The $20 Amazon Organizer That’ll Corral Your Entire Cosmetic Collection

published Aug 29, 2022
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If you have a small bathroom like me, you know the struggle that comes with doing and storing your makeup. The counters are a no-go (too easy to knock over breakable containers when reaching for the toothbrush), but minimal drawer space means cramming your cosmetic collection into a tiny box and not being able to see all the individual products. I don’t like to admit how many times I thought I’d lost a face primer or an eyeshadow brush and bought a new one, only to later find the original “missing” item toward the back of the drawer. As you can imagine, this only exacerbated my small space/big makeup collection issue.

Fortunately, there are organizers for virtually every need out there, and that includes makeup. We found one on Amazon that has plenty of room for all your lotions and potions, and it’s only $20! The Syntus 360 rotating makeup organizer will help you neatly arrange every last product and keep your collection straight.

Of course, you can use this organizer for storing other things besides makeup, such as skincare and nail supplies, but its individual compartments best lend themselves to different types of cosmetics. For instance, the top plate has an open section in its surface that’s perfect for brushes. From there down, seven tiers of varying heights can hold bottles both large and small. In fact, you can manually adjust exactly how tall you want each tray to be. Almost 10,000 five-star ratings speak to this organizer’s seamless functionality. “My bathroom counter is a wreck every day,” one reviewer wrote. “I figured I could use this for at least my daily essentials, but it holds a whole lot more. I love that everything is in view and easily accessible!”

So that problem I mentioned of not being able to see your entire collection at once? The rotating organizer solves that by, well, rotating. No more digging through your cabinets and having to reorganize your items on a frequent basis, and counters remain uncluttered. “Having a lot of counter space is important to me, while also having easy access to anything I need or use regularly,” an Amazon customer shared. “This balances both of those needs wonderfully. It was easy to set up [and] customizable with how much space per section you need.”

Shoppers also note that the organizers is easy to assemble and disassemble when it’s time for a deep clean. In the meantime, it works exactly as advertised. Doing your makeup should be a relaxing, enjoyable step in your morning (or evening) routine. The Syntus 360 rotating makeup organizer makes that sentiment a reality.

Buy: Syntus 360 Rotating Makeup Organizer, $19.99 (normally $23.99)