This Ingenious Two-Tier Laundry Rack Is the Ultimate Solution for Small Apartments and Takes Up Zero Space

published Apr 28, 2023
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If you’re like me, you prefer not to dry clothes and linens in an actual drying machine. After all, you never know when garments that are made of ostensibly “dryer-friendly” fabrics will become dull or damaged from the high heat. But if you’re like me, you also live in a small apartment that doesn’t have the floor space for a full-sized laundry rack. Technically, my bedroom does have space right in the middle, but when I set up my standing rack and line it with wet towels and apparel, I’m then left tiptoeing around it to get from one point to another for hours on end. It’s just one more little factor that makes me dread laundry day whenever it inevitably rolls around. For what it’s worth, my standing rack makes great use of vertical space, but recently, I came across an even better alternative on Amazon. The mDesign collapsible laundry rack hooks right onto your door and lies flat when not in use, effectively eliminating your clothes-drying problems in no time.

There are so many great small-space organizers out there, but a lot of them require assembly of some sort. If the mere thought of reading instructions and figuring out where to insert screws makes your stomach turn, that’s all the more reason to invest in this simple product. After you hook it onto any door, the drying rack is ready to use. It has a sturdy steel frame that won’t waver, even as you fill up both of the horizontal racks with wet items. (The rack, itself, weighs just 4 lbs.) What’s more, you can purchase this laundry day must-have in one of four colors: white, silver, gray, and black. In total, you get 14 rungs that are each 20″ wide, which is enough to accommodate an entire standard-sized load for at least one person.

With over 1,000 five-star Amazon ratings, the laundry rack is clearly popular among shoppers, especially those who rent. “I live in a small studio with no balcony,” one reviewer wrote. “This over-the-door drying rack has sufficed in solving my problem. I don’t have to nail it in anywhere, and it doesn’t take up floor space.” Others commented on the fact that the rack folds up neatly and doesn’t take up their walkways or living areas. And in the end, your clothes stay in tact for longer because you let them air dry instead of using a machine out of convenience. When you look at things that way, this ingenious laundry rack is really a smart long-term investment.

Buy: mDesign Collapsible Over-the-Door Laundry Rack, $33.99 (normally $40.99)