Boll & Branch’s Sitewide Sale Includes This Editor-Favorite Bath Towel and More Spring-Ready Linens

published Apr 3, 2023
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It’s often the case that just when you think you’ve found a certain product you seemingly can’t live without, something even better comes along. This could happen with any number of things, be it a new coffee machine you ordered, a laundry detergent you decided to try on a whim, or a cooking ingredient that takes your recipes to the next level. Linens are not excluded from this list. If you think the brand and materials behind the sheets you sleep on or the bath towels you use don’t make much of a difference, you’ve never tried Boll & Branch. This is the company behind some of our editors’ favorite organic soft goods, so we had to point out that they’re currently hosting a sitewide spring sale. Now through April 10, you can save 20 percent on every item when you enter code SPRING20 at checkout! After just a few days of using any of our top picks below, we’re confident that you, too, will be a full-blown Boll & Branch convert.

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Boll & Branch
was $49.00

If you want to wrap yourself in the perfect balance between soft and absorbent when you step out of the shower, this plush bath towel is a no-brainer. Commerce SEO editor Sarah loves its long-staple cotton fabric and overall durability. "Organic towels have always let me down in two ways: They were either scratchy or pilled like crazy — my ultimate towel pet peeve," she wrote. "So if you’re tired of being let down by organic towels and ready to invest in luxury bath towels that are both responsibly made and made to last, I have a feeling this towel might just become your new go-to."

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Boll & Branch
was $278.00

Neither too crinkly nor too satiny, these cotton percale sheets provide a cool, smooth feeling against the skin. They, too, are an AT contributor favorite, with Stella noting that slipping into them "makes for a breathable sleep, one where I never wake up sweaty or shivering." As if that weren't enough, the sheets feel even more smooth and more comfortable the more you wash them, so it goes without saying that they'll become a permanent fixture atop your bed.

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Boll & Branch
was $158.00

We love that Boll & Branch's no-frills down pillow comes in three different densities (soft, medium, and firm), making it a great pick for every type of sleeper. Even if you opt for the firm version, shoppers say it's still pliable and conforms to your neck and shoulders to provide optimal support. On the flip side, the soft version remains fluffy night after night.

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Boll & Branch
was $239.00

Whether you're looking to add an extra layer to your bed or want a stylish throw for the sofa, this chic waffle blanket will do the trick. It's available in nine calming colors and sports a breathable, textured construction. This is the blanket for you if you're after a light springtime layer for late afternoon dozing.

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Boll & Branch
was $118.00

The cotton waffle material also comes in the form of a robe, so you can wrap yourself in its airy, light texture. This is a nice transitional piece to wear when you're getting ready for the day or relaxing in the evenings, as it won't feel heavy or obtrusive to your movements. The robe comes in a variety of sizes, plus you can also adjust it via its tie waist.

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Boll & Branch

This sweater-like bed blanket actually made our Best List not too long ago, with Kitchn's shopping director, Jada, praising its luxe feel and ability to retain warmth during colder months. "It adds another layer of warmth and weight (even though it’s not a weighted blanket) to your bed and is cozy as a throw blanket on the couch, too," she noted. Even as the temps warm up, this is still a great layering piece for those random chilly days.

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Boll & Branch
was $39.00

Not everyone is blessed with a ventilated bathroom, but you don't have to suffer from swampy towels because of that. Boll & Branch's spa bath towel was designed to dry quickly, so you'll never feel grossed out from damp linens again. "It dries off completely 30 minutes after I use it, despite hanging from the same hook that my other bath towels have resided," wrote senior commerce editor Alicia. "It feels soft to the touch, though it is not the plushest towel I’ve wrapped myself in." Still, the towel does feel luxurious thanks to its channeled lines.

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Boll & Branch
was $59.00

You'll find this cotton bath mat to feel velvety and, of course, plush, plus it's also great at absorbing moisture and keeping your bathroom floor dry. In addition to placing one in front of the shower, you might also want one by your sink. Its plush material certainly beats standing on cold tiles.

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Boll & Branch
was $408.00

Sink into this ultra-soft down-filled duvet insert. It sports a 100 percent organic cotton shell, formulated to prevent any of the sustainably sourced down from slipping out. You have the option to choose between a lightweight design, which is great for spring and summer, or opt for one of the two heavier options. No matter what you go with, the duvet insert's baffle box construction will help prevent overheating.

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Boll & Branch
was $298.00

If you've ever slept on flannel sheets, you know they're some of the softest ones out there, but they have a tendency to pill. You won't experience that problem with this set, which has been brushed and triple-sheared for a smooth feel. These sheets will also keep your bed warm, so even if you opt for a lighter blanket this season, you'll still sleep comfortably during cooler nights.