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Storing a Stand Mixer, 4 Ways
Sometimes I wonder if I was adopted. All the ladies in my family are hardcore bakers and make goodies that could put Chef Duff to shame. That’s why I’ve decided to fine tune my baking skills and start (trying to) make gorgeous cupcakes for this year’s summer birthdays. I know I need a stand mixer—but with limited space to store the big, heavy kitchen appliance, I hit the Web for inspiration.
Oct 13, 2022
How to Get Organized Before the End of the Year
With the holidays creeping up, it’s easy to feel like life has gotten away from you. But you don’t have to wait until New Year’s resolutions to get a grip on the areas of your life that are bogging you down. In fact, making organization a priority here in the home stretch of 2017 will set you up for success next year, with a snowballing plan to get your life in order. Here’s how to get it started… What area of your life is feeling the most chaotic?
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Calculating Optimum Distance from Sofa to TV
In our previous apartment, the distance that we placed the sofa from the TV was essentially a nonissue — there was really only one spot where the placement of the screen worked, and it dictated the overall size of the TV. The sofa just went across from it, utilizing as much space as was available, no more and no less. But now, in our new place, everything is negotiable.
Oct 3, 2022