The Brand Behind Our Favorite Suitcase With a Built-In Closet Just Dropped a Backpack Version (It’s on Sale!)

published Oct 13, 2023
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You might think that with a name like Apartment Therapy, many of our staffers might be homebodies, which is definitely true, but when we aren’t at home, we love to travel around the globe. We take weekend trips, cross-country vacations, and go on international adventures, putting suitcases, weekender bags, and backpacks to the test as we do so. One of our (and your) favorite suitcases is Solgaard’s Carry-On Closet, which was tested by our Best List editor Britt. It has a built-in shelving system that compresses nicely into the suitcase. This product makes packing for any trip a breeze and has wowed both editors and readers alike.

Recently, Solgaard expanded its offerings and created a backpack, called the Lifepack Endeavor, which also has a compressible, built-in closet. If that wasn’t already impressive, Solgaard is also having an extremely rare Birthday Sale, and for that sale, the Lifepack Endeavor is majorly discounted through October 17. You can snag it for $56 off right now.

What is the Lifepack Endeavor?

Solgaard’s Lifepack Endeavor is a cleverly designed backpack that can hold a whole lot more than you’d expect. It has a removable built-in closet system, made out of Solgaard’s own durable Shore-Tex fabric. It boasts the ability to hold seven days’ worth of stuff (27 liters compact; 35 liters expanded), including clothes, toiletries, and tech. The Endeavor has a drop-proof 16″ laptop pocket that’ll keep your computer safe from damage. The backpack also has four secret compartments for important travel documents, a wrinkle-proof spot for papers, a protected pocket for glasses or sunglasses, and a specific pocket dedicated to cable storage. It also has a water-resistant bottom, so you don’t have to panic if you accidentally put your backpack down in a puddle, and plush shoulder straps that make it easy to lug around all day. You can get this backpack in six different colors and two sizes (medium or large).

Credit: Solgaard.

What Solgaard Reviewers Are Saying

Average Rating: 4.9/5 stars

“I wanted a bag that would expand for travel and collapse for daily use. This bag was perfect. The removable closet allowed for quick unpacking. Comfy to wear all day in an airport. Plus it’s made from salvaged ocean plastic. Makes me feel like I’m doing something good for the planet & wont need to replace it for ages.”

-Elaine M.

“This bag has it all and is extremely well designed. It is the only carry-on backpack I need for all my travel. It has so much versatility to be discovered that I feel like I haven’t used all of it yet! Very good build quality and I would recommend it to anyone.”

-Alan T.

“After using my college backpack for 6 years, I researched extensively before buying the Large Lifepack Endeavor. I was looking for another bag I could use on all my trips as well as daily carry, and after using the thing for more than 6 months and two international trips I can say for sure that this was worth every cent. Great features, build quality, and design. About to buy another one for my girlfriend!”

-David F.

At just over $200, this backpack is honestly a steal. Think about those times you’ve dared to book basic economy on flights and groaned about having to stuff everything in your small backpack. This Lifepack solves all of your problems. You can walk onto your Basic Economy flights knowing that you have enough clothes for a week, rather than three days, and feel well prepared for that weekend wedding or a week-long trip to visit family. We recommend taking advantage of this deal because we aren’t sure when Solgaard’s next sale will be.