OXO Is Giving You 20 Percent Off Our Favorite Cold Brew Coffee Maker and More Kitchen Essentials

published Feb 21, 2023
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Water being poured into Oxo cold brew maker.
Credit: Photo: Ghazalle Badiozamani

My desire for shiny kitchen gadgets is far (far) greater than my budget allows. Even with the many tools, organizers, and cookware I’m fortunate enough to be able to test in the course of my work, there is always another sweet piece of kitchen gear that I have my eye on. Luckily, I usually end up finding a lot (if not all) of these pieces on sale and getting them at much more affordable prices — I just have to play the waiting game for a little bit, which is fine by me. If anything, that time spent waiting helps me know which products I really want and which ones were just a passing fancy.

Starting today, OXO is having a sale on some of their bestselling cooking and cleaning tools. The sale ends this Thursday, Feb. 23 and gives you 20 percent off select products when you use code FLASH20 at checkout. Browse our top picks of on-sale items to pick up some seriously high-quality gear at a great discount — including the cold brew coffee maker that our sister site Kitchn’s editors rated best overall!

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was $27.99

This nifty device helps with one of the trickiest aspects of making sauces and gravies: controlling the amount of fat in the pan. Instead of guessing how much leftover cooking fat you have, which can lead to sauces that are either too greasy or too thin, just pour the contents of the pan into this tool and it will let you measure out fat and cooking liquids separately. It's a must-have for holiday roasts, too.

2 / 10
was $22.99

Make sure your snacks and dry ingredients stay fresh longer with this spacious, airtight food-safe container. With OXO's iconic pop-button design, the lid locks into place easily to prevent your pantry staples from going stale (or worse). This large size is great for anything you keep in bulk, including chips, pretzels, rice grains, flour, and more.

3 / 10
was $51.99

Here is your foolproof way to make deliciously smooth and rich cold brew coffee at home. This self-contained system never requires you to buy paper filters and makes up to 32 ounces of cold brew coffee in a graduated container that you can store in your fridge for convenient access whenever you want a cup. See why our editors ranked it the best at-home cold brew maker on the market.

4 / 10
was $159.99

Instantly add storage space to your shower or bathtub with this adjustable shelf system. The main support pole fits into any corner of your showering space and extends to floor-to-ceiling heights so you can customize it to your needs. It includes four removable shelves that hold soaps, shampoos, conditioners, and more — perfect for small bathrooms that are short on storage space.

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was $27.99

Every kitchen needs a pair of strong and easy-to-clean scissors, and these shears are a great choice. They let you easily cut through bone and tough cartilage, and most importantly, they come apart into two pieces so you can clean them regularly and sharpen them as needed.

6 / 10
was $45.99

This tool cuts your food prep time down by half — literally! The foldable base locks in place and has non-slip feet to stay sturdy while you're using it, and a large hand guard keeps your fingers safe from the slicing area. It includes four blades for making different kinds of cuts and has an adjustable depth platform so you can dial in the precise thickness of your slices.

7 / 10
was $25.99

Unlike traditional can openers that cut out the top of cans, this model cuts along the sides and leaves you with a piece of metal that is less sharp and safer to handle when recycling. It also has the ability to pinch and hold on to the lid once it's done removing it so you can get rid of it without ever having to touch it.

8 / 10
was $27.99

With features including built-in pour spouts and silicone handles for getting a secure grip, this set of nesting mixing bowls is a real winner. The bowls come in handy when you're making baked goods, mixing salads, or marinating meat. Great for yourself or as a gift for someone special.

9 / 10
was $61.99

This all-encompassing set makes sure you have all your serving essentials in one place. The included container has two sections and won't tip over if you want to bring it and the tools to your dining table. Plus, there's room in the container to hold extra gear, so you can use this to organize all your large utensils.

10 / 10
was $15.99

Want to make cleaning your bathroom a whole lot easier? Try this extendable scrubber to reach every nook and cranny without having to crouch down or stand on a step stool. This is perfect for cleaning high up along the walls of your shower and on the bottom area around your toilet. OXO also sells extra antimicrobial scrubber heads for whenever you need a replacement.