10 Small Space-Friendly Outdoor Furniture Picks to Shop From Pottery Barn’s Huge Sale (Save Up to 40%!)

published Apr 12, 2023
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Living in a small space has the tendency to make you feel limited in terms of how you’re able to furnish it. This is especially true of outdoor areas. Let’s be clear: If you live in a tiny apartment and still have a terrace, patio, or backyard, that’s lucky in itself. But it’s discouraging nonetheless to constantly see sprawling outdoor sofas and dining tables and feel like you can’t have in on the fun. Well, this fortunately doesn’t have to be the case — you just have to know where to look. One of our top go-to retailers is, unsurprisingly, Pottery Barn. It’s not enough that their regular furniture is so stylish and comfy, but they had to go and make equally elegant patio pieces, as well! What’s more, there are plenty included in the current spring sale that are perfect for small exteriors. We chose a few of our favorites, so have a look below to see what strikes your fancy.

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Pottery Barn
was $1699.00

Perhaps your balcony doesn't have room for an entire living set, but you could at least cozy it up with this plush teak frame sofa. Its sale price varies depending on which cushion fabric you choose, but we especially love discounted colors like natural, silver, and chambray. Although this seat doesn't take up a ton of real estate, it still makes for a great lounging spot.

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Pottery Barn
was $1599.00

You could forego traditional seating entirely and instead outfit your yard with this sophisticated set of chaise lounges. Whether you're catching some z's or some sun, you'll be able to fully recline against their flexible, supportive mesh. And you get two with this purchase, which is perfect for friendly pool- or patio-side chats.

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Pottery Barn
was $1099.00

Gathering around a fire pit with loved ones is one of the most special parts of summer, and now you can do it around this sleek, weather-resistant table. It comes with its own lid, which transforms the piece into a functional coffee table. Otherwise, this stunning fire pit allows you to adjust its flame height as you hang out and, in turn, control its heat setting.

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Pottery Barn
was $679.00

There's something so luxe about having your own umbrella, and I'm not talking about the kind that comes with your dining set. This tilt-frame find is just the piece to place over a chaise lounge or another outdoor napping spot, as it'll keep you cooler as you relax on hot days. There are multiple different sale fabrics and colors to choose from, so you can easily match the umbrella to your other furniture.

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Pottery Barn
was $299.00

Not only does this side table look so refined with its minimalist metal construction, but it's also highly functional, too. Its C-shape allows you to place it over your seat and keep a beverage within reach, while a detachable caddy makes room for a tablet and other reading materials. As a result, we have no doubt you'll get tons of use out of this multifunctional table throughout the warmer months.

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Pottery Barn
was $1848.00

Upon first glance, this modular wicker armchair looks just like any other chic outdoor seat. But we love it just a bit more because of its swivel base, which is great for when you have company over and want to create a more intimate setting. You have to purchase the chair frame and cushion separately, which is nice because it allows you to mix and match different colors, choosing the best combo for your space.

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Pottery Barn
was $1299.00

Even the most minuscule of decks will still likely be able to accommodate this adorable round dining table. It offers plenty of surface area up top without taking up too much floor space, plus you can't ignore its built-in Lazy Susan and umbrella hole. You'll remain in the shade during hotter afternoons and never have to bother someone to pass a dish again!

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Pottery Barn
was $549.00

For some extra storage, you can't go wrong with a console table as pretty as this one. Made of weather-resistant eucalyptus wood, it sports a slatted design and sun-bleached tone. You get an expansive tabletop for storing all kinds of dinnertime staples, as well as a bottom rack for additional beverage cases, napkins, and whatever else you need.

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Pottery Barn
was $498.00

Dining al fresco is fun until you start getting cramps from your stiff wire dining chair. This wood-and-rope alternative will keep you in your seat for hours without feeling a need to shake out your limbs. The chair has a curved back for optimal support, plus its kiln-dried frame resists warping and cracking. And if you get more than one, the chairs stack on top of one another for easy storage.

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Pottery Barn
was $2499.00

If you're after a more earthy aesthetic, natural materials like wicker are your best bet. This sofa's foundation is made of sturdy material, but the part you sit on sports plush cushions in your choice of fabric. At 80" wide, the seat can comfortably accommodate as many as three people without blocking off too much of the surrounding greenery.