10 Rugs That’ll Instantly Brighten Up Your Space for Summer (They’re Up to 75% Off!)

published May 8, 2023
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Even if you’re a neutral color purist, you have to admit that the vibrance of spring and summer has the power to radically improve your mood — and I’m not merely talking about the greenery and sunshine of the outdoors. There’s much to be said for lightly (or heavily) redecorating your space in tandem with the seasonal shifts, like indulging in heavier fabrics and jewel tones when fall arrives or swapping your blackout curtains for breezy linen window treatments when March rolls around. One of the easiest and quickest ways to refresh your space is to invest in a new rug. And it’s not as difficult as you might think! Simply roll up and stow away your out-of-season floor covering, and opt for a cheery, multicolored replacement from Rugs USA. Right now, the retailer is offering up to 75 percent off of tons of beautiful styles fit for every space. Our 10 favorite finds are not only perfect for the summer months, but they’ll keep your home looking current for years to come.

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Rugs USA
was $471.80

Make a statement with this eye-catching multicolored rug, which Rugs USA shoppers say receives tons of compliments. The rug features a kaleidoscopic floral motif and is sure to make your office or living area feel more joyful. It's also great quality and notably handwoven from 100 percent wool.

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Rugs USA
was $284.80

We'll take a washable rug whenever we can get one, so we highly recommend this simple checkered piece if you want to avoid spot-cleaning. We're sure you know that checked prints have been very in-fashion for the past couple of years, so this is the perfect rug to invest in to make your home look ultra-modern. Its beige-and-white color scheme prevents the piece from looking too busy, though.

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Rugs USA
was $286.50

Sporting an intricate pattern that hides stains well, this pet-friendly rug promotes cottagecore vibes and a serene atmosphere. It's the perfect accompanying piece for a nature-inspired bedroom or nursery, and its durable fibers will hold up splendidly under heavy foot traffic. You'll also have no issue cleaning this accessory thanks to its low-maintenance construction.

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Rugs USA
was $363.00

For a more boho aesthetic, opt for this neutral colorblocked rug. Customers say it not only looks amazing, but it's also a breeze to vacuum. You can also choose to include a standard or premium quality pad underneath, with one reviewer noting that the latter option makes this rug feel incredibly soft and luxurious.

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Rugs USA
was $362.50

A vintage style will also never go out of fashion, so you can't go wrong with this faded black-and-ivory piece. It, too, is machine washable, not to mention super durable. Whether you have pets, small children, or a lot of roommates, the Esmeralda model will hold up splendidly. You'll also find that it's lightweight and low pile, which is good if you ever move to need or otherwise store the rug.

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Rugs USA
was $705.00

Rugs USA has a lot of Moroccan-inspired designs, all of which are especially fitting for summer. We love this multicolored piece in particular because of its vibrant and natural look. The plush, hand-tufted rug is adorned with an imperfect diamond print, which manages to tie a space together without making it look too neat. And like most of this retailer's rug offerings, it comes in multiple shapes and sizes.

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Rugs USA
was $207.50

If your living space feels bare and cold, this swirl-print rug will work wonders. Its beige color scheme is warm and homey while still maintaining a contemporary appeal. The rug is plush and soft, too, not to mention easy to style because of its neutral tone. At under $100, it definitely feels more expensive than it is.

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Rugs USA
was $323.90

For a sophisticated setup, we suggest this impressionist rug, which is nothing short of a masterpiece. It's a solid choice for the dining room or a child's bedroom, as the rug's hazy multicolored print will detract from any spills or stains. This is also one of Rugs USA's more durable options, so snag it now while the sale lasts.

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Rugs USA
was $500.00

In case you weren't aware, Rugs USA has its own line of "easy-jute" products, including this stylish, diamond-printed piece. Basically, unlike a lot of regular jute rugs, this one completely resists stains and spills, plus it won't shed! You can simply run it through the wash every now and then but otherwise enjoy the rug's chic design and effortless construction.

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Rugs USA
was $223.50

Adorn your apartment with something truly unique, namely this contemporary, orb-printed rug. It has a pleasant color scheme of ivory, beige, and blush, and depending on where you're standing, you might notice a slight sheen reflecting off of its fibers. Customers also say it's lightweight and doesn't shed — two more major pluses.