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It’s Aquarius Season: Here’s Your February 2019 Home HoroscopeLife
Throw back the blinds and flip on your light switches, astral voyagers. February 2019 injects our lairs with the spirit of liberation, as Aquarius energy catalyzes ground-shaking change and radical shifts in spatial perspective. Existing on the edge of what’s possible, this cosmic season asks us to make leaps without looking, having faith that the fluffiest pillows will rise to meet us.
Jul 30, 2020
It’s Pisces Season: Here’s Your March 2019 Home HoroscopeLife
Slide out your underbed storage, astral voyagers. March offers a delicious portal into our past lives, as we feel into all the spaces of faith that can’t be proven, and practice sweet and soft non-judgment about everything that lies beneath our dust ruffles. Asking us to embrace our whole selves without assessing or analyzing, this mystical month invites us to transform dust bunnies into stardust.
Jul 30, 2020
It’s Aquarius Season: Here’s Your February Home HoroscopeLife
Break on through the other side of the house, astro explorers! This month in the cosmos Aquarius planets are rocking our worlds, asking us to accommodate the kinds of radical changes that reimagine our four walls and far beyond. With the planet of action and impulse in fiery Sagittarius, these two energies take us on a nomadic journey to the edge of the possible, as we take a look at ourselves and our spaces and get ready to truly make that change.
Jul 17, 2020
It’s Leo Season: Here’s Your August Home HoroscopeLife
Dip it in glitter and prepare for a sequined shimmy back-to-the-future, astral voyagers. This August’s cosmic journey is complete with fully fluffed hearts-on-sleeves, and the challenge of summoning our softness in the face of all that’s hard. The charge is led by the little lovecat Leo Sun, who travels through the skies for most of the month. Leonine energy presents us with the challenge of simplicity and succulence.
Jul 17, 2020
It’s Virgo Season: Here’s Your September Home HoroscopeLife
Embrace the divine detail of even the most lowly dust bunnies, astral voyagers. This month’s cosmic mix is brought to you courtesy of Virgo’s careful curation, and this majestically microscopic mami reminds us that the commitment to cultivating our emotional and physical interiors helps us bring our distinctive spatial style to the world outside our doors.
Jul 17, 2020
It’s Taurus Season: Here’s Your May Home HoroscopeLife
Dip it in dark chocolate and dive into the silk sheets, cosmic lovers. May is Taurus season, and the zodiac’s bovine bombshell infuses our lairs with Old Hollywood stylings, and reminds us that we are always, absolutely, worthy of what we desire.
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It’s Gemini Season: Here’s Your June Home HoroscopeLife
Break out your prismatic paints and line up your mood rings, space travelers. This month in the cosmos is a slip and slide into brand new perspectives, as planets in Gemini, Cancer, and Leo take us straight out of the black and white, and into the technicolor of our wet and wild inner visions. June’s key concepts are spatial sensitivity and constructive change, and there’s no better place to start than on our home turf.
Jul 16, 2020
It’s Sagittarius Season: Here’s Your December Home HoroscopeLife
Bigger, bolder, faster, brighter. December’s cosmic climate sends us speeding into Sagittarius energies, and the zodiac’s megawatt My-Little-Pony invites us to embrace the wild, wide open roads before us. Think voyages of all flavors, dancing ’til the break of dawn, and reinvesting in the radical, luck-be-a-lady faith that life is absolutely on your side. So roll the dice and pack up your rollerboards for flights far beyond the known.
Jul 16, 2020
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It’s time to harness time itself, letting the cold fact that none of this will last liberate our capacity to take a stand for what counts.
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