Dakota Fanning’s Bright Pink Sofas Are Definitely a Vibe

published May 2, 2022
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Credit: Andrea Raffin/Shutterstock

If you’ve been craving something new in your space and are in need of inspiration, Dakota Fanning is here to help. The actress did something unexpected with the couches in her coastal-inspired living room that takes the space from neutral to electric.

In a 2021 Instagram post simply captioned “vibes,” Fanning shows off her olive green outfit while standing in front of a fairly simplistic living room. The fireplace and wainscoting have been painted a powder blue, which matches elements in the antique fringed rug. And the coastal theme carries over into the light-and-airy curtains and wicker side table.

But the bright pink velvet couches tell a different story.

The unexpected pop of pink makes turns this traditional space into something much more eclectic. The matching throw pillows bring in a bit of that seaside blue, but there’s absolutely no way these sofas are blending into their surroundings.

This pic may just be the breath of fresh air you’re looking to breathe into your own space. 

If you’re thinking pink (and velvet!), there are a few similar couches available that mimic the punchy color of Fanning’s. The Bea Pink sofa by TOV, sold through Coleman Furniture, is almost an exact color match.

The Bea Pink sofa is in a more modern shape compared to Fanning’s, but the tufting and ornate feet give it a traditional feel.

If you love the sheen of the crushed velvet finish, then you should check out the Graham Velvet Sofa in Rose from Urban Outfitters. It’s similar to the Bea Pink couch in the fact that it’s tufted and has decorative feet, but the shiny finish makes it pop just that much more.

As Fanning shows, any aesthetic can be altered into something eclectic and new with the right piece of bold furniture. And a bright pink velvet couch is most certainly a vibe.