10 Space-Saving Magnetic Spice Racks to Create Storage from Wasted Space

published Sep 30, 2022
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I like to cook, and although I’m no Julia Child, you can’t say my food is unseasoned. Whether I’m making risotto or roasting veggies, there’s always cause for a little more basil, or another dash of garlic powder, some extra black pepper, a sprinkle of sage — you get the idea. And, as you can imagine, my spice cabinet is overflowing with different powders and blends, some of them purchased long ago and swiftly forgotten. So, whenever I need to find an herb beyond my front row of favorites, the search always results in one big mess. I’m direly in need of a new organizational system to help declutter my cabinets. Thankfully, there are plenty of solutions out there — many of them reviewed here by our own writers. If you, too, could use some more order in your spice station, read on to see 10 of the best magnetic spice racks that’ll get your ingredients squared away neatly.

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If you don't utilize the outside of your fridge for storage space, it's time to start. Begin by popping on these magnetic spice racks from Amazon, which come in a pack of two for just $18. Each shelf can hold up to 5 pounds of weight, so it's perfect for holding not only spices, but also paper towels, oven mitts, and other lightweight items. Your cabinets and counters will thank you.

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Sure, extra shelves are always handy, but if you're truly proud of your spice collection and want to show it off, the best way to do so is with this set of 15 magnetic jars. Simply place each spice into a jar, screw on the lid, and stick it to your fridge. The set also comes with pre-printed spice labels that you can stick to the bottom of each jar, so you never forget which herb is which. And the jars' honeycomb-like design is certainly a marvel.

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More than 12,500 five-star ratings on Amazon show that customers love this magnetic stove shelf for its ability to blend in with their stainless steel ovens and keep cooking ingredients within reach. The best part: This shelf attaches to your oven's display via magnets, so no assembly is required. (Plus, if you ever decide to remove it, there won't be any damage!) But trust us, you won't want to get red of it — especially not when it also prevents items from falling into the gap between your stove and the wall.

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Yamazaki Home

If you're also lacking space for your paper towels, aluminum foil, and other kitchen tools, snag this steel and wood magnetic organizer from Yamazaki Home. Not only is it super practical, but as is the case with all Yamazaki products from the Tosca line, this organizers has a sleek, Scandinavian-inspired design that's nice to look at.

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This four-tier magnetic organizer is similar in style to the previous Yamazaki one, but it comes in a matte-black finish and isn't as big of a splurge. You can store your spice jars on the top and bottom shelves and dedicate the two racks to things such as towels and plastic wrap. This organizer also has hooks on the side for additional storage, and at 5 pounds, it's much lighter than it looks.

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Yamazaki Home

Perhaps you have a small fridge, or maybe you're just not in the market for an organizer with multiple tiers. Either way, you'll appreciate this magnetic storage basket that doesn't take up too much vertical space. It's almost like an additional shelf inside your refrigerator, only it's on the outside! Grab your ingredients from the refrigerator, shut the door, and your spices are right there.

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These magnetic tins come in a set of 12 and are made from food-grade stainless steel. Attach the included base to your vertical surface, then adhere the tins onto it. To get a spice out, you don't even have to fully open the tin. Just twist it, pepper some out, and twist it again to close. Simple as that!

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Yamazaki Home
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Keep your ingredients and cooking oils within view at all times by placing them on this magnetic storage caddy. This product is a blessing for small-space dwellers, as it essentially creates storage space out of nowhere. Its no-frills metal frame and polished white finish also mean that this caddy won't be an eyesore.

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This pack of four magnetic spice racks is seriously sturdy. Unlike a lot of other magnetic racks, each little shelf can hold up to 6.6 pounds — talk about tiny but mighty! As a result, you can place heavier condiment and oil bottles on the racks without fear of them falling off. Arrange all four racks under each other, or divide them up on opposite sides of the fridge for convenience.

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Unlike tiered organizers whose shelves are all connected, this pack of magnetic shelves can be spaced as far apart as you desire, so if you decided to place taller containers on the lower shelf, you can without a problem. And, because each shelf is relatively small, you can stick it on other magnetic surfaces besides the fridge, including the microwave. (Each shelf holds up to 9 pounds, too!)

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