why this is one of The Container Store's most popular Elfa drawer units.) Much like its wider counterpart, the x-narrow drawer solution is here to serve whatever storage need you have.

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The Container Store

This three-drawer system is designed to fit in the hard-to-reach space under sinks or cabinets, but can also be used in an open closet or pantry area. It measures just over 17 inches deep, and is available in a narrow 14-inch or wider 18-inch design to fit your needs, no matter how limited your area is. Bonus: Two of the lightweight but sturdy units can also be stacked to make the most use of vertical space!

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At The Kitchn, utility is prized just as much as aesthetics, if not more. This 4-foot track features three different types of hooks (five hooks in total) that can hold your more difficult-to-store items, including outdoor and laundry room supplies. Mounting right onto the wall, the track takes up no more room than is necessary, which is especially nice for lesser-used tools.

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The Container Store

When it comes to shoe racks, there's no need to reinvent the wheel. But if you're in the market for a new one, the Elfa over-the-door shoe storage rack is a great option. It holds up to eight pairs of footwear and has room for each individual boot, sneaker and sandal so it doesn't get smooshed up against its partner. Additionally, two baskets sit beneath the shoe slots for added storage.

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The Container Store

The back of a pantry or even a coat closet door is an ideal spot for sneaking in some bonus storage for slim or smaller items. This kitchen organizer fits over a standard door and is secured with brackets to hold six baskets of varying depths to hold spices, condiments, or boxed goods. You can position the baskets to any height that suits what you’re storing, so you can easily view and grab just what you need.

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The Container Store

What better way to stick to The Container Store's motto of "organize while you accessorize" than with this sleek over-the-door rack that includes four adjustable mesh caddies? Store jewelry on the utility board, as well as bags, scarves and other adornments in the remaining spaces. It's time to get vertical.

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The Container Store

As with many products from the Elfa collection, the great thing about this drawer organizer is that it's multipurpose and can be used in different areas of the home. It would make a great addition to the closet during this time of year, specifically for storing heavy garments, blankets, and other items not needed for warm weather. With four 22-inch wide drawers, storage is no issue. Also, the mesh weave allows you to see what's inside and prevents small objects from falling through or getting lost.

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If you’d rather display than hide the items you reach for most in the kitchen, this gorgeous, 51-inch-wide wall-mounted shelving unit is an excellent solution. Made from durable epoxy-bonded steel, you can style each of the customizable shelves with baskets, books, tools, dishware, and even a framed photo or two. Tip: if you’ve got the horizontal space, two units can be mounted side-by-side for the ultimate open shelving look.