Score Great Jones’ Famous Dutch Oven for Under $100 During Their Epic Flash Sale

published Dec 14, 2022
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Roasted sweet potatoes on blue sheet pan
Credit: Joe Lingeman

When it comes to cute, colorful, and functional kitchenware, there’s one brand that continually brings home the gold: Great Jones. Ever since the first time we tried the brand’s signature item, the Holy Sheet pan, well, we’ve been smitten. It’s not just that Great Jones’ goods making cooking and baking so much more fun — I mean, there’s no denying the cook and bakeware’s pop of color will add a zing of joy in any kitchen — we also find ourselves continuously relying on their Dutch oven, cake rounds, and muffin tins because of their high-quality materials and superior, innovative design. While we would gladly (and have in the past) take home a boatload of Great Jones finds at full price, the brand just gave us a little more incentive to re-up on our favorites (and get some as last minute gifts!) by hosting a limited-time Flash Sale. The sale is chock full of our favorite GJ products, each of which is $100 or less. It’s like the holidays have come early!

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1 / 10
Great Jones

All hail the Dutchess! With so many Dutch ovens on the market, Great Jones threw their hat into the ring with this 6.75-quart beauty that features a curved bottom to prevent food from getting stuck. In addition to its roomy cooking space, it also has wide handles to make the trip out of the oven much more secure — even when wearing thick oven mitts. We tested it out and loved that its performance lived up to its gorgeous style.

2 / 10
Great Jones
was $85.00

It's no secret that we deem the Holy Sheet pan the ultimate kitchen essential, and this group of three half- and quarter-sheet pans can tackle a variety of kitchen projects — veggies, cookies, you name it. The nonstick ceramic coating means food will slide off with ease, and the reinforced aluminized steel base won't warp, no matter how many times you pop them in oven. One bake with these and you can say goodbye to any other sheet pans you own.

3 / 10
Great Jones

This duo is comprised of two four-in-one pieces, one 12-inch and one 14-inch Full Steam. These four-in-one tools can be used as a steamer, splatter guard, trivet, and colander. Crafted from food-grade silicone (that’s free of any BPA, BPS, or other scary chemicals) and reinforced with stainless steel, you can expect these handy tools to hold up superbly to the continual heat of boiled water, splattering oil, or the bottoms of hot pans (they’re heat-resistant up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit).

4 / 10
Great Jones

The four-quart capacity of the Hot Dish makes it an absolute powerhouse in the kitchen, especially considering its deep three-inch sides that can cook a big batch of ziti evenly throughout. Plus, the mitt-friendly handles will keep you safe when moving your bubbling casserole out of the oven! It also doubles as a roasting pan, making it even more versatile. And, don't even get us started on its good looks!

5 / 10
Great Jones
was $120.00

The smaller version of its larger sibling, the Dutchess (above), this round 3.5-quart option is the perfect choice for anyone who cooks for one or two (or is consistently making sides or grains). The Dutch Baby has the same enameled cast-iron interior as Great Jones' other Dutch oven. In other words, it'll beautifully brown and sear food without it sticking to the surface — not to mention it will maintain some serious moisture.

6 / 10
Great Jones

Typically, you'll want to pour your cupcake or muffin batter into paper cups to avoid sticking before placing them in the baking pan. But, that's not necessary with the widely beloved Stud Muffin. Like the rest of Great Jones' bakeware, this 12-cup muffin pan is made of aluminized steel that prevents sticking, scraping, and scrubbing. Your confections will pop out with ease and without any raw spots in the center. If that's not every bakers dream, I don't know what is!

7 / 10
Great Jones

It is baking season people! There's no doubt that you'll get plenty of use out of this stainless-steel cake pan. It's coated in the special nonstick ceramic that makes the Holy Sheet pan an editor favorite. Another brilliant and cool design factor of this baking essential is the groovy bottom which prevents your creations from sticking or becoming misshapen. Oh, and unlike other cake rounds, we've found this pan is super easy to clean, since it's dishwasher-safe.

8 / 10
Great Jones
was $98.00

You’ll look every bit the professional chef and fashionista in this super-cute apron, which is available in the same colors as the Dutch ovens. It, too, sports the same quaint floral imagery as the other items in this launch — only this time, it’s embroidered. The apron’s size is also completely adjustable (just tighten or loosen the waist to your liking) and it has two sizable pockets for your towels, thermometers, phone, and other kitchen essentials.

9 / 10
Great Jones
was $80.00

If it's only half-sheets your looking for, Great Jones has got you! This duo of Holy Sheet pans promises to be most durable you’ve ever owned — you couldn’t warp them if you tried. Baking and cleaning will be worry free no matter how sticky, ooey, or gooey your sweet creation is! Oh, and as if you needed any more convincing, just know that Great Jones is the only place where you can buy a baking sheet in colors deliciously named Mustard, Broccoli, Raspberry, and Blueberry.

10 / 10
Great Jones
was $100.00

Back in September, Great Jones teamed up with The Coy Collection — a small, Black-owned ceramics studio — to create three limited-edition pieces, one of which was this snazzy Utensil Holder. The crock can hold any and all utensils, but works wonders when housing the Great Jones Whole Grain Family set. Just place this cheerful, oversized holder atop your counter to experience the joy you find in cooking reflected back at you in the form of that super-cute, hand-painted smiley face.