This Must-Have KitchenAid Attachment Is on Rare Sale Right Now (Get It Before It Sells Out Again!)

published Apr 23, 2024
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Credit: Cat Meschia

You might be enjoying the pleasant weather and carefree nature of spring — as you should! — but summer will be here to take its place before you know it. As a result, you want to make sure your home is equipped with everything you need to not only survive the hotter temps but also to thrive despite them. That includes everything from bedding that keeps you cool on hot nights to mosquito repellents that help your patio remain a bug-free outdoor oasis. Of course, you can’t skip out on the kitchen essentials either. Maybe you pick up some new grill tools for family cookouts, or perhaps you opt for a gadget that allows you to make ice-cold sweet treats right at home.

Enter: the KitchenAid shaved ice stand mixer attachment, which is currently on sale for $70 at QVC. Even better, if you’re a new customer, it’ll only be $50 (!) if you apply the code HELLO20 at checkout. It’s a summer must-have if you already own the brand’s stand mixer — and it usually sells out every year, so you’ll want to act on this deal fast!

What Is the KitchenAid Shaved Ice Attachment?

This attachment was a huge hit with our readers when we first wrote about it — and for good reason. All you have to do is connect it to your KitchenAid stand mixer and it’ll produce light, fluffy ice shavings that are perfect for recreating your favorite frozen treats and experimenting with different syrup flavors. Two blade options allow you to customize the “grit” of your ice; choose between coarse ice chips and fine shavings depending on your preference or what you’re making. And because the attachment can make over a pint of ice in just one minute, it’s great for parties too.

Additionally, the device comes with eight plastic ice molds that you can use to freeze pucks of the liquid of your choice — plain water is a fine base for flavored syrups, but getting to experiment with your favorite juices, sodas, teas, and even coffee is the best part about homemade shaved ice. You can also add alcohol to make grown-up desserts or mix a few splashes of milk or cream into fruit juices for a Creamsicle concoction. Just load the pucks into the attachment, turn on your mixer, and watch it twirl out a delicious flurry of refreshing shaved ice.

Credit: QVC

What QVC Reviewers Are Saying

Average Rating: 4.7/5

“This is very easy to use and makes perfect shaved ice!! We love it!!! Ice freezes quickly and is easy to remove from the cups. I stock up and save the pucks in a Ziploc bag so we always have them ready to use!” —LuvsErstad

“So glad I purchased this product for summer! My visiting family and I have used it nonstop. Easy to use once you get the hang of it. One little black mold produces a bowl full of shaved ice! The serving size is very filling! I personally like freezing a banana and adding chocolate syrup. So many possibilities. Highly recommend purchasing.” —firstyteach

“This worked well and was a lot of fun to bring out for my daughter’s birthday party to make shaved ice. I like that it came with eight ice molds from QVC. Other sellers only sold it with four. It comes with two blades: one coarse and one fine. We’ve just tried the coarse blade, but looking forward to trying the fine one.” —Emily

Other shoppers noted that the attachment is great for tiny kitchens, as you can just add it to your existing appliance without having to buy a whole new gadget to put on your counter. Whether you have kids, host lots of gatherings over the summer, or just enjoy an easy frozen dessert now and then, this is the attachment for you — especially now that it’s on sale. (And don’t forget about the HELLO20 promo code!)