One of Our Favorite Sources for Luxe Bedding & Bath Essentials Is Having a Huge Winter Sale — Shop These Editor-Approved Picks

published Dec 13, 2023
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Neatly made bed in light filled bedroom.
Credit: Minette Hand

Christmas is just around the corner, which probably means you’re in the throes of the most frenzied shopping period of the year. This is especially true if you have yet to complete your gift shopping, but not all hope is lost. If there’s one silver lining amid the chaos, it’s that some retailers are hosting winter sales and still shipping in time for Christmas. One of them is Boll & Branch, the brand behind many of our editors’ favorite bedding and bath linens. They’re currently offering 20% off orders of $200 or more when you use code WINTERDREAM at checkout. Plus, you get free delivery on orders placed before 2 p.m. EST tomorrow! The sale is sitewide (except for a few products), so you can score discounts on everything from sheets to bath towel bundles to loungewear. They’d all make wonderful gifts, but we also think you’ll want to keep a few of our top picks below for yourself. A lot of the bestsellers are going fast, so take advantage of the deals while they’re still in stock!

1 / 10
Boll & Branch
was $39.00

Ultra-fluffy bath towels are great... until you realize they have a hard time drying in your poorly ventilated bathroom. Luckily, Boll & Branch's spa bath towel was designed to dry quickly, so you'll never feel grossed out from damp, swampy linens again. "It dries off completely 30 minutes after I use it, despite hanging from the same hook that my other bath towels have resided," wrote senior commerce editor Alicia. "It feels soft to the touch, though it is not the plushest towel I’ve wrapped myself in." Still, the towel does feel luxurious thanks to its channeled lines.

2 / 10
Boll & Branch
was $239.00

If you’ve ever been to a spa or tried a waffle weave towel, you know how luxurious yet lightweight the material feels. Waffle weave linens are characterized by springy pockets that are soft yet breathable, which makes you feel like you're wrapped in a cloud. As a result, we're confident you'll enjoy this 100% organic cotton blanket. It'll keep you cozy under your duvet, but it’s also perfect on its own in spring or summer.

3 / 10
Boll & Branch
was $279.00

Jada, our sister site's shopping director, likened Boll & Branch's signature hemmed sheets to something you'd find at a luxury hotel, if that gives you any idea of how well-made they are. "They’re buttery-smooth and cool to the touch, they’re breathable so I never get hot overnight, and they launder nicely without developing a ton of wrinkles, clogging the lint trap, or needing multiple dry cycles," she added in her review. You'll also be happy to learn that the sheets boast a sateen weave, which gives them a subtle sheen. In short, they look and feel great.

4 / 10
Boll & Branch
was $59.00

You'll find this cotton bath mat to feel velvety and, of course, plush. Plus, it's also great at absorbing moisture and keeping your bathroom floor dry. In addition to placing one in front of the shower, you might also want one by your sink. Its cloud-like material certainly beats standing on cold tiles.

5 / 10
Boll & Branch
was $659.00

Anyone dealing with an uncomfortable mattress would definitely benefit from this soft but supportive topper, which features elastic corner straps for a budge-free application. Made from an ethically sourced cooling cotton and poly blend, it's no wonder this bedroom accessory won a spot on our Best List. "I tend to prefer a firmer mattress for my back problems but always felt like I wanted that ‘aaah soft’ feeling when I got into bed,” said tester Ella. "This is the best of both worlds — you get the initial ‘give’ when you get into bed, but you don’t feel like the mattress is sinking beneath you."

6 / 10
Boll & Branch
was $109.00

Boll & Branch took their popular waffle-knit bedding and transformed it into yet another highly coveted product, this time for the bathroom. The waffle shower curtain is described as plush yet springy, so it'll hold in the warmth and steam while you shower without contributing to the muggy feeling in your bathroom afterward. "I was always a little hesitant to switch over to a fabric shower curtain, but I haven't noticed this chic waffle curtain absorb any of the moisture from my overly humid bathroom," Alicia said after trying it. "There's no doubt that it has transformed my space."

7 / 10
Boll & Branch
was $179.00

Anyone on your Christmas list would be happy to receive this luxurious throw, which is available in a warm beige color or a timeless plaid print. Its woven twill material is brushed for a super soft finish; plus, the throw boasts a subtle texture that'll further add a cozy appeal to your bed or sofa. Additionally, the blanket features two fringed edges for visual interest.

8 / 10
Boll & Branch
was $89.00

No matter what type of sleeper you are, you're going to love Boll & Branch's customizable down alternative pillow, which is available in three densities. It's also a solid pick for those who suffer from allergies, as contributor Caroline noted. "It will give you the same fluff, heft, and squashability [as down] — but without the sneezing or teary eyes," she wrote. Commerce editorial assistant Morgan likened her soft-density pillow to sleeping on a cloud. "I never need to fluff it up, and my head sinks into it every time, but I'm still left with enough support," she said. "If I didn’t know, I would’ve never thought it was down alternative, as opposed to the real thing!"

9 / 10
Boll & Branch
was $49.00

Perhaps you do, in fact, want that fluffy bath towel feel. In that case, Boll & Branch's plush bath towel is a no-brainer. Commerce SEO editor Sarah loves its long-staple cotton fabric and steadfast durability. "Organic towels have always let me down in two ways: They were either scratchy or pilled like crazy — my ultimate towel pet peeve," she wrote. "So if you’re tired of being let down by organic towels and ready to invest in luxury bath towels that are both responsibly made and made to last, I have a feeling this towel might just become your new go-to."

10 / 10
Boll & Branch
was $129.00

The classic Aran knit pattern on this body pillow cover will make your bed look and feel infinitely cozier this holiday season, but because it's white, it won't appear overly festive. As a result, you can use the cover to elevate your personal space year-round and enjoy its old-world aesthetic no matter the season.