Staub Is Offering Up to 77% Off Tons of Must-Have Cookware, Including the Classic Cocotte

published Apr 11, 2022
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Spring is in full swing, and you know what that means? Zwilling’s exclusive factory sale is finally here! We have our eyes on the huge savings on Staub cookware, in particular. Staub is an editor- and reader- favorite brand for good reason: Their timeless, French-made cast iron Dutch ovens, grill pans, baking dishes, and more are built to last. The deeply discounted pieces in this sale have slight scratches and visual imperfections, but they perform just as well as the full-priced versions and are up to 77 percent off (!!) right now.

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Without further ado, we rounded up our favorite Staub pieces from Zwilling’s sale for you to snag at a steal. But we’re warning you, our top picks are known to sell out fast, so hop on these deals now before they’re gone.

1 / 10
was $529.00

This generously sized 5-qt. pot adds height to the classic 4-qt. cocotte to deliver extra real estate for cooking without taking up more space on your stovetop. It's super handy for cooking dishes that rise, like soufflés, as well as bone-in meat cuts. Since cast iron provides even heat, this pot is also ideal for simmering stews and soups or slow-cooking meats and veggies.

2 / 10
was $371.00

This traditional cast iron skillet is quite the multitasker, and its enameled black matte interior allows for impressive searing (sans sticking). From browning chicken breasts to frying bacon to caramelizing onions, this pan does it all. The even heat distribution makes for excellent cooking, and the higher, straighter walls translate to less splatter on your stove.

3 / 10
was $243.00

Seeking a year-round sear on your steak, burgers, veggies, and more? Look to this Staub grill pan, perfect for using indoors on your stove. Its size means that it's compact enough to store easily and not too heavy for frequent use, but it's still large enough to fit up to four burgers. Reviewers note that it's also great to use on your grill outdoors to keep smaller items like shrimp or asparagus from falling through the cracks.

4 / 10
was $386.00

This braiser-esque piece of cookware is perfect for a number of tasks, from deep-frying and baking to roasting and sautéing. Thanks to the versatile glass lid, you can see what's going on in the pan without letting heat escape. While we wouldn’t make huge batches of chili in this one (like we would a Dutch oven), it’s great for risotto and one-pot pasta dishes.

5 / 10
was $457.00

This French oven is equipped with a special Chistera lid designed to retain moisture. The innovative drop structure redistributes condensation, essentially doing all the basting for you. With superior heat distribution, you can expect perfectly seared, caramelized, and braised dishes with minimal room for error.

6 / 10
was $200.00

Any casserole superfan will fawn over this gorgeous cast iron baking dish designed for making delicious gratins, crumbles, pasta, and of course, every casserole under the sun. The matte black colorway is classic, and the sleek shape is perfect for going straight from oven to table. This heirloom piece is designed to last decades, making this low price point such an amazing deal.

7 / 10
was $386.00

It’s worth grabbing this pan even if you never, ever use it to cook paella. The generous 13.5" diameter makes this beauty ideal for searing meat and fish without crowding the pan. It’s also incredibly durable, easy to use, and oven safe up to 900 degrees. With handy pouring spouts, you can easily drain fat or excess liquid. The best part? When you're done, just pop it in the dishwasher.

8 / 10
was $275.00

This heavy-duty cast iron Dutch oven features a tight-fitting lid that will lock moisture in whether you're using it to simmer sauce or soup on the stove or bake chicken or veggies in the oven. And at nearly half off the original price, this is easily one of the best times to splurge on a piece that will last for generations.

9 / 10
was $257.00

Cast iron frying pans are durable kitchen staples for crispy main courses and golden brown side dishes. The low, curved sides, are handy for flipping food like a pro chef, and everything should brown evenly thanks to the cast iron base, no pre-seasoning required. The added spouts make it easy to pour out leftover oil or liquids without making a mess.

10 / 10
was $429.00

If fruit crisps are your jam, look no further than this oval baking dish. It's the perfect size to cook up gooey, seasonal berry cobblers all summer long. The included lid also keeps food toasty warm until you're ready to serve it, which is great news if you're entertaining a crowd that tends to linger over cocktails.

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