Danish Modern L.A.

Danish Modern L.A.

Gregory Han
May 28, 2010

Store History

  • Founded by: Jessy Tzarax

We've long been nose-against-the-glass admirers of Danish Modern L.A., a shoe box shaped Silver Lake vintage furnishings shop (in)conveniently located next door to our favourite cupcakes spot. For a long while we had a habit of stopping by to nab a couple of sweet treats, peek inside next door, sigh a few times, fall into a state of daydreaming, then repeat all over again.

But that has all changed since moving to a larger apartment recently (a grand step from upgrading from a studio to a full one bedroom!) and now we've given ourselves permission to peruse with serious intent. Seriously enough that we became first time customers this week…

Walking into Danish Modern L.A. one quickly notes the curated quality of the mostly Scandinavian midcentury pieces showcased inside the Silver Lake shop. Proprietor Jessy Tzarax is renowned locally for stocking quality refinished pieces of subtle-sophisticated detailing or occasionally those of a vibrant show-stopping personality.

And be ready to be a bit surprised when you meet Jessy…he's just 21 years old! But the stoic young veteran is obviously well versed in the wares he deals, experience earned throughout his teen years working in the antique world of Orange County. His keen sense of understanding what his local customers are specifically looking for is reflected in the constant turnaround in the stock of the shop (something you'll notice both after tracking his stock online and visiting the shop regularly).

The store has a select variety of reupholstered seating options, refinished credenzas and dressers, coffee tables, side tables, desks and a few odds and ends decorative pieces piled carefully to peruse inside the austere, but easily navigable showroom. If asked to name their strengths, we'd say Danish Modern L.A.'s best pieces tend to be reflected in their stock of credenzas and dressers, with the best showing the expansive warmth and aged beauty of teak, walnut, birch and rosewood only a piece of yesteryear can exhibit.

Finally the bride and not the bridesmaid! We purchased an eight drawer teak dresser with subtle dovetail handles which practically beckon your fingers to glide across them like a lover's lips. Yes, they're that sexy.

Prices are admittedly not for the extremely budget minded, but nor are they unfair when honestly considering the original character and care put into refinishing the items. Danish Modern L.A.'s selection tend to be what we think of as long term keepers, so their prices seem fair when considering the material, history and often unique design quality each piece exhibits. We came away this week with a very handsome Danish teak dovetailed dresser for our new bedroom at a price that even our frugal mother said was "reasonable, not bad" (and coming from my mom, that's saying a lot!) and we finally have some storage space to accommodate both for Emily and my own duds. If anything, the shop is just a great excuse to start a spare change piggy bank, grab a couple of cupcakes next door and start daydreaming about a new foundation piece to your home decor.

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