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This Super Popular Weighted Blanket Now Comes in Kid Sizes
Touted as the “first of its kind,” the weighted blanket is designed with kids’ needs in mind.
May 20, 2020
This Terrazzo-Inspired Table Is Actually Made of Recycled Plastic
Just look at those confetti colors.
May 12, 2020
This Water Bottle Has a Hidden Coffee Cup Inside, So You Can be Hydrated and Caffeinated
Say goodbye to carrying separate hot and cold drink containers.
May 12, 2020
One Man Built Custom Kitty Towers for His Cats, and They’re Pretty Pawesome
People on Facebook are asking him to make them for sale.
May 3, 2020
This Office Chair is Made From Recycled Waste and Snaps Together in a Minute
The Move is made from nine pounds of post-consumer plastic waste, including discarded fishing nets and old carpet that would otherwise end up in a landfill.
Apr 30, 2020
This 327 Square Foot Prefab Tiny House in France Lets All the Light In
“By playing with the two layers of sliding doors and shutters, both intimacy, protection and complete openness can be enjoyed in only 36 square meters.”
Apr 29, 2020
The Spring Home Refreshes You Should Make Based on Your Enneagram Type
Need a new look? Just check your Enneagram.
Apr 27, 2020
The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation Has Free Online Classes for Kids
Children can hone their creativity through the lens of the celebrated architect’s design contributions.
Apr 23, 2020
Bloomscape’s New Collection Is Perfect for the Plant Mom in Your Life
For your favorite green thumb.
Apr 15, 2020
This Clear Acrylic Puzzle Is Here to Keep You Busy from Now Until Forever
“We really didn't think anyone would rise to the challenge,” reads the description.
Apr 2, 2020
This Is the Most Popular Book Set in Your State
Plus the most highlighted quotes on Kindle.
Apr 2, 2020
Have to Move Your Wedding? Zola Launched Change the Dates
In an effort to assist anyone tackling the gut-wrenching task of canceling a marriage ceremony, wedding registry site Zola has committed to making the process as simple as possible.
Apr 2, 2020
Live Out Your ‘Tiger King’ Dreams with The Inside’s Latest Collab
The Inside partnered with Iris Apfel's Old World Weavers.
Mar 31, 2020
Want Terrazzo Floors on a Vinyl Budget? This Company Has You Covered
There are other fun designs, too.
Mar 30, 2020
This New Brand Loves Cats So Much, Even Its Boxes Convert to Cat Houses
They make well-designed products for your favorite felines.
Mar 24, 2020
Peek Inside the Hollywood Hills Mansion for Sale That Belonged to Elizabeth Taylor and Prince
The amenities are on par with what you’d expect from a home to the stars.
Mar 21, 2020
Peek Inside JFK’s Former Georgetown Home for Sale
For two years, Kennedy shared the home with his sister Eunice just before embarking on his presidential campaign.
Mar 18, 2020
This Chicago House Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright Is Under $150,000
You can own architectural history.
Mar 18, 2020
One Redditor Turned a Rescue Dog’s Shedding Hair Into Art
A fantastical photo series.
Mar 17, 2020
These Stylish Prefab Homes Start at 388 Square Feet and $86,000
Modernist company KitHAUS recently debuted a new line of prefab homes.
Mar 11, 2020
This Foldable Outdoor Stove Can Literally Fit In Your Pocket
When folded, it's about the size of your hand.
Mar 8, 2020
This Artist Adorns Tree Scars with Embroidery
So beautiful.
Feb 28, 2020
This Tent-Shaped House Was Designed to Foster Community
“We designed a space where passing neighbors, friends and children can easily stop by to chit chat under the entrance porch."
Feb 28, 2020
4 Tips for Keeping Plants Happy and Healthy During the Winter
If you’ve managed to get through the winter so far (partially) unscathed, congrats! It takes a lot of will power to prep your home for the cold weather, maintain your mental health (winter blues are the worst), and play holiday host while holding it all together. Obviously, self-care is super important during this time of year, but the plants in your life also require additional, seasonal-specific TLC to survive the winter fully intact.
Feb 27, 2020
This Prefab House is Completely Self-Powered
The homes start at just 430 square feet.
Feb 23, 2020
This 324 Square Foot Cabin Can Sleep 8 People
The space can hold up to 20 people inside for a party.
Feb 9, 2020
These Stacked Shipping Containers Are Actually High-Tech Farms
There's a whole sea of produce inside.
Jan 31, 2020
This Pavilion Was Built to Protect a Century-Old Statue
It protects the sculpture but it's a work of art in and of itself.
Jan 31, 2020
These Sustainable Candle Jars Become Plant Pots for the Seed-Infused Paper Lids—Just Add Dirt
While most candle jars end up in a landfill, you'll want to keep these around.
Jan 30, 2020
This Flat-Pack Sofa Can Be Assembled Without Tools
Avoid lugging out your toolbox and wiping away sweat beads of frustration over trying (and failing) to assemble a piece of furniture. London-based startup Swyft recently unveiled its unique flat pack sofa design that is not only stylish but has an easy assembly process that requires no tools.The company’s signature Swyft-Lok device allows the sofa to be assembled by one person without additional assistance.
Jan 27, 2020
This Mississippi Cottage from Season 2 of “Home Town” is for Sale
Brace yourselves, HGTV enthusiasts.
Jan 21, 2020
Before and After: This Normal Camper Transforms Into a Muraled Music Studio with Furry Pink Walls
The after is as fun on the inside as it is on the outside.
Jan 20, 2020
This Ground Level Space in Paris Is Now a Colorful Mid-Century-Inspired Apartment
Soft hues and geometric shapes give it a lighter, more spacious feel.
Jan 17, 2020
Yankee Candle Just Announced Their 2020 Scent of the Year
It's a scent that “reflects our yearning to be present and desire to find beauty and strength in simplicity so you can feel centered, focused and energized.”
Jan 15, 2020
You Can Customize These Prefab Shipping Container Homes—and Order One Online
"Custom prefab" doesn't have to be an oxymoron.
Jan 2, 2020
These Will Be 2020’s Most Popular Plants, According to One Expert “Plant Mom”
These plants are sure to be seen taking over interiors throughout 2020.
Dec 23, 2019
This Man Has Built Over 3,000 Birdhouses to Honor His Late Wife
The bluebird—a symbol of joy and happiness in various cultures—was Pat’s favorite.
Dec 19, 2019
These Prefab Homes Were Designed for Victims of California Wildfires
The modular units are being offered as a protective option, thanks to a design that helps them to resist wildfires.
Dec 19, 2019
This Foldable Cup Aims to Reduce Plastic Waste
This foldable paper coffee cup can help to preserve and protect the environment.
Dec 17, 2019
Let Your Pet Share Your Bed—You Might Just Sleep Better
Apparently, co-sleeping with a furry friend goes a lot further than having a warm body to snuggle next to.
Dec 16, 2019
This Heated Lunchbox Lets You Avoid the Office Microwave Queue
This nifty food container is designed to bring relief to lunch toters everywhere who’d rather bypass the line to the office microwave and get straight to grubbing.
Dec 16, 2019
Hibernate the Winter Away at This 226 Square Foot Hobbit Hole in Ireland
Can we spend the whole winter here?
Dec 13, 2019
This Couple Decked Out a Camper Van with IKEA for Under $1,000
The couple decided to bypass a pricey professional job and tackle the van buildout on their own.
Dec 12, 2019