The 20 Best Home Finds from Amazon’s Very Merry Deals Event

published Dec 19, 2022
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Now that the holidays are in full swing, you’re almost at that point in the year when you can take a deep breath and finally relax. Depending on what you celebrate, there’s likely just one holiday left before it’s time to usher in 2023. You’ve made it through Thanksgiving and Black Friday, completed your gift shopping, and hung your stockings with care. What could be left? Well, now’s actually the prime time to head to Amazon and check out their end-of-year sale. The Very Merry Deals event is basically like Cyber Week 2.0. There, you’ll find incredible discounts of up to 75 percent off on everything from the latest tech gadgets to the most coveted countertop appliances. In an effort to make your search run more smoothly, we’ve presented you with 20 of our favorite picks in a variety of shopping categories. So stock up now, and prepare to receive many more exciting packages even after Christmas has concluded.

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Much like the iPhone, AirPods are a product you initally think you can live without. After one wear, though, you'll be forever hooked on these second generation earbuds. Whether you're replacing your first gens or looking to cop your first pair, these noise cancelling, completely wireless pods will fulfill all your music-listening and WFH needs. They also arrive with four different pairs of silicone tips for a customizable fit.

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was $229.00

This is the best time of year to gather your relatives and share favorite family stories. That's why this 23andMe+ ancestry service bundle is the perfect thing to get yourself or gift someone else. Not only does it give you insight into your ancestral DNA, but the service also grants you access to health-related genetic reports. Plus, you get a year-long premium membership with which to access them!

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We love a fancy Dutch oven, but you technically don't have to spend upwards of $100 to find a good one. Case in point: This 6-quart enameled cast iron pot by Lodge. Our editors love this cookware essential for its endless color options, high heat resistance, and ability to cook a slew of diverse meals for any time of day. And you don't have to break the bank to own it.

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was $549.99

With this Shark robot vacuum, you don't have to call a maid service in order to come home to clean floors. Its app is so easy to use for mapping out your home's floor layout and scheduling cleaning sessions. After the bot has gone through every room, it returns to its base and empties itself. Other than telling it when to vacuum and unloading the self-empty base from time to time, you don't have to lift a finger.

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was $250.00

Needing a new mattress but not wanting to splurge yet is a situation we don't wish on anyone. That's why we recommend this incredibly comfy foam mattress topper by Tuft & Needle. It's breathable and keeps you cool all night, while its responsive foam construction adapts to your body and helps relieve pressure. You'll be resting soundly for the full 8 hours! Maybe that new mattress can wait even longer.

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was $379.99

It's rare that we find a great markdown on KitchenAid's world-famous stand mixer, so now's the perfect chance to snag your own. This 3.5-quart mini version is wonderful if you don't have a ton of counter space, or if you prefer to cook in smaller batches. The mixer comes with its own stainless steel bowl (which has an easy-grip handle), and its matte black finish looks so classy.

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was $379.99

Make your New Year's party the talk of the town by blasting some tunes on this vintage-style Marshall wireless speaker. Although it's Bluetooth-enabled and as modern as ever, it'll lend an old-timey vibe to your surroundings. I mean, just look at those gold twist knobs! Connect your Spotify to the speaker, turn up the volume, and you're ready for a good time.

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was $175.09

Even if you own the most powerful vacuum on the market, sometimes your floors just need a good mopping. The Bissell SpinWave is perfect for the job — even households with pets and small children don't stand a chance against its spinning mop pads. You can fill it with your favorite sanitizing product and control how much to use with the push of a button. No more grime on those hard floors!

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was $300.00

Long-time readers know we can't get enough of Le Creuset's full-sized Dutch oven. But for smaller, quicker meals, the 3.5-quart Sauteuse is just what you need. Cook a stew for two, or bake your signature homemade bread within its enameled cast iron walls. Whatever you make, it'll come out hot and flavorful thanks to the Sauteuse's tight-fitting lid and superior heat distribution capabilities.

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was $399.00

If you work a job that requires long hours spent on your feet, you need a TheraGun. Really, though, anyone can get plenty of use out of this powerful muscle massager. It has five speeds and arrives with five attachments for different parts of the body, relieving tension in your legs, neck, shoulders, and pretty much everywhere else. By the end of each daily session, you'll feel like a new person.

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was $139.99

Even the most well-behaved pets leave behind messes sometimes. That doesn't mean you love them any less, but it does mean that you'd be smart to invest in Bissell's portable carpet cleaner. It's always great to have this machine on hand, whether your pup has an accident or you accidently spill your coffee. The cleaner works on all upholstered surfaces, and the best part is that you don't have to do any scrubbing to get the stains out.

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was $49.99

It doesn't matter if your favorite shows are on Netflix, Disney+, or Prime Video — this affordable streaming stick lets you watch it all. Simply connect it to your smart home assistant, and access all your top apps and services. What's more, the Fire TV Stick offers a high-quality video display and is so compact, you'll be able to find a home for it without having to rearrange your TV stand.

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was $43.99

There's no need to waste space by incorporating both a humidifier and oil diffuser into your bedroom. This LEVOIT diffuser carries out both functions, making your space feel infinitely more cozy and serene. Although this machine is by no means bulky, it has a 3-liter water tank that'll help humidify your space for up to 25 hours before needing a refill.

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was $220.00

Vintage-inspired rugs are one of the top home accessories right now, and you can hop on the trend for under $90 by purchasing this lovely area rug. It's available in seven colors and 23 sizes, so you can truly customize it to your space. Not only does this floor covering look great, but it's also super easy to take care of. Just vacuum it from time to time, and spot-clean any spills.

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was $149.95

The new year is coming up, so stay aware of your fitness levels with this ingenious little activity tracker. The Fitbit is famous for a reason. It counts your steps, keeps track of your workout goals, measures how many calories you burn, and more. Plus, this device is waterproof and beyond durable, so you won't even notice it's on your wrist when you're not actively using it.

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was $39.99

There are all kinds of teeth whitening agents you can buy now, but nothing compares to the original. Crest Whitestrips really work, and if you've ever wondered how someone's smile is so well-maintained, it's likely because of these. With this kit, you get 32 strips — 16 for your bottom teeth and 16 for the upper row. Considering that you'll see results after just one set of strips, you can rest assured that this bundle will last you a lifetime.

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was $249.00

If you work from home and find it hard to get your daily exercise in, consider this portable walkstation by TODO. It lies completely flat, so you can position it under your desk and walk as you type, lunch, and attend Zoom meetings. Not only will you get your steps in, but the treadmill will also help you relieve stress and feel better by the end of the day. Whereas regular treadmills can cost thousands of dollars, this one is practically a steal!

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Our editors tested these washable fridge liners and loved them, and now you can get your own for under $10! Just make sure to hit the "apply 20% coupon" button on the product page. With your purchase, you get eight liners that'll protect your fridge shelves from spills, spoiled produce, and other accidents. Simply wet the mats before sticking them on, and they won't budge an inch.

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was $89.99

You might initially look at this PurSteam mop cleaner and think you've seen something just like it before. This multipurpose machine, however, also comes with a built-in handheld steamer. That means you can clean your windows and even bust your clothes and curtains of wrinkles, all in one go! Hard and soft surfaces alike will be left sparkling, ironed out, and completely germ-free.

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was $1197.99

Even though you can stream pretty much any show on your laptop or tablet, nothing beats the cinematic experience of watching your faves on a flatscreen. This 55-inch Samsung smart TV lets no detail escape your line of sight thanks to its 4K resolution and immersive color technology. Connect it to your smart home assistant to easily access all movies, shows, and videos games.